July’s “Tottington Ward” Update

Update from Iain

This month has been very hectic for Tottington Councillors with “Tottington’s Big Day Out”, the on-going “Save Our Greenfields” Petition and the tidy up at the Old Station Yard for “Incredible Edible Tottington” last Sunday. Local resident and Councillor for “Redvales Ward” Judith Kelly, would like to thank everyone who turned up to keep this worthwhile community project going.  I personally worked with the team at the “Sensory Garden” at the Old Towns Meadow Park.

We have also been dealing with many issues concerning the flooding which is being caused by unprecedented summer downpours of rain and a Victorian sewer system that is in dire need of investment and upgrade by United Utilities.

In order to place our locality at the top of their priority list for investment we all need to make complaints on their Web-Site because they work like the police and place resources where the highest number of incidents occur. Their website address is:-  http://www.unitedutilities.com/Complaints-procedure.aspx

I am currently working to get the Council to fix the park off Booth St, Walshaw that is in a state of disrepair.  I would urge all parents do not to allow their children to use this play facility until the Council have upgraded it and in particular, filled in a very dangerous looking pot-hole on the site.  I have been told today by the parks department they will be upgrading the site but may take some weeks to do so.

Booth St Park

Back to the flooding situation again, it is my understanding that the builders of Watkins Place at the bottom of Scobel St have been seeking to be discharged of thier obligations that came with their planning consent to build the new housing development.  Given the flooding that has occurred recently, the drainage works should be deemed satisfactory before Bury’s planning authority should discharge them of their planning obligations.

Finally, the petition to send a message to “The Greater Manchester Combined Authority” and Bury Council’s Planning Department to stay away from our Greenfield sites in future planning policy documents and planning decisions is still going strong with just under 2000 residents who have signed on-line and on the paper versions that have been placed in certain establishments in Tottington and Walshaw.  These include:-

The Lamb Inn, Tottington Rd

Chaps Men’s Hairdressers, Market St

Bobbles Hairdressers, Market St

Walshaw Conservative Club, Bank St

Mark Lambert’s Butchers, Market St

Chris Hudson’s Bakers, Market St

Cobwebs Local Post Office, Market St

Cafe Turin, Market St

The Dungeon Inn, Turton Rd

The Victoria Inn, Hall St

The White Horse, Hall St

Geezers Men’s Hairdressers, Tottington Rd

However, having taken the time to read this latest Blog Update you can sign up right away below!  If you have already signed the petition, either online or on the paper version, please do not sign again as this could make the petition invalid when presenting it to Bury Council which I will be doing in November 2016. We all know we need more affordable housing – that will not happen on the Greenbelt – only on Brownfield sites of which there are plenty in our Borough.

Thanks and Best Wishes!




“We the undersigned strongly oppose any housing, industrial or commercial development on following sites that have been identified on the GM Spatial Framework Website or any other further expressions of interest in sites in the Tottington and Walshaw areas:- 1) Sheepgate Farm (4.1186 ha) 2) Land at Sheepgate Farm (6.785 ha) 3) Greenmount (12.515 ha) 4)Land at Holcombe Rd, Greenmount (5.0835 ha) 5) Walshaw Brook (11.6897) 6) Land off Bentley Hall Road (67.127 ha).  These sites represent virtually the last of the Greenbelt in Tottington & Walshaw and if developed on would put substantially more pressure on an already over-stretched highways infrastructure, local amenities and services.

We the undersigned also call upon Bury MBC to protect these sites and all other Greenfield sites in the Tottington & Walshaw area in its’ “Local Plan” and call upon Planning Officers and members of the Planning Committee to reject any such planning applications that would threaten to encroach on these Greenfield Sites.”















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