Flooding Update

Dear Residents of Tottington, Walshaw and Affetside,

We understand from the Bury Council and the Environment Agency that river levels have peaked and are starting to come down.   However, Environment Agency flood warnings remain in place as a precaution but the flood risk is rapidly reducing.

In Tottington, we have been informed by Council officers that operational teams have been out today and have been working on a overflowing culvert in Harwood Road.  If you are aware of any other problems in our area that the Council have not addressed today then please let us know.

More showers are due overnight but these will be less intense with river levels continuing to fall overnight.

Environment Agency and council teams have been working throughout the weekend and will continue overnight monitoring river levels and implementing a clean-up operation of debris and clearing fallen trees.

While the rain is now reducing strong winds will continue through to Wednesday morning with gusts of 40-50mph.

The current situation in the Borough of Bury is as follows.

-River levels are visually reducing although water levels remain high.

–      13 households from the Warth area have had to move out of their homes.

–      Castle Leisure Centre remains closed to the public and a rest centre is open at Castle Leisure Centre for any families that need a place to stay.  Pets can also be accommodated.

–      Electricity NW are assessing the sub-stations at Warth and Ramsbottom and an update is awaited.  If the power supply has to be turned off homes may need to be evacuated.

–      In Ramsbottom Nuttall Park has flooded but we are not aware of any homes that have been significantly affected.

–      Residents are advised to avoid Nuttall Park in Ramsbottom and Close Park in Radcliffe as both have been flooded.

–      No trains are operating in and out of Manchester and services are likely to be interrupted into tomorrow.  Advice to residents is to follow https://twitter.com/OfficialTfGM  for travel updates.


Very Best Wishes and please stay safe!

Iain, Yvonne and Greg.

Councillors for Tottington, Walshaw and Affetside




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