Ward Update

BE ON YOUR GUARD Burglaries reported in Tottington !
The Police have informed me that unfortunately rather a lot of break-ins have taken place over the past few weeks in Tottington. They are requesting that residents be extra vigilant and on their guard by  keeping windows shut at night.
My casework has been plentiful since my last update and here are some of the issues  I have been dealing with ;
Potholes have been repaired on Meadow Way but in residents views are substandard and  unsatisfactory.
Fourteen months ago a car was  abandoned just off Bury Road . It has now been removed.
Grids which were blocked and overgrown with weeds have been cleaned on the Laurel St car park.
I have been involved in a Planning Enforcement issue.
I have passed to Officers a request for improvements to the footpath approaching Old Kays Park.
Fly tipping has occurred in Old Kays the Police and Council have been notified.
A damaged footpath has been repaired on Owlerbarrow Rd.
Some hedges have been cut back on Turton Rd.
Several complaints regarding blue and brown bins not being emptied on Booth St have been resolved.
Reported brown bins continually being missed on South Royd St
A design has now been agreed for new signage on the Kirklees Trail. This is to try and make this area safer for all users.
I am presently assisting a disabled resident with housing needs.
I am waiting along with residents for the results of culvert surveys on Harwood  Rd. Several residents have on going issues with regard to potential flooding issues on higher and lower Harwood Rd.
Received reports regarding a grot spot in Walshaw , Environmental Health contacted.
I have reported the disgraceful state of the ginnel from the car park at the rear of the Co op to Sherwood Cres. Beware dog walkers, it is full of glass….and lots of litter….sadly litter louts are plentiful in Tottington… A few fines may improve the situation !
Residents concerned about reduced bus services can attend a public meeting of the Township Forum on  Tuesday 13th September at Ramsbottom Fire Station. Proposals for changes to some services at Walk In Centres will also be discussed, this decision has been made by the NHS  Bury Clinical  Commissioning Group  and NOT the Government despite what opposition parties are whipping up….come and hear the facts on Tuesday night !
Grants are available for community projects. Please contact me for more details.
Beware when visiting Fairfield and struggling to park. A Tottington family received a hefty fine recently for parking in a nearby residential street.
Along with my colleagues we have been busy delivering a newsletter from David Nuttall.
No more details as  yet regarding the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework ( potential new house building on greenbelt in the Ward), however the Bury Times have covered this story recently.
I have attended a meeting of Planning Control and also a Training Session.
I attended a meeting of St Johns Church, the refurb is progressing. I am to organise a fund raising fashion show next April to raise funds to help with the refurbishment.
 I have attended a Trustees meeting at Bury Blind Society to plan a fundraising dinner and silent auction.
I have supported a lovely event, a  fundraising afternoon  tea organised by ladies from St Hilda’s Church.
Cllr Yvonne Wright
Representing Residents of Tottington  Walshaw and Affetside

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