Update from Yvonne

Hoping you all made the best of Christmas 2020 and I truly hope this is a much better year for us all !

Sadly again we have lockdown measures but when we come out of this,  I am keen to bring my fundraising skills to help any organisation / community facility in the Ward  with events …. have already offered my services to a couple to help raise funds … please do contact me …. so we can talk / zoom and plan for better times on the horizon !

All Council meetings continue online  as do the meetings with charities which  I am involved.

The Council meeting In November to vote on The GMSF was cancelled due to Stockport Council voting against the plan . Complaint regarding the condition of Mill St reported , inspected and unfortunately unresolved to residents satisfaction. Bury Folk the campaign  group continue to put pressure on Bury  Council to drop the plan to destroy our precious Greenbelt, however the future with regards to the GMSF is far from clear at present .

The Ramsbottom and Tottington Support Group for Bury Hospice which I Chair, hired the free Charity stall on Bury open Market in December to raise funds for the Hospice, the weather was shocking but the stall was a success selling donated items and Bury shoppers were as usual very generous.

There has been much on social media regarding low level crime around  many areas including Boothway . The Police advise that anyone subject to an incident report it to 101 with descriptions and names.

Unfortunately vandalism has taken place at Walshaw Sports Club over the Christmas holidays costing well over a thousand  pounds. I have discussed ways forward with representatives of the club . Anyone with information regarding those responsible for the vandalism again do report and ring 101.

Since my last blog my casework has been busy and varied :
* Site visit re problematic tree on land understood to be Council owned – ongoing
* Passed on advice re grants to publicans.
* Missed bin collections reported and sorted !
* Reported 7 street lights out in Tottington village .
* Requests for safer crossing near new Petrol station , no funding available  but ongoing .
* Ongoing issue over several years for individual resident on Brookwater Close now thankfully resolved .
* Fixed penalty notice enquiry resolved.

Prompt service received from Council Officers to grit pavement near St Anne’s Church and repairs to stop running water ongoing.

Again requested vehicle activated sign on Turton Road is repaired. Supporting residents on Bradshaw Road for traffic calming measures , several accidents over the past few weeks, ongoing.

My support for Bury Market Traders continues . It’s now almost two years since I was first approached by a Tottington resident to help Traders  have a voice for fairer rents . Now with  Covid many non food business are suffering . I submitted a plan for regenerating the market well over a year ago which fell on deaf ears .In early December I shadowed Traders for a full day to see for myself the footfall. A week later a colleague did the same.

I then requested that Senior Officers undertake an urgent rent review before we lose more traders and the market declines .

Obviously The Tottington Centre will not reopen yet but hopefully in a few weeks the Click  and Collect service can recommence. If you wish to support the Centre please consider joining the 100 club with a chance to win cash too each month .For details please contact


The highlight of this unusual Christmas for me was coordinating the Secret Santa Scheme …. appealing on social media for Christmas gifts for those living in residential homes in the Ward resulted in 135 gifts in total The generosity of so many people in the area buying gifts was heartwarming.

Together we provided gifts for 3 homes for the elderly ,1 for residents with brain damage and another for residents with severe mental illness .My thanks to all involved , we made a difference particularly to those with no relatives.

Things can surely only get better.

My Best Wishes
Cllr Yvonne  Wright

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