May 20th 2021 “News of The Ward“ from Yvonne

Well on the 6th May the Local elections were held ,it was goodbye to Cllr Greg Keeley who chose to stand down after over 5 years representing our Ward and hello to Cllr Luis McBriar joining Team Totty !

Luis works for MP James Daly so can signpost residents on issues which are above our usual remit .I have in the past week sent 2 cases to Luis .

The big fight for our precious Greenbelt continues , we are vehemently opposed to any destruction of our Greenbelt and the proposals to build 1250 houses at Walshaw Road .

Yesterday we had our first Council Meeting actually together in over 15 months but it was held in the Leisure Centre rather than the Council Chamber as more space to socially distance .

Since my last blog I have received varied casework ,here is a sample .

Elton High school agreed to a request for a fence to help with a neighbouring residents privacy .
Enquiries re Affetside x School building .Ongoing the flooding at rear of many gardens on Moorside Road subsided but with recent heavy rain the levels again rose.

Engineers at Bury Council last week confirmed that they will be undertaking investigations into the cause of this worrying issue.

Unfortunately no response from Environmental Health yet on the fly tipping at rear of Moorside Rd which I am informed is in part causing the problem with the flooding – ongoing.

Complaints re excessive dog fouling at Old Kay’s ….assured adequate bins so irresponsible  dog owners at fault here !
The ongoing waterfall pouring out at Old Kay’s am assured by engineers is resolved and culverts have been cleared .
I have requested improvements to the path from Sunnywood Drive to the Lines as presently difficult to access for mobility scooter drivers as uneven .To be inspected .

Missed brown bins reported on Walshaw Park and sorted promptly surplus bins reported and removed .If you know of bins with “ no home” and in the way ,report to me and I will have removed.

After I reported the poor state of the grassed verge at Brookwater Close (after work had taken place ) I requested it was rectified .I hoped for re turfing for an instant make over but sadly it has been seeded so some weeks before it is back to a pleasant grassed verge.

Had an enquiry from a Clergyman  who wanted to take over the x Court Building in Bury for a multi functional centre  . This is not in the ownership of the Council so passed on the details to the Vicar.

Sadly as my Group did not win the election ,the crossing we promised on Market St is now unlikely to materialise.I do hope soon that our Ward will get an equal share of funding to improve our roads and traffic safety.

On that subject ,at long last and after much pressure by residents ,Bradshaw Rd is to have additional signage and road markings to try and reduce the weekly accidents. Unfortunately HGVs persist in using this route which is totally unsuitable due to its width and bends, ideally they should be barred from this route to protect residents property from  repeatedly being damaged.

Confirmation again that the Street sign I requested many months ago for South Royd St will not arrive until September !!!
The TOTTINGTON Centre needs an external glass covered  notice board attached to the front of the building and advised on the planning procedure as a listed building. Pot hole reported and repaired  off Bradshaw Road .
No progress or update received on the parking outside Elton High.

Ongoing the plans for the x pigeon shed site off Scobell St ,current tenants are being contacted .Then it’s my understanding that immediate neighbours will be asked for their views on their preferred  future use of this land near their homes.

Reported to Six Town Housing that the central heating was not functioning at Harwood House .
Signage had been tampered with at Four Lane ends and some hidden by bushes, now repositioned and resolved .


Recently  established local group The Sunnywood Project continues its programme of activities centred around the environment with activities for all ages ,do check out their website .
Much work is again being done on the “ Snake “ to clean up , repaint and enhance this display of painted stones .Very disappointing that it has been vandalised .Good on those ladies for all their hard work and persistence as the snake is enjoyed by many.

Weather permitting I am serving on the book stall each Thursday afternoon between 2 and 4 . Lots of bargains with 7 books for a fiver or £1 each .Jigsaws and games for sake too.The stall is there on Saturday mornings too.
After recently leaving the Board of the Blind Society after 21 years ,I have now become a Director of a new not for profit CIC , The Big Fandango opening in 6 weeks at premises  in Bolton St Bury.

The Big Fandango will, be an arts based hub helping those struggling with their mental health by getting involved with activities ….giving their brain a rest !

Local  artist Rebecca Jackson is leading this group and it’s been a pleasure to have played a part in helping her set up this by “begging”  to colleagues and businesses for donations . We shall need to raise a thousand pounds a month to make this sustainable but we have lots of plans to raise funds, watch this space !

A new business is coming to TOTTINGTON and just in the process of applying for planning approval .4 Paws on Tour are extending their dog walking business into a dog exercise area on the x football ground at Old Doctor’s at the rear of the Con Club on Royd St.To launch the business the owner is to hold The Tottington Family Fun Dog Show on Sunday 25 th July .All proceeds to Dogs 4 Rescue who take in sick dogs and re home  .Presentations will be on the Bowling Green next door with outdoor  Pimms bar  and Picnic food available .Details will appear shortly on 4 Paws on Tour website . I am to sponsor a trophy …The Best Dressed Dog !

Before that fun event there is another for your diary ! Hoe Down and BBQ again to be held on the Bowling Green .It’s a village reunion to bring people together on the first weekend after the country opens up on Sunday 27 th JUNE .We want all you line dancers to turn up , bring your own chairs and blankets ….kiddies corner ….some fun competitions too…check shirts and jeans galore and if you have a Stetson yee haw do wear it !

In August  on the Bowling Green we shall again hold our Big Sunday Sale with Craft stalls… vintage  etc
All these events with details and times will be well publicised on social media .

I have today written to the new Police Inspector for the area expressing my concern re the ongoing  crime in the area which many feel is not being addressed  , many reports on local social media of damage to cars and property .

I am also involved in fundraising for Ageuk at The Jubilee Centre . On 26 th July they are holding a “Welcome Back” event …food ,fun and stalls in that lovely setting around the lido.

Enjoyed a drink with my Ward colleague Iain at St John’s cricket club which Iain as President is heavily involved . What a great job has been made of the new access from the Lines and the picket fence makes it a perfect destination for a leisurely afternoon.

Well done to Walshaw Sports Club too on all their recent refurbishments and the great food now on offer from Christine and her girls. We are fortunate to have these clubs ,great community assets in  our Ward .

I hope we can keep on track for opening fully after this long difficult period for so many and would wish businesses everywhere all the best for a great comeback …after all we are British !

If you need to speak to me on any matter please do get in touch.

0776 2116 437

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