The Bus Lane is staying on Bolton Rd!

At the Full Council meeting this week, the Labour controlled Council voted against Bury Conservative proposals to remove the bus lane that continues to cause chaos on Bolton Rd going into Bury Town Centre.  Before May’s elections, we put the proposal forward and they appeared to agree with it and promised to come back with specific proposals to resolve the problem. At the Council meeting on Wednesday, they said they would look to re-design them but no further details were given so all we know now is that the bus lane is  here to stay!

Does the Council have 1.5 million pounds available or not? A question Iain put to the Leader of the Council regarding whether the council continues to make provision for 1.5 million pounds to settle the remaining Equal Pay claims could not be answered.  Two separate reports have been written in the space of a few weeks which contradict each other – one saying the provision has been removed and the other one saying it is needed – which reduces the amount of available Council reserves by 1.5 million.  What is going on here?

On a more positive note, all three political parties signed up to a joint notice of motion calling upon the Government to reconsider the potential closure of Bury & Rochdale County Courts.

In a recent Police community meeting at Tottington Library, residents were very concerned about the recent vandalism at Old Towns Meadow Park. In particular, the Table Tennis Table has been vandalised by which must have been a number of people at the same time given the weight and structure of it.  At the meeting, the Police were given some leads by residents that they are following up.

Finally, as published on the front page of this week’s Bury Times, there will be a By-Election on Thursday 22nd October in Tottington Ward to replace the ex-Labour Councillor, Simon Carter.

Please let us know about the issues that matter you the most so we can make our Candidate Mr Greg Keeley aware and try and help if we can.  Can you also please indicate if you intend to vote on the 22nd October – if not then we can make a note to stop anyone knocking on your door in the run up to and on polling day.


Iain, Yvonne & Greg

Greg (Left) with Iain and Yvonne
Greg (Left) with Iain and Yvonne

2 thoughts on “The Bus Lane is staying on Bolton Rd!

  1. Hello,

    Thanks for the updates and website on the local areas, its really interesting.

    You should include a contact us page with email addresses as I am finding it hard to contribute (rather than leaving a comment on here).

    Well, as I now have your attention…

    Can I please draw attention to the amount of litter that is being left in and around the Tottington village areas, mainly the roads leading to the high school (… not passing any unjust blame, but its obviously school children) – Take note – South Royd Street (next to the park) seems an invaluable cut through for said school children, many of who have little regard for the area and constantly littering.
    I feel like the school should play apart in the environmental impact and clean up of the immediate area. – along with more public bins being introduced to the area.

    Thank you,


    1. Thank you for your comments and suggestions. I have tried to set up a comments page but struggling with that at the moment. In relation to the school, they do regular clear ups along the lines but as you say it isn’t just them dropping litter. I’ve also requested an extra bin near the school which they have agreed to empty. Thanks Again for your input. Kind Regards Iain


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