Road Repairs for Turton Road and other Ward Updates

Dear Residents,

Starting off with some good news that the Council have confirmed that Turton road is programmed for some remedial patching work for the worst worn areas in the next 4-6 weeks. It will include planning out and reinstating some large areas with bitmac.

I attended the Tottington High School governors meeting last week. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff and pupils for their hard work in improving the school’s performance under a prolonged period of difficult circumstances.

Yvonne Wright, Luis McBriar and I continue to campaign for a much needed new safety crossing in the Market St / Holcombe Rd area. The Council have said they haven’t got the money to install one but we understand that there is a funding pot for new traffic crossings at Transport for Greater Manchester so we are going to ask the Council if we can apply for funding from them.

I recently attended the Tottington St John’s committee meeting. It’s great to see the club going from strength to strength. The Greater Manchester Cricket League have recently complimented the club for the great job they doing upgrading Crompton Meadows and promoting grass-roots cricket in the local community. It’s also great to see hundreds of local residents who are going down to Crompton Meadows at the weekend to support the club and start to socialise after the lifting of COVID restrictions.

The new picket fence at Crompton Meadows

There have been many reports of missed bin collections, not just in Tottington, but across the borough of Bury. The Council have said that there have staffing and operational issues which they are now resolving. For more information of what to do if your bin collections has been missed please go to the missed bin collection page on the Council’s web-site at:-

Finally, the Council has given your three Tottington Councillors a modest pot of funding to help local community groups in Tottington, Walshaw and Affetside. If you are involved with a local group or know of one who would be interested in applying, please let us know on the ‘Leave a Reply’ box at the bottom of this page, with full contact details so we can discuss the details of the project you would like us to help fund. Examples of projects we have helped to fund in the past include improving sporting facilities at Walshaw and Tottington St John’s cricket clubs, helping to set up The Tottington Centre (The old Tottington Library), helping to fund The Sunnywood Project, Tottington’s Big Day Out and the restoration of St John’s Free Church.

New cricket equipment for TSJCC Under 11’s

Best Wishes

Cllr Iain Gartside (also on behalf of Cllr Yvonne Wright and Cllr Luis McBriar).

Working hard for Tottington, Walshaw and Affetside all year round.

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