Urgent – Save Our Greenfields !!

Update from Iain 13th May 2016
A major part of the Greenbelt in Tottington and Walshaw may soon be under threat after a housing development company have put in “An expression of interest” to The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.  The GMSF is intended to come into effect later this year/early next year from which individual local authorities produce their own “Local Plan” to run alongside it.
However, there has already been a major consultation at the GM level with planners, developers and members of the public feeding into it. It ran from November 2015 to January 2016. There were two elements to this- one was an “Options Paper” to take views on the appropriate level of future growth to be accommodated in GM; and the other was a ‘call for sites’ exercise asking landowners and developers to put forward sites that they felt could help to meet housing and employment needs.  Around 700 sites were submitted across GM, with around 70 of these submitted in Bury.

Following this consultation it is anticipated that a draft version of the GMSF will be consulted on later in the year. I attach a link to the GMSF website, where I understand comments from the general public are still welcome.


Bury’s Local Plan will follow once the GMSF has reached an advanced stage on understanding the appropriate level of growth to be accommodated across GM.

So as I say – It is still possible for anyone to put forward their views and make comment on the GMSF and Call for sites. The contact details are contained on the GMSF Web site (above). 

Cllr Greg Keeley and I will continue to oppose and actively campaign against any such threats on the remaining Greenbelt/Greenfield sites in Tottington, Walshaw and Affetside. As Cllr Yvonne Wright is a current serving member of the Bury Council Planning Committee, she is unable to comment on any potential future planning applications, as the Council constitution prevents her from doing so as it may prejudice her position when dealing with the application.
 Update from Yvonne 12Th May 2016
The recent local elections (always a tense time for us Councillor geeks) brought more success for our Group, including victory for our colleague Greg Keeley who romped to success.  Iain ,Greg and myself are a strong Tottington team and will always work hard on your behalf to represent your interests to the best of our ability. Campaigning for more success is on going !
 Some of the issues I have been involved with since my last update.
  • We are trying to make some progress on an eyesore of a near derelict property on Boothway, this is on going.
  • Now almost a year since we had some success after campaigning for speed reductions on Turton Road and still we are waiting for the new signage which has not been erected…. even though I do keep pressing Council Officers.
  • Potholes in Affetside have been repaired due to the determination of a Watling Street resident who would not give up !
  • The issues on Sunnywood Lane have yet to be resolved. We are still waiting for assistance from Council Officers.
  • A resident of Walshaw Park has complained re several issues connected with the new build of Elton High School, on going.
  • My thanks to a good citizen living near Towns Meadow Park who despaired about the litter near the tennis courts, so has cleaned it up. The Council acknowledged this help and hopefully will ensure it stays clean now.
  • St Johns Church refurbishment is progressing and is starting some low key fundraising, collecting bags of clothes to be weighed in.
  • Complaints again of irresponsible residents who live in large properties in Walshaw and are leaving bins and rubbish outside of their curtilage. Warnings from the Council will follow if you do not clean up and act responsibly !
  • Illegal parking on Kirklees St is causing a problem for wheelchair users…be warned Parking Enforcement is issuing tickets !
Other Matters.
 Residents on Lyndon Close have had bin problems….how is your service at present ?
  • I attended the Gallipoli service of 17th April remembering all those young local boys who died for us. As always a very touching service.
  • My voluntary sessions at the Blind Society continue, many fundraising events  in the pipeline. An “Attic Sale” and Afternoon Teas from noon on  14th May at the Society at 4 Tenterden St when I will be waitressing. Lots of bargains on sale !
  • We have started to plan for a DAZZLING DINNER AND AUCTION at The Red Hall in October and now sourcing good prizes.
  • The “Vintage Fashion Show and Ladies Day” I organised for Age uk Bury was a great success and fun…raising almost £3000 .
  • Finally I was very sorry to hear of the death of Chairman of Tottington Bowling Club  Cryril Kitchen after his battle with cancer. Cyril was a real gent who ensured the club was  efficiently run and a great hub for senior local gents. A privilege to have supported Cyril with grants and to be invited by Doreen his wife to the scattering of his ashes on the Bowling Green on what would have been his 80th birthday.
 Update from Yvonne  3rd May 2016
I have been very busy helping and representing the people of Tottington, Walshaw and Affetside including:-
  • Dispute regarding fees for respite at a care home, ongoing.
  • Complaints from neighbours re the untidy former site of Woodbury at Wesley St. I have contacted the Agent and St Vincent’s who are to develop the site and made them aware of residents views.
  • Information received re irresponsible dog owners on Boothway. Owners have had a visit from Council Officers and warned that not cleaning up after their dogs will result in a heavy fine.
  • Blocked grids I reported on Booth St have at last been cleaned .
  • Victims of the Boxing Day floods at several Tottington Ward locations are disappointed in the time it is taking for the Council to investigate, ongoing.
  • Complaint received regarding outstanding debt owed by Six Town Housing to a local business, now resolved.
  • Complaints received re Planning Officers of current planning legislation in Bury Town centre.
  • Complaints received re near derelict  house on Boothway. This is most unfair on neighbours who have to look at this eyesore. Tottington Cllrs are pressing for action.
  • A resident contacted me re a national investigation regarding end of life care. I passed on contact details of a local GP who is dealing with this issue.
  • Complaints received re privacy and flooding on residents from the impact of the new Elton School.
  • Complaint received regarding overhanging trees onto gardens in Rhine Close from the Kirklees Trail. Now resolved.
  • Complaints received re the missing bollards which has resulted in Claybank Drive being used as a rat run. Lockable drop down bollards are now to replace the bollards left by Council staff in the bushes.
News re my involvement with several local charities
My project for a multi purpose Bandstand /Canopy facility to allow charities to fundraise is on going. The plans are almost ready to submit.
I have arranged and am to accompany a group of people with severe and enduring mental illness to the theatre (Mama Mia) in June. This all expenses treat to the group is due to a fundraising event I helped organise last year. The Group will also enjoy a pre theatre meal and free transport.
I continue to spend time in the Blind Society on Mondays and presently we are preparing for Christmas fundraising events. I have spent many hours preparing for the fundraising fashion show I am organising for Age uk at the Jubilee Centre on Saturday afternoon on 23rd April.
I have attended 2 Board meetings of Shopmobility. I helped to organise a fundraising quiz for the Blind Society.
 I attended a full Council Meeting. Our Group put a motion forward on anti Semitism but our speaker was gagged by the Mayor when leading Labour supporters were mentioned. We have to endure Tory bashing during every meeting !!!!
have been out campaigning in several areas, the local elections results were positive with Bury Conservatives making 3 gains across the Borough and my colleague Cllr Greg Keeley holding his seat in Tottington – Well Done & Congratulations Greg!!

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