Variety is the Spice of a Tottington Cllrs Life !

 Residents on Bury Road who complained after defects to their homes appeared (when the new developments were built) earlier this year, are waiting for a start date to improve Bury Road so that they will no longer suffer vibrations. I went to look at the overgrown neglected gardens on Boothway which are indeed shocking and unfair on residents. This is now being dealt with by Officers of the Council.

Residents on Bury Road complained quite rightly about the highway being used to openly sell cars. Council Officers say little can be done which we think is grossly unfair.

Again we have received requests for a crossing on Bury Road /Market Street. It was 2 years since a survey was conducted. The situation is now to be reviewed..

It was my pleasure to present The Affetside Glitter Ball recently and admire the achievements of those taking part  

 I attended a fundraising coffee morning for the Hospice at Holcombe Brook tennis club, a very impressive venue and another asset for Bury.

I called in the new business The Restoration Shop in the x post office premise in Market Street. I am a lover of old furniture and the proprietor Nichola Wood is giving new life to old pieces in a tasteful way. 

I have attended a meeting of Planning Control with no contentious applications on the agenda for Tottington Ward. Busy with charity work organising a Halloween event in the Millgate on Saturday 31st with the 3 charities I am involved. We will be near BHS with Spooktacular family fun ! Also still collecting Tombola prizes for another event on 21st November to raise funds for a day trip for sufferers of enduring and severe mental illness. Any donations of items gratefully received. Busy coordinating a Charity Christmas Fair with FREE STALLS available.

Met with representatives of The Jubilee Centre to plan a fundraising Ladies Day next spring, more details in due course.

As well as our usual Ward work and meetings, we are very busy campaigning for the By Election in the Ward on Thursday 22nd October. Good to meet so many people when out delivering. Hope you will consider voting for our candidate Greg Keeley which will then give you 3 committed hardworking Conservative. Councillors. 


2 thoughts on “Variety is the Spice of a Tottington Cllrs Life !

  1. This year has been particularly bad for farmers not cutting their hedges in the Autumn. This makes it very difficult for people trying to walk along pavements and having Sharp hawthorns a rating their faces and tearing their clothes.
    The unfortunate part is that uncut hedges this year will be twice as bad next year.

    The field adjacent to Old Kay’s, which is bounded by Turton Road and Holcome Road is a perfect example of this neglect. As someone who lives in that area I know only too well that to try and trim these overgrown hedges with normal gardening implements is nigh impossible. The only way is to use a tractor fitted with the correct cutting equipment, which in this case would take less than two hours.
    The main question is do Farmers have an obligation to keep the hedges trimmed or are just free to leave to grow as trees


    1. Hi Ian,

      The Council stopped cut back hedges that grow onto Turton Rd some years ago unfortunately. As far as I know (I’ll check again, there is no specific obligation but if they don’t and a member has an accident as result of their overgrown hedges then they are risking compensation claims against them. If they were to grow even further across the pavement obstructing Turton Rd at some point in the future then that would be a matter for the Highways Dept.

      Thanks for getting in touch will us – and I’ll see if Council is prepared to reconsider an act when the growth starts up again in the spring.

      Kind Regards

      Iain, Yvonne & Greg


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