A Letter from a Tottington Resident

Below is a letter from a Tottington Resident who has asked us to put this on our Blog.  It is addressed to Mr James Frith.


Today we received your letter concerning the forthcoming General Election. Normally, I would not respond to this kind of correspondence. However, this time

I feel that I must. I do so in point order.

1) in your opening paragraph you state that in your judgement there is no Brexit deal that works best for Bury and Britain. With respect, this is not about you, about me or about anyone individual. This is about respecting democracy and all the values that it represents. In early 2016, nearly 600 MPs voted for a referendum understanding what was at stake and recognising what the binary nature of a referendum involves. After the referendum and in subsequent 2017 election manifestos, the main parties confirmed that its outcome must be respected.


2) You then go on to say that “with politicians and Parliament unable to agree, the people need a final say on Brexit”. I feel very frustrated to have to remind you, but the people have already had their say and trust me, knew exactly what they were voting for – an independent Britain, free from the constraints from an EU, which continues to readily promote central federalism and control. Indeed, many many people said in 2016, that some short economic downturn would be a willing price to pay to take back control of our country.


3) You confirm your intention to support a “Final Say Vote”, then stating that you will campaign to remain. I can only add that if there was another referendum, it should only be on how we leave, as a proper and logical follow on from the first “what” vote. The Remain option has not earned the right to be part of any final “how” vote, because it lost first time around!!!


4) Regarding your next comments about “smaller parties”, it is not true that a vote for anyone other than you risks a Hard-Right Tory Brexiteer crashing out of the EU without a deal. We now have a deal, agreed with the EU, aimed at preventing such a scenario. With 54% of people in Bury voting to leave, I suggest you had an absolute duty to respect the majority will of the people who elected you and vote for this deal. Ignoring this, you blatantly refused to do so AND unashamedly  continue to promote the Remain alternative. Along with the majority of your MP colleagues who have gone against the majority wishes of their constituents (approximately 400 constituencies voted to leave in 2016), your hypocrisy beggars belief.


5) Leading on from the above, you also unashamedly confirmed support of Lib Dem and Green Party supporters in your election campaign. This despite the fact these parties are prepared to revoke article 50 and cancel Brexit altogether. I can only read into this, that you welcome the support of parties who have a handful of seats in parliament, at the expense of the 17.4 million who voted to leave. What price democracy eh.


6) Next you explain voting tactics in both 2015 and 2017 and then go on to talk about the future and other challenges. In short, it seems you don’t care how these other parties will deal with such issues, so long as they help you stop Brexit.


7) You finish by saying that these are testing and difficult times. They have only been made so, because people like you have refused to accept the democratic will of the people. It started with Tony Blair openly stating on 24 June 2016 that we should not accept the outcome of the previous day’s referendum and has continued ever since. In so many different ways, the establishment has tried to run roughshod through the majority view.

Democracy is one of, if not the most precious value we have as a free nation. It is a value that has been fought for time after time throughout the ages and yet it is people like you who treat it with contemptuous disregard. People like Nelson Mandela must be turning in their graves.


Shame on you Mr.Frith, shame on you.


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