The Newly Opened Tottington Centre (formerly known as the Tottington Library)


Library picIMG_8232

Update from Cllr Iain Gartside, Chair of Friends of Tottington Library

After continued hard work by the FOTL committee and many volunteers, it is with great pleasure that I can announce that the Library building is now open under the new name of The Tottington Centre.  At present the hours are the same as previously 9.30 -5.30 Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri but no closure at lunchtime. Also Saturday 9.30am until

We are aiming to open Wednesdays too once Volunteers are in place

Although we have spent 6 weeks giving it a makeover, there are lots of improvements to be made and we will be applying for grants to improve the toilet facilities, disabled access and stair lift …and that’s just for starters !

I have been dealing with many issues from residents including looking at reinstating a bus service from Walshaw Road to Ramsbottom,  campaigning to protect our precious Green Belt and getting more investment to fix pot-holes on our highways.

The Labour run Bury Council have recently decided to put up our Council Tax by 6% which the Conservative Group and myself on Bury Council opposed and put forward an alternative budget that would have meant it would have only gone up by 3% to fund the increased demand in social care services and not to cover up Labour’s budget overspend and mismanagement. As Labour currently run the Council our amendment was rejected and voted down by them.

Please take a minute to complete the tick box survey below to say at what level you think the Council Tax should have been set.

Update from Cllr Yvonne Wright

Complaints regarding the shocking state of the roads throughout the Ward are pouring in. A longstanding bad patch has been repaired on Meadow Way. I have now submitted a list reported to me by residents of potholes needing inspection and repairs.

I have assisted residents who needed Council accommodation due to declining health.

I have also received a complaint re the poor light from new street lamps.

Also complaints regarding trying to have street lights repaired, do contact me and I can try to fast track.

Bins…..a resident living in a rural location in the Ward  has been refused an extra  brown bin,  even though willing to pay you are allowed only one.

The Towler pub on Market Street has had Planning permission granted for 4 apartments and now being converted by a local builder. New life soon for this attractive building and new homes in the centre of the village , good all round.

I have continued to support local charities which I am a Board Member by attending regular meetings and have also helped with a quiz night for the Blind Society and a Tombola for the Deaf Society.


And now to the Library which has taken up much of my every waking moment for weeks but it has been worth it.

The most exciting and challenging project which I have been involved in my almost 18 years as one of your Ward Cllrs.

To recap, Iain started an online petition over a year ago. We formed a committee which have met weekly since.

We have raised funds over many months and fortunately secured a substantial donation which made the community take over possible.


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