Tottington Councillors Update

Working to resolve issues of poor TV reception for residents of Cotswold Crescent due to the new school building, on going.

Ensuring residents of Harwood Road have assistance from Council Officers over the Christmas period regarding risk of flooding due to a damaged culvert.

I have again reported a blocked grid on Booth St.

At the recent meeting of the Planning Control Committee I voted against an application for outline planning at the rear of Victoria Street. I am concerned the impact any development on this land could have on the privacy of residents of Victoria Street as the land is not level.I was very disappointed that every Labour Cllr voted in favour of this application, despite stating they wish to protect Green sites.

Since my last update I have spent 3 days volunteering for the Blind Society on our Luxury Gift Wrapping fundraising event in the Millgate. We are next to Yates and Suddell. I will be there all day on Christmas Eve, our Ward residents will get EXTRA special luxury wrapping if you come to the shop unit and ask for me to wrap your gifts.


After my question in Council regarding permission for volunteers to be able to clear leaves, your 3 Conservative Cllrs have completed the paperwork required by the Council and are available to clear leaves from  public pathways. However we do request that residents  clear leaves spreading from their own properties. With the wet weather they are very slippery especially to the elderly. We are hoping that our initiative will influence other Cllrs from all parties in their respective areas, we shall see????


It was our pleasure to attend the annual Christmas  sing along on Sunday at Affetside with wonderful Christmas spirit, mulled wine and mince pies in abundance ! Greg is such a great singer and makes Iain and I sound a tad better …as a group !

We also attended the annual Carol Service at St Johns and could admire the progress made to the refurbishments. Another terrific community facility for Tottington coming soon.

Next year the Police will be attending Township Forum Meetings, the first being held  on Monday 11th at Tottington Methodist Church. The Police will be available to answer questions on a one to one basis from 6pm and the meeting will then commence at 7pm. A presentation will be given at the meeting regarding the 2016/17 Council Budget Consultation which will determine your Council Tax.

Incidentally there have been a number of burglaries in the Ward  on Booth St, Turton Rd, Royds St and New St. These took place mainly during the day when residents were not at home. Also a couple of thefts from vehicles.

The burglary at Bobbles had a positive outcome, the offender was caught and is now serving a prison sentence.

Its been a great year for our Party and especially for us in Tottington, our thanks to all our supporters ! If you are happy with us please tell others, if not tell us !

Whether you are spending Christmas in Tottington Walshaw Affetside or further afield, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a HEALTHY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.


2 thoughts on “Tottington Councillors Update

  1. The Ainsworth Community Association will also try to organise a petition along the same lines as the “save our greenfields petition”. Can you email me a copy of your petition?
    Max Varnom (treasurer)
    Ainsworth Community Association


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