Save Our Greenfields Update

Firstly,  big thanks to everyone who turned up yesterday in Walshaw to go out getting signatures on the petition which will be presented to Bury Council. The next get together will be at 10.30am a week Saturday 4th June, meeting outside of San Roco Resturant /Grassington Court to go and get signatures from the Walshaw Rd / Cross area. Please bring pens and a clipboard if you have one. See you there! 😎

If you can’t make it and have yet to sign the petition then please do so on the survey form below:-

“We the undersigned strongly oppose any housing, industrial or commercial development on following sites that have been identified on the GM Spatial Framework Website or any other further expressions of interest in sites in the Tottington and Walshaw areas:- 1) Sheepgate Farm (4.1186 ha) 2) Land at Sheepgate Farm (6.785 ha) 3) Greenmount (12.515 ha) 4)Land at Holcombe Rd, Greenmount (5.0835 ha) 5) Walshaw Brook (11.6897) 6) Land off Bentley Hall Road (67.127 ha).  These sites represent virtually the last of the Greenbelt in Tottington & Walshaw and if developed on would put substantially more pressure on an already over-stretched highways infrastructure, local amenities and services.

We the undersigned also call upon Bury MBC to protect these sites and all other Greenfield sites in the Tottington & Walshaw area in its’ “Local Plan” and call upon Planning Officers and members of the Planning Committee to reject any such planning applications that would threaten to encroach on these Greenfield Sites.”



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