Update from Iain

*To Sign the “Save Tottinton Library” Petition please scroll down to Blog Entry dated 22nd January 2017*

32 Labour Councillors Vote Down a Plan to Save Tottington Library

The Labour controlled Bury Council seem set on closing our much valued Tottington Library which is located in the historic listed building that used to be Tottington Town Hall.

At a the Budget Council meeting  last Wednesday,  Conservative Councillors put forward a fully costed plan, including efficiency savings, which would have safeguarded the future of the Library.  Unfortunately, all 32 Labour Councillors refused to consider it and voted the proposal down against all 16 Conservative Councillors who supported it.

It is now clear that Bury Labour Party are not interested in the future of our much loved Library and are intent on closing it!

As a last ditch attempt to prevent closure, your 3 Tottington Conservative Councillors are looking to set up a Social Enterprise Group that could potentially take over the running of the Library.  We have already recruited some volunteers who would help run the Library but are looking for many more if you are interested in putting yourself forward then please fill out the contact form below.

The project would also need to be financially viable so if anyone knows any interested companies that would consider sponsoring the Library then please let us know.

Councillors Iain Gartside, Yvonne Wright and Greg Keeley at Tottington Library

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