Yvonne’s Blog Update

BLOG UPDATE FROM YVONNE 23rd February 2020

The recent flooding has hit areas of the Ward but Council Officers have informed us that the flooding thankfully has not been as bad as previous storms. I had a report from the higher end of Harwood Road regarding many blocked grids. Do contact us if you experience flooding and we will do all we can to assist you. There have been problems with flooding and sewage spillage on Mill St.  I have reported this to a Council officer who will visit this.

My colleague Iain will add any important updates from the Council re flooding to our blog,

 I have had a very busy month and am dealing with lots of casework. I have many issues waiting for action and unfortunately, the wheels of local government often move slowly. Some issues are listed below…..

TREES- on behalf of residents at Victoria Court I made a request LAST SUMMER for the trees to be pruned and lowered. I am hopeful that this will take place in the next week.

Last year I made a request to the Police on behalf of a resident for speed gun sessions on Turton Road.  Again I have received complaints from concerned residents regarding speeding and I am waiting for a response from the Police.

I have again reported water cascading across Turton Road on the bend. The water is now affecting a resident’s property and Officers have agreed to a dye test to determine where it’s seeping in.

Good news that my request for repairs to the highway on High Street Walshaw have resulted in some resurfacing. Contact me if you think an area needs inspection by Council Officers.

After residents requested it, the yellow lines at the top of Brookwater Close are to be extended to stop inconsiderate parking.

I often also deal with issues outside and on the perimeter of the Ward, this week the missing street light outside Tesco at Woolfold in Elton Ward which I have reported.

We have repeatedly asked for an update on the issue of the running water issue on Brookwater Close and nothing has been forthcoming but we will push yet again.

I received an enquiry re possible new Bridleways on approaching Old Kays Park.

On the subject of Old Kays, members of Tottington Civic Society have complained to the Council regarding the constant deluge of water on Holcombe Road from Old Kays Park. I endorsed their complaint as I have myself reported this many times to no avail. It is an unacceptable situation and very concerning and dangerous too when the temperatures drop and the road and pavement become treacherous.

Several residents complained regarding the delays caused by temporary lights (due to road repairs) in the centre of Tottington. They were sent a full explanation from Council Officers.

Complaints regarding the unsightly trees and untidy area in the centre of the walkways on Boothway will result in Tottington Cllrs being involved in a clean up as soon as the weather settles

Reported the very poor waterlogged state of Leigh Lane near Diggle Lane and the Council are to take action.

A bus stop is to be moved a short distance on Walshaw Road.

Did you know that you can receive “Bin Notifications” by email from the Council reminding you of your bin days and you can request this on line. Do contact me  If you know of anyone struggling with putting their bins out I can arrange an assisted bin service for elderly and disabled residents.

I have attended both a Board Meeting of the Blind Society and an Events Planning Meeting.

I am supporting an event organised by the Tottington and Ramsbottom NSPCC group to raise funds

I have attended 2 Meetings which I am Chair of The Ramsbottom and Tottington Support Group for Bury Hospice and busy planning our first event of the year, a Fun Gardeners Question Time on March 20th with a 2 course supper at £15 a ticket. Do contact me for tickets.

Gardners Pic 23.2.20

Our group will also have a stall at Greenmount Village Day on 8th May Bank Holiday raising funds for the Hospice.

I am also selling tickets for the annual Blind Society Fun Quiz Night on March 6th. Again do contact me for a ticket. Its £5 each which includes a sandwich supper.

I volunteered for Valentines Gift Wrapping in Tesco last week for the Blind Society. It’s heart-warming how generous shoppers were and yes many from our Ward too. A successful event and I assume we will also be back for Father’s Day gift wrapping.

Blind Soc tea Pic

I attended a lively Council Meeting late January.

Yes even in this terrible weather we are out campaigning for the forthcoming May Elections. Our Group meetings are regular and this week we have the Budget Council Meeting regarding the Council Tax!

I have attended 2 fundraising meetings at The Jubilee Centre and am looking forward to being part of planning a very big but challenging event next year to raise funds for the Centre which is a facility for the over 55’s in the whole of the borough.

The last of our Councillors discretionary budget has been spent with contributions to Walshaw Sports Club to support their wartime themed event on Bank holiday 8th May raising funds for Help the Heroes. Also for plants for the small are of garden near the cenotaph which is now being looked after by the Suicide Support Group. It’s another project for the local families who have lost someone to work on and an area dedicated to their loved ones.

Last year I was asked to meet a Manchester Council Officer to hopefully receive an Award for Tottington that we are “Age Friendly”. They needed to know what activities are available for seniors in our Ward to reduce isolation and loneliness. I was confident and yes correct… that we would receive an award and we did a couple of weeks ago.

23 Feb Pic

The photo includes Tottington residents Mike Cliffe, a member of the committee at the Library and Jillian Percival who leads the local Knit and Natter Group. You may also now notice stickers displayed at local churches to say we are “Age Friendly”. We are all aware that our Ward has so much to offer…all churches have many activities, the bowling club, pubs and lots of activities at The Tottington Centre too plus lovely walking areas too. Bury’s Biggest Book Sale is on again at the library on March 7th and 8th. The Tea Rooms will be open too serving lots of tasty food.

Bury now has a Climate Action Group meeting regularly in Bury Town Centre.

Have you noticed the two new dog bins Booth St/ Market St ?

Bury Folk are still very active on social media and I recently sent on comments to the Council regarding the housing survey which random households received. Many found it asked irrelevant questions to discover our housing needs and some thought it intrusive questioning about income. The reply I received is to be circulated by Bury Folk who have a great interest in the survey.

A group of local ladies who hold their Knit and Natter Group at the Tottington Centre have raised so much money selling their knitted items that this week they are recognised with a heart on the Hospice Wall…well done ladies !

 If you need to speak to me in person, do remember I am at the Tottington Centre every Thursday and happy to try and help you with any issues of concern.

Cllr Yvonne Wright 

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