All good wishes for 2020 !

I am now back in the swing after the Christmas break and full of enthusiasm for the year ahead.

Firstly my thanks for all the support in the General Election for my colleague James Daly. He won by just 105 votes, the smallest majority in the country, so your votes for him certainly made all the difference. After 8 hours and 2 recounts in the Leisure Centre, I was glad to get home!

Big issues in the borough and importantly our Ward are still with us and the fight continues to protect our precious Green Belt.  The financial state of Council finances is concerning but as opposition members’ this is not in our control.


Some of the issues I have dealt with over the past weeks since my last post:

* Potholes !  Some success in Affetside and Pendle Close but others waiting for inspection on High Street (Contact me if inspections needed in the Ward)

* Requested an update on the Brookwater /Calderwood water on the highway etc issue.

* Again requested the cutting back of trees on Victoria Close.

* Reported missed bin collections (contact me if you have a problem)

* Passed on comments re the cost of Environmental Health request for service for the problem of rats present. £75 for 3 visits.

* Severe damp in a Housing Association property.

* Enquiries re land ownership when not Council owned.

Residents are advised to enquire themselves to the Land Registry, there is a fee.

* Moving by 5 ft, a bus stop to allow access for off road parking.

I attended a Blind Society Events Meeting, planning fundraising events for this year. If you enjoy FUN quizzes join ours on Friday 6th March at Elton Liberal Club, tickets £5 includes supper teams of 4. Please contact me for tickets.

I attended a Group Meeting in preparation for full Council meeting this week.

This week I am chairing a meeting of the Ramsbottom and Tottington Support Group for Bury Hospice and organising 2 fundraising events in spring, details in my next update.

Another 2 day book sale coming soon at the library, details in my next update.

Good to see the new street sign on Market St facing the vets….need one on your road ??? Do contact me.

Market St Picture


The 2 new dog poo bins will be in place imminently.

I popped into the Robin Hood on Wednesday lunch to chat with John who organises Dementia support group social meetings each Wednesday for those in the area with dementia and their family and Carers. All welcome for lunch, chat and entertainment some weeks.

Very pleased that Council Officers agreed to my request to allow Rebecca Jackson( who leads on the support group for those who have lost someone to suicide with meetings in the library twice monthly) to take over the maintenance of the small area of land where the Christmas tree is planted near the cenotaph.

The Christmas tree gave comfort to those local family members who after the torch light walk on 9th December were able to display decorations.  Now the group aim to use it throughout the year with an Easter display in April.

If you wish to speak to me on any matter, I am in the library each Thursday from 9.30am or alternatively, you can telephone /email me or I can arrange a meeting at a time to suit you.        Yvonne 20th Jan 2020.

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