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At the Council meeting on Wednesday the future of our Greenbelt and  THE most important issue for our town will be debated. Each Cllr shall have a vote . A consultation with the public will then take place

Needless to say that all your Tottington Cllrs ard vehemently opposed to the destruction of our green belt . We all acknowledge we need more homes but smaller starter homes are needed for people to get on the housing ladder or downsize and these won’t be built on this prime site at Walshaw Road . I hope all Councillors on all sides of the Council chamber have listened to residents and will now vote this down !

The Hoe Down on Saturday on the Bowling Green on Royds St last Sunday  was a success and enjoyed by all… going off the feedback on social media ! Great effort by our committee of 4 .Thanks to all who supported  this event and those who helped too 

Iain and Luis being stewards for the day with Yvonne at the
Hoe-Down last Sunday
All set up and ready to go!

The Hoe Down in Full Swing!

Wanted Dead or Alive!

The next event at this location is The Big Sunday Sale on 22 nd August . If you know of anyone who would like a stall whether it be Crafts … stuff from your loft … or a charity stall please contact Sue at

  • It’s been a very busy few weeks for casework , below some of the issues I have dealt with .
  • Top of the list missed BIN collections … so many and of all colours all over the Ward not emptied .
  • Reasons for this debacle are varied but we are assured things will improve !!!!
  • A planning application has been submitted for a dog exercise area off Royds St .
  • Obstruction of bins on unadopted road reported but no action taken .
  • Overgrown trees on walkways on Boothway , reported and resident written to and given time to cut back .
  • The problems caused by the closure of Bentley Hall Road reporter and is due to British Telecom Works .
  • Enquiries re Council Tax bill error for new home owner , ongoing .
  • Sunnywood Lane overgrown trees impacting on private property waiting a response .
  • Sunnywood Close Adoption, still waiting for confirmation.
  • Arranged hairdresser for housebound gent promptly though the power of social media .
  • Swings were removed from the play  ground at Trafford Park Booth St due to Covid . Assured they will return
  • Building Debris reported near shop , no response
  • Hedge cutting on the boundary of Towns Meadow  near  Laurel St will be undertaken in autumn
  • Enquiry what Support are the Council giving re Covid to the pupils of Totty High .
  • Enquiry re moving of lamppost to make driveway accessible will incur fees.
  • Request for memorial bench at Old Kay’s  ongoing
  • Again reported road markings need repaint Crostons  Road to Bury Town Hall  and back .
  • H Bar marking completed in Scobell St
  • More accidents on Bradshaw Rd , hope the new measures will be implemented soon .
  • Complaint re the condition of Holcombe
  • Rd , reported .
  •  Long standing request for road  white lining
  • On Cotswold Cres , waiting for response 
  • Requested repainting of lines on Turton Road , first reported by resident in August 2020 ongoing .
  • Update requested re closure of footpath at Bottoms Hall .
  • Council helping with the issue of the individual camping on memorial garden .
  • Anti social behaviour reported on Church St
  • Police and Council informed of large quantity of gas canisters dumped in Affetside , ongoing .
  • Enquiry for allotment .
  • Enquiry re food vouchers for a child

Other info

My colleague Iain Gartside mentioned last week in a blog that each Councillor has £1000 to spend on community projects in the Ward. Do contact us if you would like some financial help with a project .

A pleasure to visit and discover Bury Croquet Club who meet at Whitehead Park Elton . 07856 348706 for details

My support for Bury Market Traders is ongoing  .

I continue to promote availability for vaccinations at Ramsbottom  Civic Hall.

The Sunnywood Project goes from strength to strength , over 5000 people have taken part in events in Tottington in the past year . See them on social media .
The Tottington Tea Room is to reopen under new management next week , good luck to the new team , we have missed it !

Booth St is to have new  street lighting , LED lanterns , works start from 4 th August for 2/3 weeks .
Assisted a resident who wants to move to a council bungalow .
I am  to undertake a door to door survey of those living nearest to the  x pigeon loft site  off Scobell St .I would personally favour allotments to safeguard this land from development but will listen to the residents views and pass on to Six Town Housing .

A review is to take place from this week at Harwood House which includes looking at options for improvements .Residents should not be alarmed your Councillors are here to give support and I have asked for updates .

Should you wish to speak to me on an issue we can meet at a mutually conveniently time
at The Tottington Centre .

Finally … it started with a tweet with my name on it when we met almost two years ago . Rebecca Jackson a bereaved mum lost her daughter to Suicide 7 years ago . Rebecca started a Bereavement support Group and started her group with free room hire in autumn 2019 at the Tottington
Centre .
Last week her dream can’t true when after months of raising funds ,our arts based hub opened in Bolton St Bury opposite ELR named ….

The Big Fandango !
The aim is to help those who are struggling with anxiety  by getting them involved in arts and crafts . I am proud to be a Trustee and I shall be in there each Tuesday afternoon in my capacity as a volunteer .

Iain and Yvonne

Yvonne and Rebecca


0776 3116 437
y.s. wright@bury.gov .uk

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