Hope – Update from Yvonne

Blog Update March 2021

“HOPE” after lockdown is now very much on the horizon and fingers crossed the plans for unlocking fully are on course for June.

The work of a Ward Councillor is very varied from attending meetings, working with local groups, organisations and charities and of course the all important casework to improve life for residents in our Ward.

In January black ice reported in several locations where water is constantly present , these issues are never easy to resolve but Council Officer and  UU  are aware of the problems on Turton Road and Chapel St , ongoing .
Over flowing dog bins reported and sorted promptly.

More accidents on Bradshaw Road  reported .New / improved signage requested and agreed .
I have assisted several people re Grants for the self employed , some successful .

On behalf of an elderly resident I requested an exchange for a smaller grey bin, sorted within 24 hours with no charge .
A flurry of missed bin collections in various areas including Affetside and Bury Road, eventually resolved.

It’s been a very busy few weeks with Casework in the Ward and here are some of the issues I have dealt with;

  • Reported dumped tyres is ongoing.
  • Various incidents  with floods when heavy rain reported and Officers attended.
  • Request for gully cleaning on Turton Road and Harwood Road.
  • Request for tidy up of grassed area facing Carmellos, completed.
  • Footpath No 19 at Bottoms Hall, closed at present , ongoing.
  • Fly tipping near the Lines / Kirklees St, reported and removed.
  • Flooding in rear gardens on Moorside Road reported inspected and ongoing .
  • Request for information on affordable housing ,supplied.
  • A “problematic” tree has been reduced in size.
    Other Matters …..which Matter !

The fight to save the Greenbelt in Walshaw and beyond continues,  I  am 100% supportive of the work of the campaign group Bury Folk. Several  of the Committee members leading almost 10.000 supporters live in our Ward and I am very proud of all their sterling work and amazing commitment to save the land at Walshaw from development.It’s a fact we need more houses BUT not at the expense of our precious greenbelt , Brownfield first with small starter homes is I believe what out town needs .

TOTTINGTON Cllrs supplied banners to encourage residents to shop local in the village and received thousands of positive responses on social media  .
Informed of a new facility for Townsmeadow Park  “ Active Floor Image “ . The Council informed me “the aim is to create more opportunity for movement in a fun way by providing visual nudges” are you any wiser ?Me neither but understand this facility is to be in many Bury Parks.

A Boundary Review is taking place and in our case the intention is to increase the size of the Ward by a few hundred  but unclear which side of the Ward  as yet the “Newcomers “will come from .

Volunteers from TOTTINGTON Ward have worked many sessions at the vaccine Centre at The Elizabethan Suite and have explained to me the dedication of all involved .Our thanks to Totty folk for giving their time week in and week out to help get us out of lockdown.

After being approached by a young mum who suggested a new crossing in the vicinity of the new petrol station on Market St , we launched an online petition . We have requested a crossing on several occasions over the years  but it’s always refused .At a recent Council Budget Meeting  ,the Conservative Group Leader announced in our Budget proposals for the new crossing for Tottington  IF our Group takeover the Council in May !

Tottington Councillors have donated  the majority of our Community Cllrs Budget to a new CIC ( a not for profit organisation ) operated by volunteers to open in Bury Town Centre in Spring .The Big Fandango will serve the whole borough helping those struggling with their mental health.

I aim to bring my fundraising skills to raise ongoing funds for this much needed facility .
Rebecca Jackson who lost her daughter ( who was a pupil at Tottington High)  to suicide has the lived experience and will bring much to this new organisation .The Big Fandango will be a multi functional facility with art based activities,meeting rooms and drop in sessions for anyone who needs help with their mental health .

The TOTTINGTON Centre is open for books on Click and Collect from 15 th March and hopefully will move to Grab and Go on April 12 th .There is a new counter with Screens.

Takeaway food continues from Kelly Ann proprietor of the Tea Rooms 07971012204.

Let’s hope all the community events can take place this summer , I will be helping with events at The Con Club  using the Bowling Green when allowed .Am available to help others too so please contact me.

Congratulations to my Ward Colleague Iain Gartside who is now the President of St John’s Cricket Club. The work is complete on their new steps from The Lines and looks  great. Let’s hope Tottington’s Big Day Out can happen this year.

My work supporting Bury Market Traders continues and hope the Council embark on regeneration to ensure this remains a jewel in Bury’s Crown plus a big source of income bringing in 2.6 million a year.

Bury is to receive 100 young trees to be planted as part of the  Duke of Edinburgh Award and the Dukes 100 th birthday . If you have land to plant some of these trees please contact me for more details .

Walking down the Lines you will notice how cruel the winter wet  weather has been to “The Snake “ and so disappointing after all those weeks  of hard work from the Volunteers and the cost which was  funded by the Council that it has sadly deteriorated.When it stops raining I aim to repaint mine  and invite others to give their stones a spruce up too for Spring, so again it can be an interesting focal point when walking down the Lines and a positive memory from lockdown 2020 .

Good luck to all businesses existing  or new preparing for opening and  especially all in the hospitality business . What a clever name for the new barbara at Leemans Hill in the former post office premises ….First Class Male !


Since my last Blog I have attended Licensing Meetings and did express my concerns at Licensees presently being asked to pay the Hospitality  License.

I have attended the Budget Council Meeting
Group Meetings
Standards Committee Meetings
Blind Society Board Meetings
Blind Society Event Meetings
All meetings online .
Fingers crossed that the vaccinations continue and life can start to get back to normal from June.

Do contact me with any issues of concern:
0776 2116 437

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