FROM YVONNE—3rd February 2022

It’s been a month of extremely important issues.

The petition with over 6000 signatures requesting another debate on the decision voted through last year by Labour regarding our Greenbelt at Walshaw has unfortunately remained on the Council Leader’s desk since early November !

 He gave no logical explanation at the January Council meeting when my colleague Iain Gartside questioned him as to why yet again, he is ignoring Bury residents who I believe he is treating with contempt, we will keep on pushing for the petition to be acknowledged and another debate.

Andy Burnham’s CAZ   (Clean Air Zone) plan has received thousands of objections to this unworkable scheme which would put many out of business with his planned extortionate charges. Well done to residents in our Ward for leading and supporting this massive campaign, people power has made a difference. With elections on the horizon, no surprise that a U turn appears to be on the way which is great news for all. However please don’t forget what this man attempted to push through and can we ever trust him again ?

No news on the much-needed crossing point for Market St Tottington. Good news for Unsworth though with a new crossing soon on Croft Lane and improvements too in Fishpool and Pimhole …and I quote “This scheme will also vastly improve road safety for pedestrians” This will add to the NINE crossing points on Heywood St but what about Tottington and safety for pedestrians here ??? Still no funding available for us but we are on a reserve list though! I regularly post on social media to raise the importance of this issue and will not give up !


Several complaints regarding bins of all colours with missed collections from a few days to a month. Most dealt with promptly, some the same day .

I reported fly tipping on Bentley Hall Lane.

Reported dog bins overflowing on Walshaw Walk.

I pressed again for a site visit on Bradshaw Rd with Residents , Council Officers and Police to deal with traffic issues , a productive meeting with agreement to implement some traffic calming measures with signage ,reflective strips and extended road markings hopefully this will reduce the many accidents.

Requested bushes cut back rear of Laurel St bordering Towns Meadow. Completed.

Requested meetings for parents with Special Educational Needs child , some progress.

Enquiry re residential driveway being used for private business, passed on information.

Flooding issues Moorside Rd , UU and Council Officers involved.

Request for repairs on Council flat. Completed.

TWICE requested road markings reinstated on Walshaw Park . Informed need dry weather.

Reported street lights out on Sunnywood Close, promptly repaired.

Request for pavement washing near Tottington Primary School.

Signposted for work experience with the Council.

Positive outcome.


After pressing SIX TOWN HOUSING for many months to follow through with their promise to consult with residents living around the site of the x pigeon sheds off Scobell St , I delivered the surveys and now waiting for the outcome from residents on the suggestion for allotments on this site. There is a waiting list in Tottington of over 20 families and I fully support this site for allotments which will safeguard it from being sold for development. Several people not living near the site but locally have contacted me to express an interest and a local group of young people have volunteered to help ready the site should this use be approved.

Tottington Tea Room in the library has reopened with a new proprietor.

There is to be a tree planting project in Old Kays in February and March with funding from Central Government. Community groups will be contacted and invited to be involved with planting and routine maintenance.

SAVE THE DATE >>>>>>>This year I will be working with St John’s Church to help organise some fun family and “different” events to draw in the community. St John’s was under a refurb for many years but is now available to hire for community groups etc. Firstly A CRACKING EASTER MARKET on Saturday 9th April with

 Crafts, Local Produce and The Parsons Tea Room will be open too.

New gas pipes are being laid on Springvale drive hence the temporary lights on Market St.

The Council organised “Market Place” for the PITCH is to take place at the Tennis Club Longsite Rd on SUNDAY 27th FEBRUARY 2-4. Residents are invited to come along and cast 6 votes for local groups who have applied for funding.

A very frightening experience for residents living in the centre of Affetside last weekend with a surge of electricity which left electrical items smoking and destroyed. Thankfully no one was hurt. A generator installed to ensure the lights were on at least. Hope things are improving by the day for Affetsiders !

When I report  caswork,I am informed that it could be 10 days before I receive a response. If no progress with your issue after a 10-day period, please contact me again.

I have attended a meeting of the Licensing Committee and Full Council Meeting.

Attended 2 Meetings with Vicar Hugh Bearn, Bury Vets and Council representatives to discuss plans to celebrate the life of WW1 soldier George Peachment who received the Victoria Cross . Ongoing.

Did you know that this year’s elections are different to the usual due to Boundary changes in all Wards? This means that ALL 51 Councillors are up for re-election. You will have THREE VOTES and must vote for THREE CANDIDATES.

If you wish to speak to me on any matter please call in THE TOTTINGTON CENTRE on Thursday afternoon from 2-4 or email

Kind Regards


P.S. Please pass on to anyone who could benefit that social group Dignifying Dementia meet Wednesday afternoons at St Johns Church Kirklees St.

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