Update from yvonne

Hoping you had an enjoyable Christmas and escaped the dreaded Omicron !

Unfortunately, despite it being several weeks since the petition with over 6000 signatures was submitted,  we have not received any communication on our request to debate the issue again on the important issue of the Greenbelt. All are aware that to our fury Burys Labour Cllrs voted this through in September but now we hear they want to back peddle ,GOOD  maybe we can have another vote ,after all there is an election in a few months’ time !

 Incidentally this will be an ALL OUT Election when every Councillor in the borough (All 51 )will be up for election. You each have three votes which must be used on THREE INDIVIDUALS.

Likewise, we will not give up on the fight for safer crossing points in Tottington. Numerous crossings have been implemented all over the borough from various funding sources in the past 3 years and yet we are repeatedly refused.

Heavy rain on the 4th December led to flooding in Springvale St and Sunny Bower St. Council Officers and the Fire Service were promptly on the scene. Repairs required at a culvert on Springvale St , ongoing .

The land rear of Queen St off Bury Rd has now had a tidy and fly tipping removed. Beware, the Council will prosecute when they have evidence .

A trip hazard on the pavement outside of the Post Office was repaired within 24 hours of me reporting this.

Large pothole on Turton Road reported after  comments on social media, it was then promptly repaired .Never underestimate the power of social media so do keep posting on W.O.I.T.

I have arranged meetings with Senior Officers for parents of children with special educational needs. The recent damning Ofsted report regarding Children’s Service at Bury Council is deeply concerning with vulnerable children at risk. Our Group Leader has requested an Emergency Council  Meeting , we await the decesion of the Chief Executive.

I have advised on Housing issues.

Requested investigation of oil fumes from a neighbours garden, investigated and resolved. 

Does anyone need a wheelchair ? Please contact me .

Reported the removal of trees off Harwood Road. However as this is private land with NO Tree Preservation Orders this is allowed.

Ongoing traffic issues to be discussed at a site visit at Bradshaw Road with Council Officers and Police , waiting for date to be confirmed.

A pleasure to attend a Christmas Sing a Long at St Johns Church with Dignifying Dementia who will be using the Church in the New Year for Group sessions . Should you know of anyone who could benefit from these social gatherings contact John for more details 


Another pleasure….was to attend the annual “Carols round the Christmas Tree” in Affetside with the splendid Tottington Public Band . Always a good event from a very welcoming community.

I helped on the Blind Societies Fundraising Gift Wrapping stall in Tesco and the Market Hall.

All being well ,I will be in The Tottington Centre on Thursday afternoons , so should you have any issues you wish to discuss, do call in between 2 and 4pm.

Should you report an issue to me and there is no progress in two weeks please get back to me and I will chase up your issue. 

Finally I want to thank all those big hearted people in the Ward who go through the extra mile to help our community …. and I need to mention just a few people …. David from Church St Walshaw …. The one man cleaner of streets , we thank you for all you do .
Julie Poxton  and Harry for facilitating the Christmas Gifts for Residential Homes in the Ward , thank you both !
All those volunteers who work tirelessly for good causes thank you !
It’s a pleasure to represent you  !

My Very Best Wishes for 2022

Yvonne 27-12-21

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