Yvonne’s Blog Update

Hope you are coping with our second lockdown, fingers crossed for an easing up before Christmas.

Before I give my usual updates ,I must mention the most pressing issue of all,  the upcoming vote on the proposals to build 1250 homes on our Greenbelt land in Walshaw and other areas in Bury .
All Councillors in Greater Manchester will have a vote and ours at Bury Council will take place at 7 pm Wednesday 25th November at a full Council Meeting .This meeting will be live streamed ,you can check the Councils website for details.
Myself and Tottington colleagues Iain and Greg plus all our Conservative colleagues will be voting AGAINST these proposals .
We are very concerned that it appears the controlling Labour Group are supportive of the GMSF.
As a member of the campaign group Bury Folk , I understand that there could be a legal challenge if this is voted through .Presently Bury Folk are asking residents to help donate to their fighting fund. For further information please check this out on Bury Folk Facebook page.


It’s been a busy few weeks, a sample of issues .

Request for road markings reinstated in several area including Turton Road and Walshaw Park – some earmarked for completion ,others no budget available .
Flooding concerns – several areas ,ongoing .
Requested gully cleaning – completed Bury Road , work in process Turton Road .
Reported Dog bins overflowing on the Lines .
Green caddy bags now only available by putting a note / yellow tag on your brown bins, unfortunately no longer available at the library .
Request for traffic calming on Turton Road – informed stats do not justify any measures .
Request for safer spaces for cycling and walking – passed to relevant Officer for comment .
Request for traffic calming measures  for Holcombe Rd and Royd St – ongoing .
Brookwater Close, long standing work commenced on flooding issues.
Enquires for grants for the self employed during lockdown – information passed on.
Clarity required for private members club opening during lockdown  – not allowed to open .
Bradshaw Road concerns re traffic issues – ongoing .
Anti social behaviour Church St – information passed on .
Request for bushes cutting back on public right of way – ongoing
Request for tree cutting back – refused as not on Council land
Scramble bikes on the Lines – reported
Complaint  misuse of fireworks and impact  on animals -signed petition .
Street lights out in several locations : Sunnybower repaired. Harwood Road ongoing with UU . Bradshaw Road ongoing .
Planning complaint regarding process and procedures  – ongoing .
Request for Six Town Housing Tenant flat move – Result and a happy tenant !


Dorothy at Pets in Need Turton Road ( 07833 192779 ) is looking for a middle aged small dog which needs a new home  for a lady whose pooch has passed away .
Be vigilant  …suspicious activity in Affetside a couple of weeks ago  …..lock  up your property !
The Tottington Centre had to temporarily shut again but will be open as soon as possible with the click and collect service .Do check out the new website catalogue and order form  www.tottingtoncentre.co.uk/catalogue
Plans for more fundraising / community events at The Con Club ,Royds St had to be postponed .
I suggested Bury Market Management re introduce a FREE Charity Stall . Agreed and first to book it , Tottingtons Knit and Natter Group . These creative ladies raised over £210 split between the Hospice and Tottington Centre and then went on to  further sales  via social media …well done girls !

I also booked the stall for this week to raise funds for the Hospice but now postponed until the market reopens .
I continue to support Market Traders for a fairer rent deal .
Have you noticed the second memorial bench in the Ward which was installed at Walshaw last week . A third is on the way for Affetside early in the new year.Very well received by residents .
Our grateful thanks to the Tottington businessman who transformed these Council benches  for our area . He wishes to remain anonymous.

I am playing a small part in networking to help start up funding for a new charity to be established in Bury which will serve the whole borough and those struggling with their mental health. More about the The Big Fandango and those involved in my next blog .
Many commented positively on the lamppost poppies display Tottington Cllrs organised in Tottington Centre ,Walshaw and Affetside .
We laid our poppy wreaths at Tottington  and Walshaw last Saturday avoiding Sunday on advice from the Council .

Meetings continue but online .
I have taken part in several fundraising meeting at The Blind Society and a Christmas Catalogue has been launched to raise funds. Please see the link below to purchase items and support Bury Blind Society:

Christmas Catalogue: https://www.buryblindsociety.org/uploads/file/bbs_christmas_catalogue.pdf

Order Form: https://www.buryblindsociety.org/uploads/file/bbs_order_form.doc

Also Board Meetings and the AGM at The Blind Society.
Licensing Meetings
Fundraising Meeting at Age uk
Group Meetings with my colleagues 
Also due to live streaming I can observe other Council meetings.

Should residents of Tottington Walshaw and Affetside require any Council related help please contact me  .

0776 2116 437

p.s. One for my memoirs happened just yesterday on the phone  …..
“Can you help me with a problem” …..I will try says I ….” It’s my Talk Talk connection it’s been down for 2 MONTHS  and I thought they would listen to you ….a tad out of my remit says I !

Blog Update

Hope you are coping through these strange times we are all living .It’s many  weeks since my last update when I hoped that by now life would slowly be returning to some kind of normality, alas no ……but regardless I am still busy with meetings and casework.

Meetings mainly are still online and although we are all used to it I much prefer meetings in person .
I have taken part in Full Council Meetings,Licensing Meetings and  Board and Fundraising Meetings at The Blind Society.
I attended several meetings to organise The Big Sunday Sale last month on the bowling green at Tottington Conservative Club.
Despite wet weather the event which was well organised with all necessary precautions in place was a success and funds were raised for Bury Hospice and Bury Blind Society.
 More events are planned for the future to draw the community to the club and I am happy to help bring my fundraising experience to organise events.

The Tottington Snake on the Lines is nearing completion with local volunteers having played a tremendous part for many weeks  in preparing and also assisting the workmen  each day who are concreting the painted stones in. The Mayor of Bury will visit the “ Snake” in due course when present circumstances with Covid improve .

The Totty Snake on the Kirklees Trail

The library has limited opening hours on Monday  Wednesday and Thursday  2-5 pm and Saturday 10.30- Noon.

Some of the casework issues I have dealt with over recent weeks are :

Requests for hot food delivery for the housebound.
Assistance with rehousing .
Street lighting repairs are required on Harwood Road and Tottington Road both on going.
Concerning flooding issues in various parts of the Ward ,Brookwater Close ,Turton Road, Mill St and  Sunnybower St.
Complaints regarding speeding traffic on Bury Road reported  but no changes to be made.
Two Enforcement issues reported ,ongoing.
Complaint received regarding Planning process ongoing .
Complaint passed on for paths clearing on Wesley Street.
Request for improved  access for mobility scooters to flats on Wesley St.

Over the past few weeks I have received mails asking for my views on the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework and specifically the plans to build on Greenbelt land in Walshaw. There is to be a special Council Meeting on 21 st October when all 51 Councillors will have a vote on the revised GMSF .
My position is clear , I consider this THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE in my 20 years as one of your Councillors and I will be voting AGAINST !
We do need more housing  and in particular 1 and 2 bedroom starter homes so young people can get on the housing ladder but these should be built on brownfield sites and NOT precious Greenbelt land .

Should you need help with any issue don’t hesitate to get in touch…… hoping for better times on the horizon for us all.

12th Sept 2020
0776 2116 437

Update from Yvonne

Update from Yvonne

Hope this update finds you well ,looking forward to the future and getting your life back on track.

As we come out of Lockdown and are now on the path back to life as we know it , I want to thank you for your patience and understanding over the past weeks as responses on your issues from Council Officers have taken longer than usual.

I hope you found some positives during the weeks of being lockdown ,whether you were walking more or using your time productively , I was eating too much!!! ….. but  have thoroughly enjoyed having lots of time to be creative in many ways as a big decorating makeover project on at home…..cushions…curtains…pictures,  have really enjoyed  it without clock watching !

Firstly I must mention the terrific Totty Snake project on the Lines.Started on 9 th May by local dad and Council Officer Marco and his children who placed painted stones at the section of the Lines behind TOTTINGTON High School .At the time of writing there are over 3000 painted stones stretching over 200 metres and it’s growing ! When you see it do remember this was created at a very dark time for all of us with the pandemic at its height and very many losing their life , yet local children and adults created these little very varied works of art.
The Totty Snake makes you smile…it’s uplifting and heartwarming and I want to thank all children and adults who have contributed ….it’s really great !
It has its own group of Volunteers led by Angie , Julie is a regular too and I know both ladies from  volunteering at the library .Angie has composed poems about the snake and publicised this new attraction on BBC radio earlier this week.A local man is to make a film of it and a website is presently being put together.Lots of ideas coming forward to enhance the Lines too .

The Volunteers have spent hours cleaning, and are constantly re arranging and tidying the stones and receive lots of support every day from users on the Lines .
Good news ! I have gained permission from the Council to be able to make this display permanent by setting it in concrete and glaze with resin to preserve .There will also be a sign erected at the start explaining when this was created .
Quotes are being sought presently and funding  will come from your TOTTINGTON Cllrs annual budget and the Council will also contribute.
There are now 10 snakes in Bury…. but The Totty Snake is by far the longest …it’s quite amazing….and yes I have contributed 3 stones myself…it’s not too late to add yours .

Casework since my last Update .

Dog fouling complaints on Boothway
Flooding issue in Affetside
Ongoing flooding issue on Brookwater Close
Requested new street sign for South Royd St
Land Ownership enquiries
Giant Hogweed on the Lines reported
Crack in viaduct at Island Lodge reported for inspection .
Query re water levels at Little Carcuss…confirmed ok
Noisy fan at takeaway disturbing neighbours
Street lights out in Affetside reported.
Arranging shopping for elderly residents through the Council Hub
Caddy bags requested
Non bin pick ups reported.

Other Issues

A planning application for 3 dwellings on Greenbelt land in Affetside has been refused.

Planning another memorial bench funded by Cllrs allowance for Walshaw .

Have given time and support ongoing over the past 16 months assisting Bury Market Traders …ongoing.

Pleasure to support Bury West and TOTTINGTON Rotary in their project to refurbish Whitehead Gardens .

Received lots of correspondence on national issues which as a local Cllrs we have no say and not in a position to influence so suggested residents contact James Daly MP.

Reassured residents that our Booby Peel statue and Peel Tower are safe !

Promoting a fabulous idea rolled out last year at the fete at the Library , now taken on by the scouts , The TOTTINGTON Scarecrow Festival Competition  from 3 rd to 5 th July …those wishing to participate contact. tottyscarecrows@hotmail.com


Totty Con Club is having a make over and will be opening again as soon as possible with the biggest beer garden in Bury and great beer too ! I am to join their newly established fundraising committee and keen to help organise events to draw more people in to use this great community facility .

With their permission I passed names of those who volunteered for my scheme “Phone a Friend “ to AgeUk as  they had people waiting for a friend on the phone whereas our demand in TOTTINGTON was low .Those I did match up are doing a great job and as one lady said …..” It has been a pleasure to get to know this gent “ .When possible I will arrange a meet up for us all.I myself am ringing an amazing lady each week ….shopping cleaning and cutting her own lawns at 86 !


Council Meetings ,Licensing Meetings and  Board  Meetings /Fundraising Meetings of The Blind Society recommenced some weeks ago , of course all online.

If you have any issues you want help with ,don’t hesitate to contact me

My Best Wishes


19 th June 2020

Totty Scarecrows Competition

Totty scarecrows competition is shortly going to be run by 12th Bury & Ramsbottom (1st Tottington St. Annes) scout group .

The idea:

You build a scarecrow with your family and place in your front garden/yard/window, anywhere that people can see it from a distance without breaking social distancing rules. Entry forms available via email, request, complete and return from/to tottyscarecrows@hotmail.com.

We issue a list of streets with scarecrows being displayed for people to plan their own route for their daily exercise walks.

They will be judged and prizes given.

There will be a small fee of £2 to enter your scarecrow, if you wish to be included in the judging, with a 50/50 split to the scout group and the prize fund, payable vial paypal https://paypal.me/pools/c/8pAuo8RMb2

The event will be held from Friday 3rd July to Sunday 5th July with the winner being announced at the end of the day on Sunday 5th.

If you have access to Facebook then the event details can be found here:

Facebook page:

Update from Yvonne

Update on Bury Carers Service and COVID-19

Dear Residents,

Below is a press release from Bury Council regarding a new provider on Bury Carers service and COVID-19.


“A new provider will take over the Bury Carers Service on 1 June to provide help to hundreds of local carers.

The new Bury Carers Hub will be provided by n-compass. The aim of the service is to improve the health and wellbeing of carers and their families, with a strong partnership approach and providing early intervention.

The change follows a 12-week consultation with carers in September 2018. Bury Council and the CCG wanted to understand from carers and those supporting them what services and support carers feel there should be in Bury.

This was followed by a number of feedback sessions and workshops with carers and service providers, an online carers forum, and feedback on what carers wanted to access online via the Bury Directory. The service contract then went out to tender in December 2019.

Established in 1999, n-compass is a not-for profit organisation which works to improve the lives of vulnerable people across the region. n-compass has more than 20 years’ experience of delivering services to carers and currently provides carers services in Lancashire, Cheshire East, and Rochdale.

As well as delivering traditional carers support which includes a face-to-face offer, n-compass has developed bespoke online services for carers including virtual carer forums and meetings, all of which will be available to carers of Bury. n-compass also provide many volunteer opportunities with more than 100 volunteers supporting their delivery. They will be developing the Friends of Bury Carers initiative where volunteers can take up a variety of roles to extend the reach of the service.

n-compass has also been awarded 3 stars by the Best Companies organisation and achieved 13th position in The Sunday Times Top 100 Not-for-Profit Organisations to Work For.

The current service provider, Gaddum, will continue to support carers until 1 June and work with n-compass to ensure the successful transition of the service. This will include contacting all carers registered with Bury Carers Services.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, support is currently being provided remotely, over the phone, by email and texts, or face-to-face through video calling.

The office phone line: 0161 834 6069 (option 2 for Carers, followed by option 1 for Bury Carers) is still open and being answered between 9am and 4.30pm. At other times, callers are asked to leave a message, and someone will respond by the next working day. Alternatively, email bury.carers@gaddum.org.uk.


Finance chiefs are appealing to local companies hit by the Covid-19 pandemic to contact them if they are eligible for cash help.

Bury Council has now administered grants totalling £22 million to around 1,800 Bury firms, but know that many more businesses could benefit.

The authority is pro-actively contacting businesses that have yet to get in touch, with letters, emails and texts where we have contact details.

So far the council has processed payments of £10k to 1,660 businesses and grants of £25k to a further 218 firms.

If you think you might be eligible for help through the Small Business Grant Fund, see how to apply via our website: https://www.bury.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=15257

For all information relating to business support during the coronavirus pandemic, go to our Bury Means Business website: https://burymeansbusiness.bury.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=13809″


COVID-19 Update

Stay at Home Graphic

Dear Residents,

Please see the COVID-19 latest updates from the Council below. However, we would first want to offer our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Bury care worker who died this week of Covid-19. Our brave social care workers and health professionals are in the frontline of tackling this pandemic – they truly are heroes, and our grateful thanks go to them. Please help them by following the official advice – stay home, save lives, save our NHS.

Social Distancing

The social distancing rules are also having an effect on those who are about to celebrate Easter. Also, Passover starts today, and our very best wishes go to members of our Jewish community. The usual family gatherings will be affected by this outbreak, but unfortunately, we have little choice – we need to save lives by stopping the virus spreading. Also – we urge residents not to make the annual pilgrimage to Holcombe Hill this weekend. Thousands of people traditionally take a trek to Peel Tower on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, but this would make social distancing impossible. Please follow the Government’s advice: take your daily exercise locally, do not make unnecessary travel, and keep your distance from others.

Vulnerable Residents

The council has been working tremendously hard, and with our partners in the NHS, to keep all our top priority services going, particularly our most vulnerable residents who need social care.

Virtual Council Meetings

Members of the council’s cabinet are having virtual meetings several times a week, with emergency decisions being made by leaders of all political parties on the council. Working from home,

Community Hubs

Our Community Hubs are up and running, co-ordinating supplies of food, medicine and other support to the most isolated across Bury. If you are in need, call the hub hotline on 0161 253 5353 or visit Bury VCFA – Voluntary Community and Faith Alliance.

The Local Economy

Our local economy is vital to the borough’s health, and we are already enabling more than 500 companies to receive grants of £10k and £25k to help them through this crisis. Our staff have done exceptionally well to achieve this in just a few days – and a whole range of information on support is available on our Bury Means Business web site.

Waste Collection

The Council have had to suspend collections of the brown bins for two weeks while we focused on maintaining the other bin collections, as there would be very little garden waste at this time of the year. However, one-off collections are being carried of the brown bins, recognising that people will have put food waste in there before the restrictions came in. To find out when yours will be emptied, please sign up for our email reminders – nearly 33,000 households have already done so – at Bin collection days and dates.


The Council have also been taking measures to settle our homeless and rough sleepers into stable accommodation, and many of our schools are still open during the holidays to look after and feed the children of key workers and those who are vulnerable.

Around 8,500 residents who receive Council Tax support will soon have their bills reduced by £150, and we urge anyone who is in financial difficulty to contact the Council .  See Coronavirus (COVID-19) – support with your Council Tax.

Finally, here is a link to Cancer Research’s web-site that gives COVID-19 support to those affected by cancer.


We hope you are all well during these unprecedented times and are able to see and speak to your family and friends on your computer /  social media over the bank holiday weekend.

Best Wishes

Iain Gartside, Yvonne Wright and Greg Keeley

Councillors for Tottington, Walshaw and Affetside

BCH-Twitter-green (1)

Bin Collection Update.


Dear Residents,

Please find below an update on Bury Brown Bin Collections and an update from GMCA on Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs).

Brown Bin Collections

On Friday 3rd April the Council suspended brown bin collections to focus on emptying all other colour bins over that period. This week we have noticed that we now may have enough staff to resume some brown bin collections, though we are not able to stick to the normal schedule for these. If staff levels fall throughout the coming days/weeks then again we will have to suspend the brown bin collections indefinitely to focus on completing the rest of the scheduled collections of the other bins (grey, green and blue), so all residents may not get a collection.

They have started today (Monday 6th April) with 3 brown bin rounds that would have been normally emptied tomorrow and were the first to be cancelled on the 24th March. These rounds are shown by the maps attached to this email. We will then continue day by day to mobilise as many brown bin rounds as they possibly can each day (subject to staff levels). These collections will no doubt fall behind the original schedule so it may will take us longer than 2 weeks to complete everyone’s brown bin collection or if the staffing situation worsens, we will may not be able to complete all brown bin collections.

The Council will let residents know the day before we are due to empty their brown bin using our email alert system. This email alert system is our best way to communicate with residents and therefore it would be very beneficial to push this service as if the Waste Collection Service has to make any changes in the coming weeks these subscribers will be kept up to date. To sign up for email alerts use the website https://www.bury.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=10493, this will then ask the resident to search for their address, once they have selected their address there will be a box asking for an email address. Once the resident enters this and presses the “Sign up for email alerts” button they will then be subscribed.

Once residents brown bins have been emptied, this will be their last collection until further notice and they will be advised to place food waste into their grey bin accordingly.

A daily update will be provided on the status of these collections and will also be emailing residents as/when applicable with information regarding their collections.

Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs)

 The following message provides an update regarding the closure of the HWRCs:

The sites closed on 24th March on the basis of not complying with the Government guidance on essential reasons to leave the house. The position from all other local authorities nationally is currently for recycling centres to be closed for the foreseeable future pending review of the lockdown restrictions. National waste industry guidance is also recommending sites remain closed during the lockdown period. Those authorities that kept sites open after the initial lockdown announcement on 23rd March have subsequently closed their sites due to visitor numbers, queuing and gatherings of people occurring.

The GMCA is working with Suez (site operator) on the development of a reopening plan should a decision be made to lift movement restrictions in the future.   The operation of the sites would need to be on the basis of maintaining social distancing for staff and site users by restricting the number of vehicles on site at any one time. While Suez will be able to manage the onsite operations, they will not be able to control the numbers of residents seeking to access the sites and the control measures will result in offsite queuing on the highway and the potential for social interaction. Most of the sites do not have long access roads so queues will quickly develop. To give an indication of potential visitor numbers, over the weekend prior to the closures there were 46,000 vehicle visits to the 20 sites. If similar visitor numbers are experienced then there will be long wait times with the social distancing measures in place on site.  All bordering authorities sites remain closed so we may also attract out of area residents to our sites on the border with Wigan/Cheshire etc. Other issues will be queues affecting district waste collection vehicles being able to access the main waste reception facilities to tip off which will affect collection rounds and queues affecting access for Suez vehicles to empty containers on the recycling sites to maintain capacity. Management of offsite highways issues will be critical in minimising the impact.

Once finalised the plan will be shared with GMP/districts for review in order to determine the resources that will be required to manage the offsite impacts. The plan will also look at options on whether to open all sites or a selection and on the range of materials to be accepted likely to be reduced to minimise the time site users spend on site.

Best Wishes

Iain Gartside, Yvonne Wright & Greg Keeley

Councillors for Tottington, Walshaw and Affetside

Twitter – https://twitter.com/@BuryCouncil

The Bury Directory https://www.theburydirectory.co.uk/kb5/bury/directory/service.page?id=OHnEXBcT4bU