Blog Update from Yvonne

Poop Patrol arrives at Walshaw Park !

More clean up kits are now at various locations on Walshaw Park…with a total of  24 in various locations in the Ward…….if you know where one is needed, let me know and Poop Patrol will deliver !

I have been dealing with a wide variety of casework issues in the past couple of weeks;

Request submitted for a new sign much overdue … it’s in a shocking state !

Poop 11

Reports of drug dealing,  now resolved.
Anti social behaviour on the Lines, now reported.
Requested help from the Council regarding a very neglected house and garden now impacting on neighbours on Walshaw Park
Fly Tipping sign requested at Miller Brook estate , sorted and it’s up !
Query re on street parking in Holly Street, answered .
Requests for advice on planning matters Walshaw Park
I have  requested replacements for street signs on Walshaw Park and Market Street .
Pot holes  repairs requested Walshaw Park
Assisted Bin Service requested….at Last sorted !
Supporting Bury Market Traders with issues ongoing
Enquiry again after no answer for months on flooding concerns Sunnybower
Help sorting postal votes .
Reported missing dog bin on Booth St
Reported constant running water  from Old Kay’s park onto the footpath and Highway informed no funding presently available.

My work at the library continues ,committee meeting are now fortnightly instead of weekly .I am busy making plans for our second Village Fete in June and launching a Scarecrow Festival soon which hopefully will all be on display on the day of the Fete
23 rd June so please save the date to support the library at this community event .The Library was again awarded £1500 at The Pitch event and proud that the little poem I wrote again brought us success.I attended a meeting of The Tottington Townswomens Guild to receive the cheque  for the tremendous record breaking amount of £2300 for the library which the ladies had raised over the past year .I attended a promotional evening of Rotary and signed up as an associate member.

Good to hear so many residents sent objections in against the proposals to build 1250 houses in Walshaw. Residents from Bradshaw Road have contacted me to highlight the impact these proposals could have on the their area which is already used as a rat run to Bolton.

The Brexit issue has led many people to say they are not voting  and I know many are disappointed in  the present stalemate. Not voting in the local elections will not solve a thing regarding Brexit ,so please do vote!

Have supported the Hospice and NSPCC recently at local fundraising events.

Exciting plans in the pipeline for Tottington to honour Bury Soldier GS Peachment who received a Victoria Cross in WW1

Delivering my Election leaflet this past week has brought opportunities to chat with residents….very uplifting to be thanked for my work both at the library and in the Ward generally… thank you, much appreciated .

Do remember I volunteer in the library on Thursdays and I am there all day should you wish to speak to me on any matter……good opportunity to try The Tea Room too !


Old Kay’s Park Update

Water flowing down on the path and highway from Old Kay’s Park.

The Council have  said that they are aware of the issue with surface water flowing onto Holcombe Road at Stormer Hill. At this stage of their investigations into the cause of this issue seem to indicate that there is a restriction to the culvert which crosses Holcombe Road.

The Council have informed me that they aim to carry out an exploratory excavation to the culvert when resources become available. Sorry folks looks unlikely that this issue will be sorted anytime soon.


P.S Poop Patrol on the prowl…….need a “ no excuses kit“ in your area? Then please do contact me.

Poop 9

Island Lodge Update on the topographical survey  

Island Lodge Update on the topographical survey

The tenders went out on Wednesday the 20th of March and are due to be returned on the 17th of April. Assuming that the tenders come in at the expected price the Council would look to carry out the tender appraisal and award the contract by the end of April with the on-site work taking place by the 12th of May and the survey drawings been delivered by the 27th of May.

We are awaiting an update from Environmental Health to update on progress on the misconnected drains.



I am contacting you as a matter of urgency to remind you that there are only a few days left to submit/post your objections on the proposals in the revised GMSF to build 1250 houses on Walshaw Brook.

Please get them in before 18th March, either online:

Or postal objections to: Planning Team Consultation, GMCA Churchgate House, 56 Oxford Street Manchester M1 6EU

Some of you will know through the local press that I have after 18 years now  resigned from the Planning Committee so I can campaign fully on this issue, the most important matter to affect the lives of people in my Ward in all the years I have represented you since May 2000. I urge you to ask your friends and neighbours to also object as this could be our last opportunity to voice our opinion on these proposals.

I have attended meetings on the GMSF and spoken to many residents who are distraught regarding the proposals for Walshaw.

Some other issues which I have been dealing since my last update:

My requests for some resurfacing on the entrance to Walshaw Park had a positive result and this work is to be undertaken imminently…oh what a shocking state it’s in…looks like decades of neglect… many roads in the Ward.

I have requested a street light repair on Boothway and tidy up on one of the inner walks which has been completed today ! Enforcement is now involved in getting trees cut back which are not only encroaching on the walkway but make this area dark and feel unsafe.

I have requested the drain is unblocked on the Trafford…play area on Boothway.

Arranged an assisted bin service …which is available to all with mobility problems….contact me and I can arrange this for you or a family member.

I reported the many lights out on Bradshaw Road.

I do get contacted from people outside my Ward for assistance too which led me to get involved in trying to help Bury Market Traders. It appears they have to pay their stall rent come what may…bad weather or family crisis does not count. So I appealed for them to be able to have one free rent day a year…some towns allow 2 weeks free rent. Despite the market  taking in 2 million pounds per annum and the traders making the market the big success it is, my request fell on deaf ears…in fact I was not even given the courtesy of an answer from the Leader of the Council when I requested this in a Council Meeting !

I was contacted and concerned regarding elderly relatives moving into a new Six Town Housing apartment block without heating at Redvales and pressed for action…eventually sorted !

I have attended a meeting of CAB which I have been appointed to by the Council. Big changes are happening in this charity which gives advice to hundreds of local people.

I have attended meetings at The Blind Society and also arranged for the society to hold a fundraiser at The Tottington Centre which was a success…charity helping charity …its good !

Blind soc Mar 19

I am a member of The Ramsbottom Support Group for Bury Hospice and helping to organise a ladies lunch and fashion show to raise funds for music systems for each bedroom at the Hospice.

The Library continues to take up much of my time…but it’s worth it. We recently celebrated our first year and I organised a party for volunteers with poet John Harrison entertaining us with his amusing poems…Knickers that fit being my favourite!

Challenges continue at the library…leaks in the roof again and the flooding in the cellar persists without a solution even though we have paid a company to detect the problem…like I say the library continues to be challenging.

This weekend we are holding a 2 day fundraising event to help with the £22.000 we need per annum to operate the library . Its Bury’s Biggest Book SALE…..from 10 am to 4 pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Books to suit all including children’s plus DVD’s CD’s Jigsaws and Vinyl LP records too ! Our Tea Room will be open on both days for snacks and drinks. I will be there on both days should you want to speak to me on any issue.

I have followed the idea of Tottington Primary and yesterday have made containers from bottles to hold dog poo bags and placed them in the vicinity ,2 being attached to our “promotional “ bikes on the lines . Such a good response on social media that I have today  sorted 8  more and will put them out in areas where needed especially around Boothway where I have received complaints….. to help make Totty tidy and CLEAN !


Did you hear someone stole a wheel off one of the old bikes on the LInes… say this is disappointing is  an understatement….however if anyone can put another old  wheel on it and some tamper free screws would be much appreciated  ….I will pay for the screws ….it’s the bike near Laurel Street entrance to the lines. Any offers ?

Meanwhile I have that other thing going on… working on getting myself re elected….roll on May !

Regards Yvonne

Island Lodge Update

We have been informed today by Bury Council that Stillwater Associates are to prepare a report on the condition of Island Lodge and the options for future maintenance and costs associated with them. 

Before the engineer can prepare the report a topographical survey will need to be carried out. It is intended that that the survey will be done during February so that the engineer can carry out the inspection before the vegetation starts to grow again.

We will continue to update you as soon as we find out more details.