Ward Update from Yvonne

Unfortunately many plans have had to be postponed due to Covid restrictions however
The Tottington Village Reunion Hoe Down and BBQ will now take place from noon on Sunday 25 th July on the Bowling Green at Royds St .Country and Western music for Line Dancers … BBQ and Moms Apple Pie and lots of cold beer in the Saloon ! Jeans and Checks shirts if you wish  …kids corner too . Bring your own seating .

The Family Fun Dog Show also postponed  … but it will happen !

No further news on the fight for saving the Greenbelt land in the Ward but today we hear that a new hotel will be built on a brownfield site in the Bury town centre . The area would have been ideal for low cost starter homes . Bury needs a Local Plan to safeguard our Greenbelt land which sadly the ruling Group has yet to produce .

 I have taken part in Training sessions and attended monthly Licensing meetings in the Town Hall . My Group colleagues and I have suggested improvements to paperwork  for Taxi Driver applications and renewals to reduce errors .

Some meetings I attend are still taking place online .
Local charity Age Uk “ Welcome Back “ celebrations at the Jubilee Centre also postponed but now with an interesting addition to the usual stalls , cafe , bar etc with a Bury Lions Member “ Drumming “ to a 100 songs to raise funds for charities .I am a member of Age Uk  fundraising committee and those who use the Jubillee (for the  over 50 ‘s) live all over the borough  .Fans of drumming do save the date of the afternoon of 11 th September

The new not for profit organisation I am involved with has also had to delay its official opening to 23 rd July . The Big Fandango  is an arts based community hub  in shop premises in Bolton St Bury aiming to help those struggling with anxiety . There will be lots of different workshops , crafted items created will be on sale and rooms also available for hourly hire .We need to raise £250 a week for our overheads and I will be organising fund raising events for this worthy cause .Do you have the skills to help Volunteer at The  Big Fandango ? Do contact me or check out the website .

I recently helped place a friends daughter with a nursing background to become a volunteer at the Blind Society and her skills will be invaluable.

The local Sunnywood Project is progressing and planning woodland activities in
Old Kay’s . Check out their website.

The Council draft Climate Strategy and Action Plan is now open to public consultation.

An area in Tottington has been put forward to install electric charging ( EUCI )
I have requested that residents in the area are consulted .

A Tottington Covid Volunteer flagged up that some days recently were “ quiet” at the Vaccination Centres and could the Council do more to promote . I was assured they are doing all they can to get the message out to get everyone vaccinated.

Spurr House in Unsworth which serves the borough provides essential respite care for elderly residents , some with Dementia and is under threat of closure . Staff have deep concerns and so have I and supporting and advising staff .

Am still hoping to receive a weekly list of crimes as provided for Bury South so I can share to residents making them aware of crimes occurring in the Ward .

The Library is open and hopefully a new proprietor will take over the Tea Room soon .


Casework can no longer be mailed directly to Officers and now has to be sent to  the Casework Team then cascaded down to Officers which can create a delay in receiving responses .

A blocked culvert off Bury Road  reported to Officers and ongoing .

The flooding from the blocked culvert at the rear of gardens on Moorside Rd has been inspected by a Council Officer . Residents  have spent considerable time removing fly tipped objects partly causing the problem  .
Unresolved and ongoing .

Residents living on Market St near the new petrol station are now experiencing parking
 problems .

Speeding on Market St  is common and a resident suggested a 20 mph zone through the village as a low cost solution which I supported .
On social media this was supported by some and criticised by others !  Council Officers informed me that currently  there is no funding available for a crossing which many support but that they will apply for funding when it becomes available .

Have reported several issues to Six Town Housing  regarding Harwood Crescent.
Door  mats at entrances removed and flooring needs repair , dumped white goods now removed and anti social behaviour reported , ongoing .

Again asked for date for new heating at Harwood House .

Assured today that the adoption of Sunnywood Close is again imminent !
Also enquires re the cost of moving a street lamp as blocking a driveway on Sunnywood Close .

Bins ! Collections in some areas not improving and Assisted Service missed last week on Wesley St . Reported and hoping just a blip !

H BAR road marking on Scobell St long overdue and again requested a date for completion.

An application has been submitted for
Live music/ Recorded Music / and sale of Alcohol at cafe premises on Walshaw Rd . Notices displayed for residents to comment .

A Scheme of Lining and Signage with
 “ Not Suitable for HGV’s “  for Bradshaw Road is to be submitted for the Portfolio Holder to consider .This is desperately needed as increased accidents on this country road with sharp bends .

Am hoping trade is getting better for local shops and we can look forward to the country fully opening up soon .

Do contact me if you have any issues which you need assistance .

0776 2116 437

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