Update from yvonne

Another busy month with lots happening and varied casework .
After receiving yet another refusal to our ongoing request for a much-needed crossing point on Market Street but being informed we are on a “list” until there is funding available, I raised this issue in full Council earlier this month. I am afraid informing how much the Council are spending in other parts of the borough is irrelevant . No response when I quoted that there are 23 crossing points on Walmersley Road and 9 on Heywood St. !  I asked for some levelling up in the north of the borough as on this issue I feel that Tottington is not treated as fairly as some other areas . We need a crossing point not just to make the road safer to cross but I believe crossing points also serve as traffic calming measures too and we certainly need to slow traffic in any way possible. We will not give up and intend to raise this matter at every opportunity.
At last new street lighting columns for Market St .

I sold Poppies on two consecutive Saturdays in Bury M&S . I attended Remembrance services at both Walshaw and Tottington on the 14th of November and it’s always good to chat later in St Annes Church Hall.Residents of Affetside are thrilled that the third Memorial bench in the Ward is now in situ in the village, including a brass plaque engraved with fallen soldiers names from Affetside . Thanks to the Tottington man who has very kindly converted all three benches for our Ward. We are so very fortunate to have such a kind benefactor and I imagine we are the only Ward in the borough to have 3 Memorial benches, a great mark of respect to our fallen. 

I helped organise a fundraising dinner for The Big Fandango which raised over £2000.

It’s taken lots of time in the planning and preparation, but it paid off with a very busy Cracking Christmas Market which I played a part in organising last weekend at St Johns Church . I was a waitress and didn’t break any crockery !  Wonderful support from residents THANK YOU ! More events are already planned for next year.The money raised was divide equally between the Church and two Groups who are now hiring the Church , Dignifying Dementia and The Sunnywood Project . The Church is available to hire and has flexible space which would suit various uses . For details do call in any Wednesday and meet Minister Anthony or email Presbyter.StJohnsTottington@outlook.com 
PICS HEREAs a member of the Fundraising Committee at Ageuk I have chatted weekly to those who use the Jubilee Centre to discover what kind of events would be supported, the surveys are ongoing.

I have helped the Blind Society Gift Wrapping stall in Tesco and will help further during December on their stall in the Millgate .

I have attended 2 Licensing MeetingsStandards MeetingFull Council   2 meetings with the Neighbourhood Community Hub ManagerAgeUK Fundraising CommitteeSt Johns Event Planning ( numerous )

Residents on ParkGate have waited for road surface repairs for some considerable time, now completed.Blocked culvert rear of Moorside Road, concerning issue which is ongoing informed it is the responsibility of homeowners, the Council have assisted earlier this year, but this issue is unfortunatly still not resolved. Reported 3 dead trees on the Lines , now removed .Reminder sent regarding bushes needing to be cut back rear of Laurel St. Machinery needs repair , will pursue.Request for Enforcement on Leigh Lane now resolved.Clarity sought for new signage for road safety measures on Bradshaw Road , suggested a meeting with Police and Officers to be arranged.Yet again reported the running water outside St Annes, to be investigated with CCTV.Still waiting for response as to when road markings will be reinstated on Walshaw Park.Road Sweeper requested and attended on Bradshaw Rd.  Drains cleaned , residents requested scheduled maintenance, ongoing .Officer visited Cann St talked through a plan to sort issues with the lane, improved maintenance requested.Resident complained re Parking Ticket issued at Ramsbottom Civic Hall Car Park . No refund.Road Markings on route to town centre require remarking. Now quoted March when the road will also be resurfaced. Requested update on wall needing repair on Holcombe Rd facing Royds St. Landowner is pursuing through insurance.Fly tipping reported, evidence supplied with address so hoping for prosecution !A visually impaired resident asked for my help re raised pavements /trip hazards near her home ,reported and repaired promptly.Blue bins missed reported and collected.Reported Assisted Bin service missed . Passed on concerns from parents as no School Crossing Guard. Council response that it’s not mandatory and parents’ responsibility. All more reason why we need a crossing point on Market St !Pavement flags on Booth St reported and promptly repaired .Reported Street lights needing repair on High St.Grit requested on Moorside Rd and Meadow Way.Tree blown down in storm on Kirklees St reported.  Protruding grid on ginnel off Rhine Close reported to UU and advised residents. 

For help with any issues please contact me y.s.wright@bury.gov.uk

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