News of the Ward from Yvonne

News of the Ward from Yvonne

September was a very busy month for me on all levels .

I continued  collecting signatures on the petition each weekend to bring back to Council for another debate the decision which Labour voted through to build on our precious Greenbelt .

Each and every week in all parts of the borough  99% of those approached, supported us and signed the petition .

The Consultation on the decision to build on Greenbelt ( “Places for Everyone” ) proved very challenging to complete and begs the question ,why was this so ? Regardless I was sent copies of many excellent strong detailed objections and we must have faith that our comments get “ Places for Everyone “ well and truly rejected !


Here are some  of the issues I have dealt with last month .

Requested ,road markings repainted on the roundabout near Pennine Vets …agreed !

Brown bins missed on Bury Road …reported , bin pick ups now improving in most areas.

Requested annual strimming of hedge on path from  Rhode St to Sycamore Rd , sorted promptly .

Walshaw Park ,roads resurfaced …ongoing ,assured roads will take a few months before finished state .

Requested road markings be reinstated on Walshaw  Park .

A Banner  placed on Remembrance Gardens railing was promptly removed .

Closure of Footpath 19 at Bottoms Hall , new notices to be displayed , no progress to date .

Had dialogue with Police re young local boys being subjected  to attempted robbery for their bikes in Ramsbottom ….ongoing .

Also have contacted new Inspector Kevin Wright for our area re crime in TOTTINGTON .

Reported debris on walkways on Walshaw Walk Boothway , little action taken  .

Asked for update re lack of school crossing patrol for TOTTINGTON Primary .

Reported corroded sign on Bury Road ….promised replacement ASAP .

Given advice on several planning applications giving concern to residents .

Sunnywood Close has at last adoption status 24/9/21

New Brown bin requested …but residents have to pay .

Resident requested 20 mph zone for a safer Kirklees St and wider area

be considered .No funding available .

Passed on complaint re trees removed on Bellway Homes site ,no response .

Contacted Enforcement re Container , ongoing .

Requested repairs to poor road service on Pendle Close …to be patched .

Unadopted roads and nearby residents parking rights , unfortunately they have no rights .

Assisted bin service ….missed bins now rectified .

Several distressing cases regarding children with Special Educational Needs ,ongoing.

Blocked culvert Bury Road …ongoing .

Speeding traffic on Walshaw Rd, new signage on road safety coming to Walshaw soon .

Requested bushes cut on Market St as exiting Library car park ….assured will be cut back very soon.

Reported overgrown trees in various areas, letters sent to residents .


Our campaign for a crossing on Market St continues and Tottington Cllrs have arranged a site visit with the Portfolio Member responsible .

A new attraction for Townsmeadow Park …

“Active Floor Image  “ which is also being rolled out in 13 Bury parks .

The Remembrance Parade will take place as usual this year in TOTTINGTON in the afternoon and Bury Town Centre in the morning on 14 th November .

I have pressed for Six Town Housing to arrange as promised  a Consultation with residents who live surrounding the x Pigeon loft site off Scobell St .

Complaint re speeding cars in many areas led to a speeding operation recently by Police in Affetside and Turton Rd .

A national temporary shortage on small caddy bin liners  ! Council suggest you still leave yellow tag on your bin and place food loose in your brown bin .Local stores do sell the bags .

Crimes in the Ward recently , offenders cause damage to back door locks Cotswold Close .

Vehicle stolen in Affetside .

Spring Vale ,Offenders enter house ,cars keys stolen and car then stolen from drive.

Boothway , break lock on Conservatory , take car keys and steal vehicle on drive .

Residents of Bradshaw Rd continue to work tirelessly for improved road safety on this road which has a record of many traffic accidents , some traffic calming measures planned .

A concerned resident submitted a petition with 88 signatures regarding speeding traffic in High St and Walshaw in general.

Do check local social media site for informative community info …lots of warnings of scams etc  on…..”Whats on In Tottington Greenmount and Walshaw” with 13.6 k members .

We have a new Council Officer Tracey Coatman coveting our patch . Tracey operate a virtual Hub and will meet regularly  with Cllrs and organise public meetings with interested residents …no dates as yet .A funding pot will be available for Groups and organisations to make applications  ….no further details as yet .

Pleasure to help at two recent  events with Ageuk …..on a stall at the Welcome Back Event and at The DISCO night….appropriately dressed in 60’s gear in my sixties !

I was in the Millgate a couple of weeks ago with Tottington based organisation Fightback4justice on their awareness day , pleasure  to meet their staff and chat with residents.

I continue to volunteer in The Big Fandango on Tuesday afternoons in Bolton St Bury and organising a fundraising Dinner .

As a long standing Trustee of St John’s Church I will be working with the new Vicar Rev Anthony Roberts for the benefit of the community .An event is planned for next month in the church a “CRACKING CHRISTMAS MARKET”  on Saturday 27 th Nov 10-4 …..stalls available at just £10 for Crafts, Vintage, Collectables ,Artisan Foods too ….contact  for a booking form .

The Church wants the community to use the space so should  you know of a Group who need a big space for such as  …Dance classes…Keep Fit …Slimming Groups …Mum and Toddler Group or just a meeting room which is also available . There is a kitchen available too , please contact Rev Anthony

Or on 07383969264.

Health watch Bury are holding a drop-in surgery at The Tottington  Centre on Tuesday 12 th October from 10am – 12 .This is a opportunity to express your views on Health and Social Care in Tottington.
Council meetings are again taking place in the Town Hall and I have attended a Council ,Licensing and Standards Meeting during September .Some other meetings are still held online .

Should you wish to speak to me on any issue ,I am in the TOTTINGTON Centre on Thursday afternoons so do pop in .

Yvonne Wright

4th October 2021

News of the Ward.

It’s been a busy few weeks !

The outcome of the vote on the 28th July at full Council devastated many fighting to save our Greenbelt land here in Walshaw and beyond.

26 voted for this (All Labour)  and 24 of us vehemently against from the three opposition parties plus one Labour. Many fine speeches on the night trying to convince all to vote “Against”  but an outburst from me when the Mayor said we were out of time and would not allow me speak on this most important issue in our Ward.I make no apologies for having shouted out that the people of Bury would not forgive those who voted to decimate our Greenbelt.

My Ward colleague Cllr Iain Gartside immediately instigated a petition to bring this issue back for another debate to Council and presently we have over 5000 signatures. Each weekend I have been out collecting signatures all over the borough ….you can sign online at :- Alternatively, there are hard copies available in The TOTTINGTON Centre.

Talking of which ,the Tea Rooms in the library now has new Management in James and Rebecca serving delicious snacks and light lunches each weekday .

I have attended various meetings this month although August is traditionally the month of “recess” when fewer meetings take place .

Many of you will have received our “In Touch“ newsletter through your letterbox recently which included details of our community budget .Cllrs distribute this to local organisations. Do contact us if you have a project which needs some financial help …..several groups have recently benefited.

Each Tuesday afternoon I am volunteering in The Big Fandango in Bolton St , Bury. This is the new not for profit organisation which I am a Trustee and helps with emotional well-being …and giving brains a rest from anxiety by taking part in arts and crafts ….open 6 days a week do pop in for more info .
I attended  Pets in Need open day and a great success it was too despite the inclement weather .
I helped organise the Big Sunday Sale on the x Bowling Green on Royds St.

Sadly The Family Fun Dog Show has had to be cancelled …hitches out of my control….maybe next year !
You may recall that in March  2020  just before lockdown I appealed for volunteers to be a Friend on the Phone to those living alone…and matched a few people together .I became a friend to an elderly lady and still chatting and now socialising.

I am involved  in organising “ Welcome Back “event at The Jubilee  Centre with Bury Lions on 11 th September …stalls and a “Drumathon”taking place …Senior citizen Duncan Lees is drumming 100 tunes !

Six Town Housing are undertaking a Review of their housing  ,this includes Harwood House .I understand that all residents have had informal chats and their views sought .

Full credit to TOTTINGTON resident Judith Kelly who sought funding and succeeded for several replacement Defibrillators around the Ward …our thanks .

Passed on messages to the Police re break in and attempted break ins ….be vigilant folks …double check and lock everything up ! Also passed on comments regarding the difficulty of getting through to the Police on the phone .They  suggest it could be quicker to report incidents online .

Have had an informal chat with some residents living around the site of the burnt out x pigeon sheds off Scobell St ….many in favour of allotments .I have passed this info to Six Town Housing who informed me in spring that they would undertake a consultation with residents on the future use of this land ….let’s hope it’s soon.

Asked for advice on a  Planning Application.
Asked for advice for a child with Special Educational Needs


Below some  of the issues and Casework I have dealt with over the past month :

The biggest problem  in many parts of the Ward (and it’s still ongoing)  is the debacle of the missing pick up of bins …..Cllrs have received assurances that all is
resolved .Informed that a Senior Officer has been sacked .Do continue to report to us and we can pass on for pick up .

Vehicle stolen from Affetside ( House door handles removed ) again be vigilant .

Bottoms Hall route to walkers still closed …ongoing .

After an enquiry , discovered  a shortage of the green caddy bags ..,but they are on the way !
Complaint re trees and bushes encroaching onto a private garden , the Council to spray where public access is required and the Sunnywood Project gang to the rescue to help also ….our thanks !
A “ Dead” and leaning tree on the Lines reported ,assured by the Council that this will be resolved soon.
Reported the damaged wall on Holcombe Red near Royds St ,assured it will be investigated  as on private land.

Received complaint re trees being removed on the former Andrew’s site , waiting a response .
The Council have written to a resident regarding over grown trees on Boothway requesting they are reduced in height.

Passed on enquiry if Planning consent is required for a storage container on Turton Road area .
Reported “ depression “ in Bowling Green , meeting arranged with Council Officers .
Request for Brown bin from residents who have never had one.

Speeding on Turton Road…have constantly passed on complaints .Informed PCSO to evaluate the best place to set up a speed camera …watch out !

Patching now to take place on Turton Rd road surface …however white lining may take longer .
I have received complaints re lack of Road Markings at Crostons Rd and Bury Town Centre.Informed new surfacing in 2022 so white lining will then be sorted.

Asked for advice on refugee Afghan family members , referred to relevant  MP .
Dumped van reported, now with DVLA .

Should you have any issue you wish to discuss with me don’t hesitate to contact me or do call in The TOTTINGTON  Centre on any Thursday afternoon and I shall do my best to assist with your issues .


Please Sign Our Petition To Save The Greenbelt.

On the evening of 28th July 2021, a majority of Labour Councillors on Bury Council voted through the “Places for Everyone” plan by 26 votes to 24 votes opposing it. Your 3 Tottington Conservative Councillors all voted against it.

We now want to try and reverse this decision by collecting at least 2,500 signatures on this petition. Subject to the ruling Labour Group on the Council agreeing, this would allow us to bring the matter back to a future Council meeting for another vote to take place which could reverse the decision. Please sign our petition which is now live on Bury Council’s web-site at:-

It is the petition named “Save our greenbelt” (ePET092)

If you have already signed the paper version that has been circulating in the local area recently, please do not sign again online as the Council may audit it and discount if a name and address appears more than once. Thanks.

Best Wishes – Iain Gartside, Yvonne Wright & Luis McBriar

Councillors for Tottington, Walshaw & Affetside

P.S To help us monitor the numbers signing and how well the petition is doing please tell us below in the contact boxes that you have signed it. Thanks

By Clicking on the above “Contact Us” button you are consenting to our privacy policy. For further details please see our “Who we are and privacy policy” page on this web-site.

Yvonne’s Blog Updates

At the Council meeting on Wednesday the future of our Greenbelt and  THE most important issue for our town will be debated. Each Cllr shall have a vote . A consultation with the public will then take place

Needless to say that all your Tottington Cllrs ard vehemently opposed to the destruction of our green belt . We all acknowledge we need more homes but smaller starter homes are needed for people to get on the housing ladder or downsize and these won’t be built on this prime site at Walshaw Road . I hope all Councillors on all sides of the Council chamber have listened to residents and will now vote this down !

The Hoe Down on Saturday on the Bowling Green on Royds St last Sunday  was a success and enjoyed by all… going off the feedback on social media ! Great effort by our committee of 4 .Thanks to all who supported  this event and those who helped too 

Iain and Luis being stewards for the day with Yvonne at the
Hoe-Down last Sunday
All set up and ready to go!

The Hoe Down in Full Swing!

Wanted Dead or Alive!

The next event at this location is The Big Sunday Sale on 22 nd August . If you know of anyone who would like a stall whether it be Crafts … stuff from your loft … or a charity stall please contact Sue at

  • It’s been a very busy few weeks for casework , below some of the issues I have dealt with .
  • Top of the list missed BIN collections … so many and of all colours all over the Ward not emptied .
  • Reasons for this debacle are varied but we are assured things will improve !!!!
  • A planning application has been submitted for a dog exercise area off Royds St .
  • Obstruction of bins on unadopted road reported but no action taken .
  • Overgrown trees on walkways on Boothway , reported and resident written to and given time to cut back .
  • The problems caused by the closure of Bentley Hall Road reporter and is due to British Telecom Works .
  • Enquiries re Council Tax bill error for new home owner , ongoing .
  • Sunnywood Lane overgrown trees impacting on private property waiting a response .
  • Sunnywood Close Adoption, still waiting for confirmation.
  • Arranged hairdresser for housebound gent promptly though the power of social media .
  • Swings were removed from the play  ground at Trafford Park Booth St due to Covid . Assured they will return
  • Building Debris reported near shop , no response
  • Hedge cutting on the boundary of Towns Meadow  near  Laurel St will be undertaken in autumn
  • Enquiry what Support are the Council giving re Covid to the pupils of Totty High .
  • Enquiry re moving of lamppost to make driveway accessible will incur fees.
  • Request for memorial bench at Old Kay’s  ongoing
  • Again reported road markings need repaint Crostons  Road to Bury Town Hall  and back .
  • H Bar marking completed in Scobell St
  • More accidents on Bradshaw Rd , hope the new measures will be implemented soon .
  • Complaint re the condition of Holcombe
  • Rd , reported .
  •  Long standing request for road  white lining
  • On Cotswold Cres , waiting for response 
  • Requested repainting of lines on Turton Road , first reported by resident in August 2020 ongoing .
  • Update requested re closure of footpath at Bottoms Hall .
  • Council helping with the issue of the individual camping on memorial garden .
  • Anti social behaviour reported on Church St
  • Police and Council informed of large quantity of gas canisters dumped in Affetside , ongoing .
  • Enquiry for allotment .
  • Enquiry re food vouchers for a child

Other info

My colleague Iain Gartside mentioned last week in a blog that each Councillor has £1000 to spend on community projects in the Ward. Do contact us if you would like some financial help with a project .

A pleasure to visit and discover Bury Croquet Club who meet at Whitehead Park Elton . 07856 348706 for details

My support for Bury Market Traders is ongoing  .

I continue to promote availability for vaccinations at Ramsbottom  Civic Hall.

The Sunnywood Project goes from strength to strength , over 5000 people have taken part in events in Tottington in the past year . See them on social media .
The Tottington Tea Room is to reopen under new management next week , good luck to the new team , we have missed it !

Booth St is to have new  street lighting , LED lanterns , works start from 4 th August for 2/3 weeks .
Assisted a resident who wants to move to a council bungalow .
I am  to undertake a door to door survey of those living nearest to the  x pigeon loft site  off Scobell St .I would personally favour allotments to safeguard this land from development but will listen to the residents views and pass on to Six Town Housing .

A review is to take place from this week at Harwood House which includes looking at options for improvements .Residents should not be alarmed your Councillors are here to give support and I have asked for updates .

Should you wish to speak to me on an issue we can meet at a mutually conveniently time
at The Tottington Centre .

Finally … it started with a tweet with my name on it when we met almost two years ago . Rebecca Jackson a bereaved mum lost her daughter to Suicide 7 years ago . Rebecca started a Bereavement support Group and started her group with free room hire in autumn 2019 at the Tottington
Centre .
Last week her dream can’t true when after months of raising funds ,our arts based hub opened in Bolton St Bury opposite ELR named ….

The Big Fandango !
The aim is to help those who are struggling with anxiety  by getting them involved in arts and crafts . I am proud to be a Trustee and I shall be in there each Tuesday afternoon in my capacity as a volunteer .

Iain and Yvonne

Yvonne and Rebecca


0776 3116 437
y.s. .uk

Ward Update from Yvonne

Unfortunately many plans have had to be postponed due to Covid restrictions however
The Tottington Village Reunion Hoe Down and BBQ will now take place from noon on Sunday 25 th July on the Bowling Green at Royds St .Country and Western music for Line Dancers … BBQ and Moms Apple Pie and lots of cold beer in the Saloon ! Jeans and Checks shirts if you wish  …kids corner too . Bring your own seating .

The Family Fun Dog Show also postponed  … but it will happen !

No further news on the fight for saving the Greenbelt land in the Ward but today we hear that a new hotel will be built on a brownfield site in the Bury town centre . The area would have been ideal for low cost starter homes . Bury needs a Local Plan to safeguard our Greenbelt land which sadly the ruling Group has yet to produce .

 I have taken part in Training sessions and attended monthly Licensing meetings in the Town Hall . My Group colleagues and I have suggested improvements to paperwork  for Taxi Driver applications and renewals to reduce errors .

Some meetings I attend are still taking place online .
Local charity Age Uk “ Welcome Back “ celebrations at the Jubilee Centre also postponed but now with an interesting addition to the usual stalls , cafe , bar etc with a Bury Lions Member “ Drumming “ to a 100 songs to raise funds for charities .I am a member of Age Uk  fundraising committee and those who use the Jubillee (for the  over 50 ‘s) live all over the borough  .Fans of drumming do save the date of the afternoon of 11 th September

The new not for profit organisation I am involved with has also had to delay its official opening to 23 rd July . The Big Fandango  is an arts based community hub  in shop premises in Bolton St Bury aiming to help those struggling with anxiety . There will be lots of different workshops , crafted items created will be on sale and rooms also available for hourly hire .We need to raise £250 a week for our overheads and I will be organising fund raising events for this worthy cause .Do you have the skills to help Volunteer at The  Big Fandango ? Do contact me or check out the website .

I recently helped place a friends daughter with a nursing background to become a volunteer at the Blind Society and her skills will be invaluable.

The local Sunnywood Project is progressing and planning woodland activities in
Old Kay’s . Check out their website.

The Council draft Climate Strategy and Action Plan is now open to public consultation.

An area in Tottington has been put forward to install electric charging ( EUCI )
I have requested that residents in the area are consulted .

A Tottington Covid Volunteer flagged up that some days recently were “ quiet” at the Vaccination Centres and could the Council do more to promote . I was assured they are doing all they can to get the message out to get everyone vaccinated.

Spurr House in Unsworth which serves the borough provides essential respite care for elderly residents , some with Dementia and is under threat of closure . Staff have deep concerns and so have I and supporting and advising staff .

Am still hoping to receive a weekly list of crimes as provided for Bury South so I can share to residents making them aware of crimes occurring in the Ward .

The Library is open and hopefully a new proprietor will take over the Tea Room soon .


Casework can no longer be mailed directly to Officers and now has to be sent to  the Casework Team then cascaded down to Officers which can create a delay in receiving responses .

A blocked culvert off Bury Road  reported to Officers and ongoing .

The flooding from the blocked culvert at the rear of gardens on Moorside Rd has been inspected by a Council Officer . Residents  have spent considerable time removing fly tipped objects partly causing the problem  .
Unresolved and ongoing .

Residents living on Market St near the new petrol station are now experiencing parking
 problems .

Speeding on Market St  is common and a resident suggested a 20 mph zone through the village as a low cost solution which I supported .
On social media this was supported by some and criticised by others !  Council Officers informed me that currently  there is no funding available for a crossing which many support but that they will apply for funding when it becomes available .

Have reported several issues to Six Town Housing  regarding Harwood Crescent.
Door  mats at entrances removed and flooring needs repair , dumped white goods now removed and anti social behaviour reported , ongoing .

Again asked for date for new heating at Harwood House .

Assured today that the adoption of Sunnywood Close is again imminent !
Also enquires re the cost of moving a street lamp as blocking a driveway on Sunnywood Close .

Bins ! Collections in some areas not improving and Assisted Service missed last week on Wesley St . Reported and hoping just a blip !

H BAR road marking on Scobell St long overdue and again requested a date for completion.

An application has been submitted for
Live music/ Recorded Music / and sale of Alcohol at cafe premises on Walshaw Rd . Notices displayed for residents to comment .

A Scheme of Lining and Signage with
 “ Not Suitable for HGV’s “  for Bradshaw Road is to be submitted for the Portfolio Holder to consider .This is desperately needed as increased accidents on this country road with sharp bends .

Am hoping trade is getting better for local shops and we can look forward to the country fully opening up soon .

Do contact me if you have any issues which you need assistance .

0776 2116 437

May 20th 2021 “News of The Ward“ from Yvonne

Well on the 6th May the Local elections were held ,it was goodbye to Cllr Greg Keeley who chose to stand down after over 5 years representing our Ward and hello to Cllr Luis McBriar joining Team Totty !

Luis works for MP James Daly so can signpost residents on issues which are above our usual remit .I have in the past week sent 2 cases to Luis .

The big fight for our precious Greenbelt continues , we are vehemently opposed to any destruction of our Greenbelt and the proposals to build 1250 houses at Walshaw Road .

Yesterday we had our first Council Meeting actually together in over 15 months but it was held in the Leisure Centre rather than the Council Chamber as more space to socially distance .

Since my last blog I have received varied casework ,here is a sample .

Elton High school agreed to a request for a fence to help with a neighbouring residents privacy .
Enquiries re Affetside x School building .Ongoing the flooding at rear of many gardens on Moorside Road subsided but with recent heavy rain the levels again rose.

Engineers at Bury Council last week confirmed that they will be undertaking investigations into the cause of this worrying issue.

Unfortunately no response from Environmental Health yet on the fly tipping at rear of Moorside Rd which I am informed is in part causing the problem with the flooding – ongoing.

Complaints re excessive dog fouling at Old Kay’s ….assured adequate bins so irresponsible  dog owners at fault here !
The ongoing waterfall pouring out at Old Kay’s am assured by engineers is resolved and culverts have been cleared .
I have requested improvements to the path from Sunnywood Drive to the Lines as presently difficult to access for mobility scooter drivers as uneven .To be inspected .

Missed brown bins reported on Walshaw Park and sorted promptly surplus bins reported and removed .If you know of bins with “ no home” and in the way ,report to me and I will have removed.

After I reported the poor state of the grassed verge at Brookwater Close (after work had taken place ) I requested it was rectified .I hoped for re turfing for an instant make over but sadly it has been seeded so some weeks before it is back to a pleasant grassed verge.

Had an enquiry from a Clergyman  who wanted to take over the x Court Building in Bury for a multi functional centre  . This is not in the ownership of the Council so passed on the details to the Vicar.

Sadly as my Group did not win the election ,the crossing we promised on Market St is now unlikely to materialise.I do hope soon that our Ward will get an equal share of funding to improve our roads and traffic safety.

On that subject ,at long last and after much pressure by residents ,Bradshaw Rd is to have additional signage and road markings to try and reduce the weekly accidents. Unfortunately HGVs persist in using this route which is totally unsuitable due to its width and bends, ideally they should be barred from this route to protect residents property from  repeatedly being damaged.

Confirmation again that the Street sign I requested many months ago for South Royd St will not arrive until September !!!
The TOTTINGTON Centre needs an external glass covered  notice board attached to the front of the building and advised on the planning procedure as a listed building. Pot hole reported and repaired  off Bradshaw Road .
No progress or update received on the parking outside Elton High.

Ongoing the plans for the x pigeon shed site off Scobell St ,current tenants are being contacted .Then it’s my understanding that immediate neighbours will be asked for their views on their preferred  future use of this land near their homes.

Reported to Six Town Housing that the central heating was not functioning at Harwood House .
Signage had been tampered with at Four Lane ends and some hidden by bushes, now repositioned and resolved .


Recently  established local group The Sunnywood Project continues its programme of activities centred around the environment with activities for all ages ,do check out their website .
Much work is again being done on the “ Snake “ to clean up , repaint and enhance this display of painted stones .Very disappointing that it has been vandalised .Good on those ladies for all their hard work and persistence as the snake is enjoyed by many.

Weather permitting I am serving on the book stall each Thursday afternoon between 2 and 4 . Lots of bargains with 7 books for a fiver or £1 each .Jigsaws and games for sake too.The stall is there on Saturday mornings too.
After recently leaving the Board of the Blind Society after 21 years ,I have now become a Director of a new not for profit CIC , The Big Fandango opening in 6 weeks at premises  in Bolton St Bury.

The Big Fandango will, be an arts based hub helping those struggling with their mental health by getting involved with activities ….giving their brain a rest !

Local  artist Rebecca Jackson is leading this group and it’s been a pleasure to have played a part in helping her set up this by “begging”  to colleagues and businesses for donations . We shall need to raise a thousand pounds a month to make this sustainable but we have lots of plans to raise funds, watch this space !

A new business is coming to TOTTINGTON and just in the process of applying for planning approval .4 Paws on Tour are extending their dog walking business into a dog exercise area on the x football ground at Old Doctor’s at the rear of the Con Club on Royd St.To launch the business the owner is to hold The Tottington Family Fun Dog Show on Sunday 25 th July .All proceeds to Dogs 4 Rescue who take in sick dogs and re home  .Presentations will be on the Bowling Green next door with outdoor  Pimms bar  and Picnic food available .Details will appear shortly on 4 Paws on Tour website . I am to sponsor a trophy …The Best Dressed Dog !

Before that fun event there is another for your diary ! Hoe Down and BBQ again to be held on the Bowling Green .It’s a village reunion to bring people together on the first weekend after the country opens up on Sunday 27 th JUNE .We want all you line dancers to turn up , bring your own chairs and blankets ….kiddies corner ….some fun competitions too…check shirts and jeans galore and if you have a Stetson yee haw do wear it !

In August  on the Bowling Green we shall again hold our Big Sunday Sale with Craft stalls… vintage  etc
All these events with details and times will be well publicised on social media .

I have today written to the new Police Inspector for the area expressing my concern re the ongoing  crime in the area which many feel is not being addressed  , many reports on local social media of damage to cars and property .

I am also involved in fundraising for Ageuk at The Jubilee Centre . On 26 th July they are holding a “Welcome Back” event …food ,fun and stalls in that lovely setting around the lido.

Enjoyed a drink with my Ward colleague Iain at St John’s cricket club which Iain as President is heavily involved . What a great job has been made of the new access from the Lines and the picket fence makes it a perfect destination for a leisurely afternoon.

Well done to Walshaw Sports Club too on all their recent refurbishments and the great food now on offer from Christine and her girls. We are fortunate to have these clubs ,great community assets in  our Ward .

I hope we can keep on track for opening fully after this long difficult period for so many and would wish businesses everywhere all the best for a great comeback …after all we are British !

If you need to speak to me on any matter please do get in touch.

0776 2116 437

Tottington Ward Blog Update

I was pleased to have many colleagues supporting  Bury Blind Society Annual Dinner which was themed “Our Night at The Proms” with my Group Leader James Daly….plus prospective candidates who both live in TOTTINGTON, Liam Dene for North Manor and Luis McBriar for TOTTINGTON. Enjoyed by all and very successful for the society too.

Feel sure you will have noticed the lamppost poppies in the Ward covering Tottington Centre ,Walshaw and Affetside. A big thank you  to our candidate in next May’s local elections, Luis McBriar who faced the rain to put them up….he will make a very good Councillor and is in my good books already ! Both Luis and I will be selling poppies over the next few days, Luis in the Millgate and I will be in Tesco in Bury on Friday afternoon on behalf of the Rotary.
The first session of the Suicide Support Sessions led by Rebecca Jackson will commence this Saturday 10-12 in The Tottington Centre. I will be present to meet and greet. Due to a donation I was able to help Rebecca with leaflets publicising the sessions. The response from social media posts is overwhelming and it proves how much this sort of support is needed .This is a first for Bury and I am very  pleased that the Tottington Centre is to host these sessions.Do call in for a leaflet for more details
Last week I was interviewed to help with an award for Tottington . This is for GM Mayors Age Friendly Neighbourhood Challenge. I am very hopeful that Tottington will be successful and we shall be informed in December if we along with Greenmount and Ramsbottom have  won an award.
A new group started last week in The Robin Hood, Dignifying Dementia.  The next meet up for those with Dementia and their Carers is on 13th November with musical bingo…then 4th Dec with a sing song and Christmas Meal.  In the new year meetings will be every week. Please contact John for further details 07902308823. Tottington Councillors are pleased to be able to contribute to the cost of the Christmas Meal from the Councillors allocation of funds.
We are also to fund 2 more Dog Poo bins for the ward at a cost of £350……WHERE DO YOU THINK THEY ARE MOST NEEDED ?
We will soon be able to reveal the modified memorial bench  which we have also  funded, hopefully it will be in place by Remembrance Sunday and residents will admire and approve of the work completed by a local businessman.I think it is a lovely tribute to our fallen soldiers.
My work re the future of Bury Market continues and I have submitted some radical ideas to draw more local residents to use the market.
I have attended a Licensing Meeting, Task and Finish Group Meeting re Bury Market, Blind Society Board Meeting, Blind Society Event Planning Meeting. 
  • I have again updated every resident in Brookwater and Calderwood Close re the on-going  work to remedy running water problems on the highway.
  • Requests for action on more very tall Leylandi trees on the Boothway estate unfortunately refused. I am informed that any  complainant has to take action and have to pay a considerable sum which I feel is outrageous .This legislation was made law in 2005.
  • Requests for bushes strimming on the lane off Rhode Street has had to be shelved until the spring.
  • Requests since March for action on an overgrown garden and trees although promised by this week , I have been informed that this too is to be postponed until next Spring which is very disappointing for the neighbouring residents all around this property. 
  • I have requested an update on the future of Island Lodge a year after the public meeting.
  • I have received emails requesting the Councils takes some action re the impact of fireworks on animals.  As an animal lover and dog owner I too am very concerned. However, I have been informed that the  Licensing of fireworks is in the hands of the Police and Fire Services and not the Council.


Thanks to Affetside residents Andrea and Phil who have provided notice boards for their village which I feel sure will be well used promoting events in and around the area.
Planning Applications
A Planning Application has been submitted for change of use of a Warehouse unit on South Royd St to be converted into a gym.
Sold Poppies today in Tesco Bury, shoppers were extremely generous.
That’s about it for now, I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween and stay safe on Bonfire Night!
Cllr Yvonne Wright
Representing Residents of Tottington  Walshaw and Affetside
P.S  On Sunday 17th November 10am – 3.30pm, Bury Blind Society will be holding our annual Christmas Fair at Ramsbottom Civic Hall….mention my blog for BIGGER  slices of cake… as I work on the cake stall in the café !


Can you fill a shoe box of goodies for a needy child ? The boxes are for children in Eastern Europe and Africa. Boxes and information are available at The Tottington Centre. All boxes must be ready for mid November.

The first of the twice monthly 2 hour sessions  to help support those who have lost someone to suicide will  comence on Saturday 2nd November at The Tottington Centre at 10 am. Please call  in for a leaflet. These sessions will be led by Rebecca ,a mum who lost her teenage daughter to suicide.

I will be there to help, meet and greet and give support in any way I can.
Rebecca has tried for some time to get this started with  no luck.
This will be a first for Bury and it started with a Tweet…and I responded .
Proud that The Tottington Centre is to host these sessions.
You will still find me at The Tottington Centre each Thursday from 9.30-5 pm as a Volunteer. However, I am no longer part of The Management Committee or the fundraising team.
I will always be very proud  to have played a large part in saving the library from closure along with my colleague Cllr Iain Gartside who instigated the petition to save the library
 I was one of the main drivers and secured the £15.000 of funding to ensure we could initially operate the library with volunteers. I have introduced many fundraising events and feel sure they will continue.
Meanwhile, I have agreed to Chair the Ramsbottom and Tottington Fundraising group to raise funds for Bury Hospice so will put my creative fundraising skills to more good use.
My colleague Totty lad LUIS McBriar who will be standing for election in Tottington Ward next May is taking part in Bury Hospice Strictly Dance Competition. We hope he wins !
GOOD LUCK LUIS !…don’t break a leg !


Dear Residents,

Tottington & Ramsbottom NSPCC are holding a coffee morning at Cannon Lewis Hall, Emmanuel Church Centre, Longsight Road, Holcombe Brook on Tuesday 5th November 2019 between 10.30 am – 12 noon.  Tickets are £2.

There will be a cake stall, tombola and a raffle. If you would like to go please e-mail me at

Also, just an update on the issue regarding the water which floods from the Council property at Old Kay’s Park on Holcombe Road which I have received many complaints from residents. Earlier today I received the following response from a Bury Council Officer which said :-

“The problem at Old Kays Park has been recurring for some time. It is the result of blockage of the culvert which runs from the park under the road. The gully team have previously cleared the blockage on numerous occasions, but it keeps returning.

Recent CCTV surveys have revealed that there are at least two service ducts crossing the culvert, thereby restricting the capacity and causing a build-up of debris. Investigations are on-going to determine which statutory undertaker is responsible so we can approach them to have the damage repaired.”

Very Best Wishes

Yvonne Wright

Councillor for Tottington, Walshaw and Affetside.


It’s been a very busy period since my last update. Listed are some of the issues I am dealing and involved with around the Ward.

* Highways Officers visited Bradshaw Road and residents’ requests are being implemented regarding traffic calming measures which I understand is ongoing.

* There is a promise from Tottington High to reduce the height of the trees at the rear of Victoria Court. This we are assured will be undertaken when the leaves have dropped.

* I have twice requested that the road markings are repainted around the junction near Carmellos.I have received assurances that this will done in the next few weeks.

* I passed on a request for some traffic calming measures on the ward  boundary with Lowercroft Road. There is a possibility that some new signage will be erected at this location.

* Unfortunately a request for litter picking equipment 6 weeks ago has not been sorted. This is now ongoing. I have expressed my disappointment that a simple request is taking so long to implement.

* Bin problems continued during the summer. Hopefully the problem with regards to non pickups for residents with assisted bin service in Affetside is now sorted.

* I have requested low hanging trees be cut back on both Laurel Street and on Cotswold Close at the junction of Pennine Close. Received promises from the Council that both will be sorted.

* I have recently purchased 50 more of the lamppost poppies for our Ward through a kind donation from a past president of Tottington at a cost of £150. These will be put in place by local residents, my colleague Iain Gartside and prospective candidate for Tottington in next Mays local election Luis McBriar. Many of you will already know Luis as he has lived on Bury Road for the majority of his 24 years. He is well known locally ,full of enthusiasm and feel sure he will strengthen our team here in the ward to give the people of Tottington Walshaw and Affetside another hard working Councillor !

* Unfortunately the Council will not intervene further to get the overgrown overbearing trees cut back in the centre of the walks on Boothway. I have tried for months but unfortunately the trimming back in summer has made little difference and I am concerned that this area is intimidating for many but sadly I have failed on this one.

* With permission from the Council and the generosity of a local business man, one of the benches near the cenotaph in Tottongton is to be modified into a memorial bench to fallen soldiers and I am hoping this is completed for Remembrance Sunday. Any costs will come from the monies allocated to Councillors. We are given £1000 each year to help the community in ways we see appropriate.

* Planning applications for lighting have been submitted for the proposed petrol station on Market St.

* Along with the vicar of St Anne’s I am working to pass on information to Greater Manchester regarding the number of  groups in our Ward which involve senior people.

* Sadly no Progress on the request for a Speed Gun session on Turton Road. I am waiting for the Police to organise and have 2 volunteers ready !

 *I attended a Homewatch meeting which was taken over by recent increased incidents of crime in Tottington over the past few weeks. Vandalism occurred at Walshaw Sports Club by a large gang of 40+ youths which I am informed came from Walmersley and not local lads  as many may have surmised. There was a brutal attack on a man and several other incidents over the past 2 weeks. The Anti Social Behaviour Officer and a governor of Tottington High attended a meeting last week. We understand the Police have this in hand and that there will be more patrols by PCSO Officers. Please be vigilant and do pass on any information to the Police.

* I arranged a site visit meeting with residents of Brookwater Close, Calderwood Close and Council Officers to discuss the ongoing problems with the highway, collapsed drain with water constantly present.

* You may recall that I organised a poster competition in the summer with children from Tottington High School. The winning  poster is to highlight the ongoing problem with irresponsible dog owners not picking up after their dogs. I have requested residents display the poster in their window to highlight the problem. The areas I have targeted are around Tottington Primary School, part of Boothway and part of Market Street. If you spot someone not picking up after their dog please pass on any information to me, either their address or a video taken on your phone. Obviously in the utmost confidence.

* As a Member of Bury Folk I continue to support the group in any way I can. The GMSF appears to have been kicked into the long grass for now but all are not convinced that the battle is over.

* I must highlight and thank Tottington Rotary Club for all the ongoing hard work upgrading Whitehead Gardens.

* As I was appointed to the Trust of East Lancs Railway in May, I have recently experienced an enlightening full day’s tour plus a train ride, pity it was pouring!

* I continue as a Trustee of the Blind Society and helping to organise the annual dinner…Our Night at The Proms at The Town Hall Bury with everyone’s favourite…. Tottington Brass Band providing the entertainment. Please contact me for further details.

* For the past 6 months I have been involved in supporting Bury Market Traders and attending meetings on their behalf.   I am now in cross party Working Group looking at how we can improve the market and meet the pressures that are facing traders. As an X retailer myself for almost 20 years, I have a good understanding of the issues they face and also have ideas going forward to ensure our market remains traditional , yet we must move with the times and entice more local people to shop here.

* The demands of The Tottington Centre continue, obviously fundraising is nonstop and we recently held a ladies lunch which I helped to organise. We raised over £1000. We are to hold a PUMPKINFEST for the children on Sunday 3rd November, details in the library. Tickets are now available for a Fun Race Night to be held at Walshaw Sports Club on Friday 15th November. Tickets are £12 and include supper. 

If you are time poor and yet want to show real support for THE TOTTINGTON CENTRE, please join our 100 CLUB. It’s just £5 per month . We have 44 now signed up and our first draw is on the 18th October. Please call in the Centre or email Yvonneyvonne.ldc77@ yahoo .co uk

* The Library is to be a drop off point for a Children’s Christmas Shoebox Collection , details in the library.

* Save the Date for our 3 DAY CHRISTMAS CRAFT FAYRE with fabulous gifts on 29th/30th/31st November. Stalls available to rent with booking forms in the library……FREE ENTRANCE FOR SHOPPERS !

* Proud to announce that The Tottington Centre is to be the venue for a new unique support group, helping those affected by suicide . There will be 2 sessions per month and details will be available later this month. The group will be led by a mother whose daughter committed suicide. This is NOT counselling more about helping those affected though……