Phone A Friend Update.

Dear residents,
Firstly did anyone tell you today that you are a fabulous person with a kind heart ? ….well you are and I am telling you !

THANK YOU very much for offering a little of your time to phone someone in need of the informal friendly service which I am in the process of setting up. When responding do please let me know what your e-mail address is (if you have one) as I have received some telephone messages from volunteers who have not provided them.

A call every other day just to check on welfare and to chat ,to fill up some time which is the one thing we all have more of at present.

One of our group suggested that each individual caller should set up a password to give a little reassurance to the person you are calling…so in due course ,when I can find you a buddy to call ,  can I suggest that you sort this yourself.

I maybe if there is a big demand be coordinating  with Jane Lees a staff member at Age uk ( The Jubilee Centre at Walmersley ) who is also organising a similar scheme .

I already have  connections with the Jubilee Centre as I am a member of a fundraising committee there.

If anyone does NOT wish me to pass on your contact details to Jane ,PLEASE INFORM ME.

There are almost 40 volunteers in our group and Age uk also have 25 all waiting to be matched with someone who needs us.

On Wednesday I delivered/ distributed 100 flyers to specific areas where I know the elderly live in TOTTINGTON and also left flyers in  some village shops.

To date no one has called me and Age uk have the same issue…but we feel this may change in time .

However maybe you could help by networking  with your friends on social media or by phone asking around to try and identify people who I can contact….if you have a name and the road the person lives on, with my council contacts I can find the precise postal address and write to the individuals explaining our scheme.

I did try to mail several of you earlier this week but unfortunately had problems with my network provider and all mails bounced back.

I will be back in touch as soon as I have someone for you to call.

All my best wishes that we all get through this doing our little bit to help those in need.

Yvonne Wright
01706 82 3536

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