The Latest from your Tottington Ward Councillors

Update From Iain

I’ve been very busy recently helping out with the flood relief effort throughout our Borough.  Whilst I have been attending various sites and helping residents in Tottington with flooding issues, I have been helping to clean homes in Ramsbottom and Radcliffe that have seen the worst of it.  It was heartbreaking to see so many residents homes destroyed despite all their efforts to protect their homes against the unprecedented extreme weather that we have seen.  Having spoken to many residents who have lived in the Borough for 40,50 or even 60 years, they cannot remember flooding like it on this scale.

Whilst the final details of the total flooding financial relief is being agreed between the Government and Bury Council, it is my understanding that those affected can apply for a £500.00 grant and also Council or Business Tax relief for up to a 12 months period if they have had to vacate their homes.

Let us hope and pray that we have seen the last of this weather but should it continue and you feel that you are in immediate danger, call 999. Otherwise, contact the council’s emergency station at Bradley Fold – phone 0161 253 6606 or email

If you have already been affected by the flooding then further details on how to claim financial relief can be viewed on Bury Council’s Web-Site Link:-

Other Ward Matters 

I have received complaints recently about the volume of traffic coming up Bury Road and crashes occurring at the junction with Scobel Street.  Some residents have suggested that the Council consider installing a new mini-roundabout which would make the junction safer.  I have approached the Highways Department about this who have asked Transport for Greater Manchester to undertake a “Traffic Count” and consider this request. I believe that the volume of traffic would certainly justify it but they have insisted that these procedures need to be undertaken first.

Missed Brown and Grey Bin Collections……I have had quite a few reports of this between Christmas and New Year around the Walshaw Area, along Hall St/Bradshaw Rd in particular.  The bin collection depot at Bradley Fold confirmed that a lorry had broken down and rounds missed as a consequence but they have since been trying to catch up.  If you ever experience a missed bin collection then please don’t hesitate to contact me and I can report it to the depot and request a missed bin collection for you.  The same thing goes for street light outages and blocked gullies/drains etc.

At The Town Hall

I have a very full diary this week representing you all at Bury Town Hall. In particular, I am chairing the Council’s Scrutiny meeting on Tuesday. The main items on the agenda are looking at The Sculpture Centre in Bury Town Centre and the changes to The Children’s Centres.  As many of you will be aware, Bury Council took the decision to remove two-thirds of library book space in Bury and replace it with sculptures.  Despite much protest from me and many other Councillors and residents, they went ahead with it on the basis that they thought it would attract more visitors and improve Bury’s cultural offer to visitors. The scrutiny committee and I will be examining if this has actually been the case and whether the £80,000 spent on installing the gallery has been value for money.

As for the Children’s Centre report, we will be scrutinising the effect that the cuts to this service for young mothers and families has had, in particular, to those who are most vulnerable.  Tottington’s Children Centre which used to provide a very extensive range of services for families was included in the cuts and now only acts as “Spoke” providing a limited number of services.  The nearest “Hub” for the those who live in Tottington is the Woodbank Centre in Elton.

Greg, Yvonne and I will be at the Ramsbottom, Tottington and North Manor Township Forum tonight which is to be held at Tottington Methodist Church, Market Street in Tottington. The police will be there from 6pm onwards to discuss matters on a one-to-one basis with residents and the meeting itself commences at 7pm.

Update From Yvonne (12/01/16)

Happy New Year !

I think the floods locally shocked us all. There were several incidents of flooding in the Ward but thankfully not as many as Ramsbottom. The devastation caused is horrendous and my sympathies go out to all affected.

Several properties on Harwood Road were flooded, near the centre of Tottington and higher up past Cann Street. Both incidents were due to problems with culverts and I have asked Council Officers to investigate. The grids on Cann St are not taking the water. I have asked Senior Council Officers to speak to residents.

Also on Sunny Bower Street where sewage also spilled out into the street. I have requested that the grids are cleaned and checked on Moorside Road as some that are blocked made matters worse. Iain and I have spoken to residents in the area this week and it appears there is a broken culvert on farmer’s land which needs repairing. We are unaware if there are any field drains. As Sunny Bower Street is unadopted, Council Officers have made it clear that any deterioration due to flooding will unfortunately have to be repaired by residents.

Thank you to those Tottington residents who had gifts wrapped by volunteers of the Blind Society at the 10th Gift Wrapping fundraising event. We raised £2700 over a two week pre Christmas period. I have been helping to sort out our stock for next Christmas. I have also attended a meeting to discuss and plan future events.

I understand that the BRIF campaign for improved Broadband in our more rural areas has folded.

I received a complaint regarding signage without Planning permission on commercial premises in Market St. This is now being investigated by Council Officers.

A resident has requested that Sunnywood Close be adopted. This does have a finished highway, footpath and lighting so I am unclear why it’s not been adopted. This is being investigated by Council Officers.

Another busy week ahead which will be fully reported in my next blog update in 2 weeks time.

Update From Greg

In the weeks leading up to Christmas I was busy at my daughter’s school helping with the organisation and running of the Christmas Fair. As usual that proved to be a success raising money to help with school. I also had a morning out in Manchester with the school assisting with looking after the children at a performance of ” Cinderella”, the Christmas pantomime. Last day of term I was Father Christmas at school giving a present to each child . It is always wonderful to see the faces of the youngest children when they see that Father Christmas has taken time off to come and see them in school . My arms were aching after hugging all the children in Year One . I suspect that the older children , especially my daughter, know who it is really.

                   Once the weather worsened I began to get more telephone calls regarding flooding. One family I spent some time with were flooded three times to the roof height of a transit van parked outside their house. The van and their car were damaged beyond repair and were written off by the insurer.

                   Now that the worst of the weather has taken a back seat it is back to normal events. I have recently attended a Township Forum meeting in company with all the Conservative Councillors for Tottington, North Manor and Ramsbottom Wards . The main event was the budget plans for the forthcoming fiscal year proposed by the Labour group on the council. There were a number of unsuccessful attempts by Labour councillors to criticise the Government. The improving state of our economy and growing consumer 





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