Tottington Councillor’s Update

March Madness….and its still February !
I have received a record number of enquires and complaints during February which have been passed to Council Officers for action/replies.Complaints:

Pot holes in Bury roads much worse than other neighbouring boroughs. Asked if ring fenced Government monies have been spent repairing the boroughs roads

Request for pavement repair facing the Towler pub in Market St.

Request for wall to be repaired facing St Anne’s church which was demolished by a car 3 years ago.

Request for hedges trimmed back on lower Turton Road

Request for a truck used as a skip parked on Scobel St to be removed . Informed no action to be taken.

Request refused for financial assistance with new TV aerial for residents of Cotswold Close due to impact on now poor TV reception due to new build Elton School.

Request for blocked gullies on Hall St to be cleaned.

Complaints received regarding extended working hours and operational matters at the new development at Walshaw Hall.

Missing dustbins on Turton Road, missed pick ups and slow replacement of missing bins.

Reported drug activity in Affetside.

On going issues re flooding on Harwood Rd. Action promised when water levels decrease. CCTV survey to be undertaken and land searches to determine who is responsible for the broken culvert.

Leaking roof on Six Town Housing property reported.


Other Issues


Sunnywood Lane issue not yet resolved.

Turton Road signage for 40mph reduction, signs should be in place at the end of the month.

Request for adoption of Sunnywood Lane, waiting for response.

The fight for dog poo free streets continues and I have passed to Officers posters from other boroughs which have proved effective.

We have supported a request from Walshaw Sports Club for a 3G pitch in the Ward.

Assisted in getting the date extended for applications for flood prevention grants for Tottington residents.

Supported a grant application for South Royd St Allotments


More News

The PACT meeting last week was postponed, as yet we have not been given another date.

Attended a meeting of Council

Attended a meeting of the Planning Control Committee.

I have volunteered each Monday morning at the Blind Society.

Worked on the Valentines gift wrapping and Tombola stall for the Blind Society all day on Feb 13th in The Millgate….good fun and raising funds for a good local cause.

Attended a meeting at Communic8te (The Deaf Society)

I helped organise a successful Quiz Night for Reminis-SING, a social support group for Dementia sufferers on 12th Feb.

Attended meetings at The Jubilee centre preparing for the fundraising fashion show I am organising for Age UK on April 23rd.

Now busy on the campaign trail preparing for the local elections on May 5th, delivering literature and canvassing.

Finally I was mugged and robbed in Ramsbottom on the afternoon of Tuesday 9th February. A man was arrested and is on bail until March 9th. I have torn tendons in my shoulder and very sore leg as I fell into the road towards oncoming traffic. I was very fortunate not to be more badly injured. Be on your guard ! 


Yvonne Wright

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