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Hope you are coping through these strange times we are all living .It’s many  weeks since my last update when I hoped that by now life would slowly be returning to some kind of normality, alas no ……but regardless I am still busy with meetings and casework.

Meetings mainly are still online and although we are all used to it I much prefer meetings in person .
I have taken part in Full Council Meetings,Licensing Meetings and  Board and Fundraising Meetings at The Blind Society.
I attended several meetings to organise The Big Sunday Sale last month on the bowling green at Tottington Conservative Club.
Despite wet weather the event which was well organised with all necessary precautions in place was a success and funds were raised for Bury Hospice and Bury Blind Society.
 More events are planned for the future to draw the community to the club and I am happy to help bring my fundraising experience to organise events.

The Tottington Snake on the Lines is nearing completion with local volunteers having played a tremendous part for many weeks  in preparing and also assisting the workmen  each day who are concreting the painted stones in. The Mayor of Bury will visit the “ Snake” in due course when present circumstances with Covid improve .

The Totty Snake on the Kirklees Trail

The library has limited opening hours on Monday  Wednesday and Thursday  2-5 pm and Saturday 10.30- Noon.

Some of the casework issues I have dealt with over recent weeks are :

Requests for hot food delivery for the housebound.
Assistance with rehousing .
Street lighting repairs are required on Harwood Road and Tottington Road both on going.
Concerning flooding issues in various parts of the Ward ,Brookwater Close ,Turton Road, Mill St and  Sunnybower St.
Complaints regarding speeding traffic on Bury Road reported  but no changes to be made.
Two Enforcement issues reported ,ongoing.
Complaint received regarding Planning process ongoing .
Complaint passed on for paths clearing on Wesley Street.
Request for improved  access for mobility scooters to flats on Wesley St.

Over the past few weeks I have received mails asking for my views on the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework and specifically the plans to build on Greenbelt land in Walshaw. There is to be a special Council Meeting on 21 st October when all 51 Councillors will have a vote on the revised GMSF .
My position is clear , I consider this THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE in my 20 years as one of your Councillors and I will be voting AGAINST !
We do need more housing  and in particular 1 and 2 bedroom starter homes so young people can get on the housing ladder but these should be built on brownfield sites and NOT precious Greenbelt land .

Should you need help with any issue don’t hesitate to get in touch…… hoping for better times on the horizon for us all.

12th Sept 2020
0776 2116 437

One thought on “Blog Update

  1. Re update of the snake ,
    As much as the snake looks good I have never seen a straight snake , surely it should have been concreted in curvy position as they slither.
    As the reason for concreting them is because a minority of youths keep dislodging them with bicycles then I strongly think that the suggestion of placing picnic tables opposite is a bad idea as the youths will just congregate causing damage to those aswell .
    Over the last few years we have had problems with youths drinking ,dropping litter ,burning waste bins (which have now been removed) also damaging vehicles and road signs, not to mention burning the surface of the ball park thus causing considerable cost .


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