Yvonne’s Blog Update

Hope you are coping with our second lockdown, fingers crossed for an easing up before Christmas.

Before I give my usual updates ,I must mention the most pressing issue of all,  the upcoming vote on the proposals to build 1250 homes on our Greenbelt land in Walshaw and other areas in Bury .
All Councillors in Greater Manchester will have a vote and ours at Bury Council will take place at 7 pm Wednesday 25th November at a full Council Meeting .This meeting will be live streamed ,you can check the Councils website for details.
Myself and Tottington colleagues Iain and Greg plus all our Conservative colleagues will be voting AGAINST these proposals .
We are very concerned that it appears the controlling Labour Group are supportive of the GMSF.
As a member of the campaign group Bury Folk , I understand that there could be a legal challenge if this is voted through .Presently Bury Folk are asking residents to help donate to their fighting fund. For further information please check this out on Bury Folk Facebook page.


It’s been a busy few weeks, a sample of issues .

Request for road markings reinstated in several area including Turton Road and Walshaw Park – some earmarked for completion ,others no budget available .
Flooding concerns – several areas ,ongoing .
Requested gully cleaning – completed Bury Road , work in process Turton Road .
Reported Dog bins overflowing on the Lines .
Green caddy bags now only available by putting a note / yellow tag on your brown bins, unfortunately no longer available at the library .
Request for traffic calming on Turton Road – informed stats do not justify any measures .
Request for safer spaces for cycling and walking – passed to relevant Officer for comment .
Request for traffic calming measures  for Holcombe Rd and Royd St – ongoing .
Brookwater Close, long standing work commenced on flooding issues.
Enquires for grants for the self employed during lockdown – information passed on.
Clarity required for private members club opening during lockdown  – not allowed to open .
Bradshaw Road concerns re traffic issues – ongoing .
Anti social behaviour Church St – information passed on .
Request for bushes cutting back on public right of way – ongoing
Request for tree cutting back – refused as not on Council land
Scramble bikes on the Lines – reported
Complaint  misuse of fireworks and impact  on animals -signed petition .
Street lights out in several locations : Sunnybower repaired. Harwood Road ongoing with UU . Bradshaw Road ongoing .
Planning complaint regarding process and procedures  – ongoing .
Request for Six Town Housing Tenant flat move – Result and a happy tenant !


Dorothy at Pets in Need Turton Road ( 07833 192779 ) is looking for a middle aged small dog which needs a new home  for a lady whose pooch has passed away .
Be vigilant  …suspicious activity in Affetside a couple of weeks ago  …..lock  up your property !
The Tottington Centre had to temporarily shut again but will be open as soon as possible with the click and collect service .Do check out the new website catalogue and order form  www.tottingtoncentre.co.uk/catalogue
Plans for more fundraising / community events at The Con Club ,Royds St had to be postponed .
I suggested Bury Market Management re introduce a FREE Charity Stall . Agreed and first to book it , Tottingtons Knit and Natter Group . These creative ladies raised over £210 split between the Hospice and Tottington Centre and then went on to  further sales  via social media …well done girls !

I also booked the stall for this week to raise funds for the Hospice but now postponed until the market reopens .
I continue to support Market Traders for a fairer rent deal .
Have you noticed the second memorial bench in the Ward which was installed at Walshaw last week . A third is on the way for Affetside early in the new year.Very well received by residents .
Our grateful thanks to the Tottington businessman who transformed these Council benches  for our area . He wishes to remain anonymous.

I am playing a small part in networking to help start up funding for a new charity to be established in Bury which will serve the whole borough and those struggling with their mental health. More about the The Big Fandango and those involved in my next blog .
Many commented positively on the lamppost poppies display Tottington Cllrs organised in Tottington Centre ,Walshaw and Affetside .
We laid our poppy wreaths at Tottington  and Walshaw last Saturday avoiding Sunday on advice from the Council .

Meetings continue but online .
I have taken part in several fundraising meeting at The Blind Society and a Christmas Catalogue has been launched to raise funds. Please see the link below to purchase items and support Bury Blind Society:

Christmas Catalogue: https://www.buryblindsociety.org/uploads/file/bbs_christmas_catalogue.pdf

Order Form: https://www.buryblindsociety.org/uploads/file/bbs_order_form.doc

Also Board Meetings and the AGM at The Blind Society.
Licensing Meetings
Fundraising Meeting at Age uk
Group Meetings with my colleagues 
Also due to live streaming I can observe other Council meetings.

Should residents of Tottington Walshaw and Affetside require any Council related help please contact me  .

0776 2116 437

p.s. One for my memoirs happened just yesterday on the phone  …..
“Can you help me with a problem” …..I will try says I ….” It’s my Talk Talk connection it’s been down for 2 MONTHS  and I thought they would listen to you ….a tad out of my remit says I !

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