Bin Collection Update.


Dear Residents,

Please find below an update on Bury Brown Bin Collections and an update from GMCA on Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs).

Brown Bin Collections

On Friday 3rd April the Council suspended brown bin collections to focus on emptying all other colour bins over that period. This week we have noticed that we now may have enough staff to resume some brown bin collections, though we are not able to stick to the normal schedule for these. If staff levels fall throughout the coming days/weeks then again we will have to suspend the brown bin collections indefinitely to focus on completing the rest of the scheduled collections of the other bins (grey, green and blue), so all residents may not get a collection.

They have started today (Monday 6th April) with 3 brown bin rounds that would have been normally emptied tomorrow and were the first to be cancelled on the 24th March. These rounds are shown by the maps attached to this email. We will then continue day by day to mobilise as many brown bin rounds as they possibly can each day (subject to staff levels). These collections will no doubt fall behind the original schedule so it may will take us longer than 2 weeks to complete everyone’s brown bin collection or if the staffing situation worsens, we will may not be able to complete all brown bin collections.

The Council will let residents know the day before we are due to empty their brown bin using our email alert system. This email alert system is our best way to communicate with residents and therefore it would be very beneficial to push this service as if the Waste Collection Service has to make any changes in the coming weeks these subscribers will be kept up to date. To sign up for email alerts use the website, this will then ask the resident to search for their address, once they have selected their address there will be a box asking for an email address. Once the resident enters this and presses the “Sign up for email alerts” button they will then be subscribed.

Once residents brown bins have been emptied, this will be their last collection until further notice and they will be advised to place food waste into their grey bin accordingly.

A daily update will be provided on the status of these collections and will also be emailing residents as/when applicable with information regarding their collections.

Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs)

 The following message provides an update regarding the closure of the HWRCs:

The sites closed on 24th March on the basis of not complying with the Government guidance on essential reasons to leave the house. The position from all other local authorities nationally is currently for recycling centres to be closed for the foreseeable future pending review of the lockdown restrictions. National waste industry guidance is also recommending sites remain closed during the lockdown period. Those authorities that kept sites open after the initial lockdown announcement on 23rd March have subsequently closed their sites due to visitor numbers, queuing and gatherings of people occurring.

The GMCA is working with Suez (site operator) on the development of a reopening plan should a decision be made to lift movement restrictions in the future.   The operation of the sites would need to be on the basis of maintaining social distancing for staff and site users by restricting the number of vehicles on site at any one time. While Suez will be able to manage the onsite operations, they will not be able to control the numbers of residents seeking to access the sites and the control measures will result in offsite queuing on the highway and the potential for social interaction. Most of the sites do not have long access roads so queues will quickly develop. To give an indication of potential visitor numbers, over the weekend prior to the closures there were 46,000 vehicle visits to the 20 sites. If similar visitor numbers are experienced then there will be long wait times with the social distancing measures in place on site.  All bordering authorities sites remain closed so we may also attract out of area residents to our sites on the border with Wigan/Cheshire etc. Other issues will be queues affecting district waste collection vehicles being able to access the main waste reception facilities to tip off which will affect collection rounds and queues affecting access for Suez vehicles to empty containers on the recycling sites to maintain capacity. Management of offsite highways issues will be critical in minimising the impact.

Once finalised the plan will be shared with GMP/districts for review in order to determine the resources that will be required to manage the offsite impacts. The plan will also look at options on whether to open all sites or a selection and on the range of materials to be accepted likely to be reduced to minimise the time site users spend on site.

Best Wishes

Iain Gartside, Yvonne Wright & Greg Keeley

Councillors for Tottington, Walshaw and Affetside

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