GMSF     Blog Update from Yvonne 29th January 2019

Since my last update I attended the publicmeeting last week at the town hall organised by Bury Folk. 

As a member of the Planning Control Committee, I am unable to speak freely on applications before they come to the committee meeting.

Due to the enormity of the proposals to build 1250 homes in Walshaw and the negative impact I believe this will have on your lives, I have decided that I shall step down from this committee so I can now speak out and fully support the campaign to stop destruction of the greenbelt.

I am also very disappointed in a decision taken last week at the Planning Meeting to approve planning permission for commercial /industrial use at land at Chamberhall (rear of the new police station) on 17 acres of COUNCIL OWNED BROWNFIELD land. This proposal has taken 22 years to come to fruition and the timing of it with the GMSF report causing high emotions at the potential loss of precious greenbelt, is insensitive to say the least. This site is perfect for homes and within walking distance of the town centre, nearto good transport links and ideal for one and two bed starter homes. Of course I spoke out vociferously and voted against this. Every Labour Councillor voted this through. There are plenty of empty commercial units in the borough and homes on this site should be a priority!

I am seeking an urgent meeting with Burys Chief Executive to discuss the possibility of reconsidering this site for housing.

I have become a member of Bury Folk and intend to support this group of determined campaigners in any way I can to save the greenbelt.


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