Tottington Ward Update From Iain

I’ve been busy and continue to be busy campaigning for the local elections in Tottington and beyond.  My colleague and friend Cllr Greg Keeley is having to seek re-election in Tottington Ward after first being elected in the October 2015 By-Election.  The reason being for this is that the Councillor who he replaced would have had they’re 4 year term up this May.  Postal Voters should start to receive their ballot papers from this Friday onwards. If residents who are registered don’t receive anything by the week after next them please feel free to contact me and I can chase it up with the Council’s Election Office.

And don’t forget…there is the EU In or Out referendum coming on June 23rd!

I’ve been helping residents recently with wide range of ward issues relating to septic tanks, flooding, street light repairs, and highways issues. In particular however, I am currently working on a project with the Council, Tottington and Elton High School’s to try and claim Football Association Match Funding to install “3G” Astro Turf football pitch facilities on school grounds.  Hopefully, we will be successful with this as Bury compared to other local authorities doesn’t have too many of these facilities (especially in the north of the Borough).

I’ve also been helping to organise “Tottington’s Big Day Out” (Sunday July 3rd at Compton Meadows, Tottington St John’s CC).  Last year’s event was a resounding success, attracting over 4000 people to listen to the music, eat & drink and help local charities by buying from their stalls.

That’s about it for now, going back on the campaign trail shortly. Remember that if you want a return to fortnightly bin collections, 2 million more invested in repairing our highways and 5,000 new highly skilled jobs to be created in our Borough then Vote Conservative on May 5th!

Thanks for Reading


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