Flooding at Stormer Hill Update

Dear Residents,

We have recently been in contact with Bury Council’s engineers who are currently working to fix the flooding problems at Stormer Hill, Tottington.  Please see the latest update we have recently received from them below with the associated pictures.

Best Wishes

Iain Gartside, Yvonne Wright and Greg Keeley

Councillors for Totiington, Walshaw and Affetside


“Following numerous attempts at clearing what was thought to be a recurring blockage to the culvert due to detritus and leaves from the park, we did, in fact, undertake a more thorough investigation into the reasons for its continual recurrence.

CCTV surveys have revealed that there were 6 BT ducts running perpendicularly across the culvert, thereby significantly restricting the flow and leading directly to the continual blockage. The delay in resolving this is due to the necessity to firstly prove that it was BT ducts causing the problem and then waiting for them to correct it as we cannot undertake repairs to statutory undertakers’ apparatus ourselves.

Unfortunately, once on-site to remove the BT ducts, we have discovered that there are also 2 electricity ducts in the bottom of the culvert which require removal before a repair can be undertaken to restore flows to the culvert. The excavation has been temporarily backfilled whilst we await the arrival on site of Electricity Northwest’s contractors to remove their ducts. Repair and reinstatement works will be undertaken with all costs reclaimed from the utility companies

I have included photos to illustrate the problem. The first shows the BT ducts identified during our investigations, the second shows the diverted ducts which will now sit above the culvert. The third shows the red ENW ducts which we are awaiting action on. Unfortunately, the ENW ducts were buried and not visible until attempting repair works following the removal of BT ducts.

BT ducts prior to removal (1)
1 ) BT ducts identified during the engineers investigations.
BT ducts (2)
2) The diverted ducts which will now sit above the culvert.
BT ducts prior to removal (1)
3) The red ENW ducts which the engineers are awaiting action on.

We don’t believe there will be any long term effects on the culvert, which appears in good condition, once all the obstructions are removed. I appreciate the frustrations that this is taking time to resolve, but we are reliant on the goodwill of the utility companies to expedite the process.”








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