Update from Yvonne

Update from Yvonne

Hope this update finds you well ,looking forward to the future and getting your life back on track.

As we come out of Lockdown and are now on the path back to life as we know it , I want to thank you for your patience and understanding over the past weeks as responses on your issues from Council Officers have taken longer than usual.

I hope you found some positives during the weeks of being lockdown ,whether you were walking more or using your time productively , I was eating too much!!! ….. but  have thoroughly enjoyed having lots of time to be creative in many ways as a big decorating makeover project on at home…..cushions…curtains…pictures,  have really enjoyed  it without clock watching !

Firstly I must mention the terrific Totty Snake project on the Lines.Started on 9 th May by local dad and Council Officer Marco and his children who placed painted stones at the section of the Lines behind TOTTINGTON High School .At the time of writing there are over 3000 painted stones stretching over 200 metres and it’s growing ! When you see it do remember this was created at a very dark time for all of us with the pandemic at its height and very many losing their life , yet local children and adults created these little very varied works of art.
The Totty Snake makes you smile…it’s uplifting and heartwarming and I want to thank all children and adults who have contributed ….it’s really great !
It has its own group of Volunteers led by Angie , Julie is a regular too and I know both ladies from  volunteering at the library .Angie has composed poems about the snake and publicised this new attraction on BBC radio earlier this week.A local man is to make a film of it and a website is presently being put together.Lots of ideas coming forward to enhance the Lines too .

The Volunteers have spent hours cleaning, and are constantly re arranging and tidying the stones and receive lots of support every day from users on the Lines .
Good news ! I have gained permission from the Council to be able to make this display permanent by setting it in concrete and glaze with resin to preserve .There will also be a sign erected at the start explaining when this was created .
Quotes are being sought presently and funding  will come from your TOTTINGTON Cllrs annual budget and the Council will also contribute.
There are now 10 snakes in Bury…. but The Totty Snake is by far the longest …it’s quite amazing….and yes I have contributed 3 stones myself…it’s not too late to add yours .

Casework since my last Update .

Dog fouling complaints on Boothway
Flooding issue in Affetside
Ongoing flooding issue on Brookwater Close
Requested new street sign for South Royd St
Land Ownership enquiries
Giant Hogweed on the Lines reported
Crack in viaduct at Island Lodge reported for inspection .
Query re water levels at Little Carcuss…confirmed ok
Noisy fan at takeaway disturbing neighbours
Street lights out in Affetside reported.
Arranging shopping for elderly residents through the Council Hub
Caddy bags requested
Non bin pick ups reported.

Other Issues

A planning application for 3 dwellings on Greenbelt land in Affetside has been refused.

Planning another memorial bench funded by Cllrs allowance for Walshaw .

Have given time and support ongoing over the past 16 months assisting Bury Market Traders …ongoing.

Pleasure to support Bury West and TOTTINGTON Rotary in their project to refurbish Whitehead Gardens .

Received lots of correspondence on national issues which as a local Cllrs we have no say and not in a position to influence so suggested residents contact James Daly MP.

Reassured residents that our Booby Peel statue and Peel Tower are safe !

Promoting a fabulous idea rolled out last year at the fete at the Library , now taken on by the scouts , The TOTTINGTON Scarecrow Festival Competition  from 3 rd to 5 th July …those wishing to participate contact. tottyscarecrows@hotmail.com


Totty Con Club is having a make over and will be opening again as soon as possible with the biggest beer garden in Bury and great beer too ! I am to join their newly established fundraising committee and keen to help organise events to draw more people in to use this great community facility .

With their permission I passed names of those who volunteered for my scheme “Phone a Friend “ to AgeUk as  they had people waiting for a friend on the phone whereas our demand in TOTTINGTON was low .Those I did match up are doing a great job and as one lady said …..” It has been a pleasure to get to know this gent “ .When possible I will arrange a meet up for us all.I myself am ringing an amazing lady each week ….shopping cleaning and cutting her own lawns at 86 !


Council Meetings ,Licensing Meetings and  Board  Meetings /Fundraising Meetings of The Blind Society recommenced some weeks ago , of course all online.

If you have any issues you want help with ,don’t hesitate to contact me

My Best Wishes


19 th June 2020

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