Update from Yvonne

Its been good to be out and about again as we work our way back to normality and it’s been a busy few weeks in our Ward. Good to see many residents when out delivering leaflets for the local elections on 6 th May. Cllr Greg Keeley is standing down after 5 years and Tottingon lad Luis McBriar is standing for election in Greg’s place.

Here are some of the casework issues  I have dealt with over the past month;

After the many incidents of anti social behaviour and arson attacks at Scobell St , I requested the site with the burnt out pens be cleared . I was pleased for residents that my request was met promptly by Six Town Housing who are now consulting with existing tenants and those living close by the site for it’s future use . I support the suggestion of allotments on this site as there is a big demand and long waiting lists in Tottington.

Complaints regarding speeding traffic on Market Street reported.

Damaged bin replaced promptly.

Brown bin missed 3 collections reported .

Traffic gridlock with parked cars reported near Elton High  ,ongoing .

Grassed area at Brookwater Close needs remedial work ,agreed and will be undertaken ASAP .

Enquiries regarding Planning conditions and Enforcement at Andrew’s Mill ongoing .

Pothole around manhole cover off Bradshaw Road reported .

Enquiries re closure of footpath 19 ongoing as repairs required .

Enquiries re hedges and trees cut back near the Lines on private land   . Council Officers investigated .

Blocked culvert resulting in serious flooding of gardens at rear of Moorside Rd , ongoing .

Fly tipping reported rear of Moorside Rd , waiting for update .

Water seeping through walls at Island Lodge  reported .

Ongoing traffic issues on Bradshaw Road ,still waiting for new signage .

Enquiries re Adoption status at Sunnywood Close .Waiting for Section 38 fee to progress to adoption .

Again requested when replacement South Royd St sign will be delivered as now over 6 months since I requested.

Traffic lights suggested at Carmelo’s junction, waiting for response .

Blocked grids on Turton Rd , waiting for response .

Assisted residents of Victorian Court with Contractors leaving the site .

Attempted to protect nesting Swans on footpath near Island Lodge , Council Officers erected signage .

Passed on suggestion for markings on Kirklees Trial for Cyclists to alert pedestrians on approaching ( As in Nuttall  Park  )

Passed a suggestion to Council Officers for renaming of particular roads .

Other Issues

I repainted my stones on the “ Snake” and encouraged others (on social media)  to do the same .
Greenmount Bird Sanctuary is in the process of planning to reopen in the future with new Trustees now in place .
Need to spread the word to please do not NOT feed horses , this can kill  !

Good to see a new group The Sunnywood Project is becoming popular . Please look at their website for many fun outdoor challenging activities for all ages.

Hoping to soon have details of incidents of crimes in the area which are usually circulated to Neighbourhood Watch groups . I can circulate and warn residents what’s happening in the area.

New street lighting is to be replaced on Bank Street.

Tottingon Councillors banners to encourage residents to shop local were well received and its working !
When in Bury Town Centre do support our market too, all are independent traders who help put our town on the map.
Working on trying  to find a venue for activities for teenagers…not easy !


Online meetings continue , I will be glad when we get back to meeting face to face .
I have took part in numerous meetings ;

Age Uk
Scobell St issues
Various Fundraising Meetings .

After serving on the Board of The Blind Society I have resigned, however I will continue to volunteer at some events.
I have become a Board Member this week of a new CIC (not for profit organisation)  supporting wellbeing and mental health .The Big Fandango will be opening premises in Bury Town Centre soon and I am looking forward to fundraising for this worthy
cause .

I am working with members of Tottingon Con Club to organise community events to ensure the club is sustainable.
I hope to sell books from the library on an outdoor book stall on Thursday afternoons on Market St .

As always any problems do get in touch .


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