Blog Update from Yvonne 5th May

I wish to thank the 1725 residents of Tottington Walshaw and Affetside who once again put their trust in me and voted for me last Thursday.

I am overwhelmed to have received more votes than the other 3 parties put together with a 961 majority. 

I have full appreciation for your faith in me and I can assure you that I will not let you down.

Back to Work Already !

I will again be working hard on your behalf on all the issues which matter to you starting with the most important issue to hit the Ward in years,that is the ongoing campaigning to save our greenbelt from destruction and stop the proposals to build of 1250 homes at Walshaw.YOU can also help by signing the online petition organised by Bury Folk as soon as possible please.

The petition is for Bury Council to withdraw from the Greater Manchester Framework and thousands of people registering will send a strong message to the Leader of the Council .You can check this out on Bury Folks website or here is the link.

As a member of Bury Folk, I will keep you updated on any progress and any further campaigning.


The Council have now received tenders back for the Topographical Survey and surveyors have been appointed. They will be on site next week. It is hoped the survey will be with the  Consultant by the 24th May for him to complete the report by late June and I will update as soon as I hear of the outcome and hopefully a way forward to restore this well loved area to its former glory.


The 30 clean up kits with doggie bags I placed around the Ward have in the main been well received…a few removed…such is life.

Some need refilling with bags and I will sort that this week. If the one near your house needs more bags please let me know or if you think another is needed let me know please.

I shall be working on a stall raising funds for The Tottington Centre tomorrow Bank Holiday Monday at Greenmount Village Day…Tombola and Hook the Duck, if you are attending, please call by and check out our stall…..

Feel free to contact me on any matter you want assistance with by email or telephone or call into The Tottington Centre any Thursday if you wish to speak to me from 9.30 am to 5 ish.

Yvonne…. I  am feeling H-A-P-P-Y !

Please Help Yvonne To Protect Our Greenbelt This Coming Thursday 2nd May.

Dear voters of Tottington, Walshaw and Affetside

This coming Thursday you will be voting for a Councillor to represent you for 4 years.

My record over the past 19 years speaks for itself, check me out on the history of this blog website.

If you want to protect our precious Greenbelt in Walshaw, only a vote for the Bury Conservative Party can stop Bury Labour from destroying it.

Hope my lucky mascot Rosie Wright brings me luck Thursday !

Thanks for all your messages and good luck wishes.

Please remember Councillors have no control over Brexit and I too am as angry and disappointed as you are of MPs ignoring the wishes of the people.

I Hope you can consider supporting me this Thursday.

Yvonne and Rosie Wright 

Island Lodge Update

We have been informed today by Bury Council that Stillwater Associates are to prepare a report on the condition of Island Lodge and the options for future maintenance and costs associated with them. 

Before the engineer can prepare the report a topographical survey will need to be carried out. It is intended that that the survey will be done during February so that the engineer can carry out the inspection before the vegetation starts to grow again.

We will continue to update you as soon as we find out more details.


GMSF     Blog Update from Yvonne 29th January 2019

Since my last update I attended the publicmeeting last week at the town hall organised by Bury Folk. 

As a member of the Planning Control Committee, I am unable to speak freely on applications before they come to the committee meeting.

Due to the enormity of the proposals to build 1250 homes in Walshaw and the negative impact I believe this will have on your lives, I have decided that I shall step down from this committee so I can now speak out and fully support the campaign to stop destruction of the greenbelt.

I am also very disappointed in a decision taken last week at the Planning Meeting to approve planning permission for commercial /industrial use at land at Chamberhall (rear of the new police station) on 17 acres of COUNCIL OWNED BROWNFIELD land. This proposal has taken 22 years to come to fruition and the timing of it with the GMSF report causing high emotions at the potential loss of precious greenbelt, is insensitive to say the least. This site is perfect for homes and within walking distance of the town centre, nearto good transport links and ideal for one and two bed starter homes. Of course I spoke out vociferously and voted against this. Every Labour Councillor voted this through. There are plenty of empty commercial units in the borough and homes on this site should be a priority!

I am seeking an urgent meeting with Burys Chief Executive to discuss the possibility of reconsidering this site for housing.

I have become a member of Bury Folk and intend to support this group of determined campaigners in any way I can to save the greenbelt.