Coronavirus Update


Dear Residents,

Should we need to move to the more serious stage, I am looking for volunteers to chat on the phone and become a buddy  “Phone a Friend “ to those who live alone In Tottington Walshaw and Affetside .
To reduce the risk of feeling isolated the elderly who live alone and have to self isolate will need a friend even more to chat and check on their welfare.
If you could help and spare a few minutes every couple of days to chat on the
phone ,please contact me with your name, address and the telephone number you wish to use for the scheme.
My aim would be to partner you up with a person who lives in your area… if you are willing to befriend more than one person please state this.

Please contact me on 0776 2116 437

Cllr Yvonne Wright

Councillor for Tottington, Walshaw and Affetside

P.S  On a different matter, please see the link below to a poster advertising for volunteers to help secure the heritage of Tottington St John’s Free Church.

Poster 130320

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