Another Update on the GMSF

Another Update on the GMSF

Earlier this week I requested a meeting with Bury’s Chief Executive Geoff Little and I met with him with colleagues James Daly and Jackie Harris on Wednesday.

I requested that although a Planning Application which has taken 22 years to come to fruition was approved last week for commercial / industrial use could he consider a rethink.

The application approved by all Labour Councillors on 17 acres of COUNCIL OWNED BROWNFIELD LAND is on the edge of the town centre at Chamberhall (rear of the new Police Station and ideal for 1 and 2 bed starter homes near to good transport links. A Google search proves Bury is not short of commercial premises.)

Not only is this approval insensitive to all those fighting to save Greenbelt in Bury.…the timing of it is a slap face, days after the revised release of the GMSF.

This is now a decision for the Labour Party in Bury. They have the power to protect green belt land by building much needed starter homes and truly affordable properties on this brownfield site.

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