Introducing Mr Greg Keeley & Ward Issues Update

As I said in my last blog update, Cllr Simon Carter who was elected as a Labour Councillor in 2012, should now do the right thing and resign given the serious criminal charges that he has pleaded guilty to.  This would allow a by-election to take place and elect a 3rd Tottington Councillor to serve and represent the people of Tottington, Walshaw and Affetside.
I was out with many Group helpers this week delivering a letter to introduce the Prospective Conservative Candidate for the next local elections in Tottington, Mr Greg Keeley from No1 Claybank Cottages, off Cann Street. I have known Greg for a couple of years. He has proved his worth and worked well with both Iain and myself. A retired Policeman and family man, he has a lovely wife Andrea and a sweet little girl Emily who has also helped deliver leaflets. I am very much looking forward to Greg winning the election and joining Iain and myself to give you a 3 strong dedicated team of Tory Councillors for Tottington Ward.
Greg (on the right in the hi-vis jacket) campaigning for lower speed limits on Turton Road

Greg (on the right in the hi-vis jacket) campaigning for lower speed limits on Turton Road

Although we are now in Summer Recess for Bury Council meetings, Ward Cases are still plentiful. This week I have been dealing with several issues, some on-going.

  • Concerns regarding new regulations to remove plants from hallways at Harwood House.
  •  More complaints regarding vibration and damage to property from residents of Bury Road due to the affects of building new houses nearby.
  • Request for trees to be cut back on Council land at the rear of Rhode Street.
  • Concerns regarding slippery surfaces at Castle Leisure pool for ladies at Aqua Aerobics classes. This is being investigated.
  • I have advised constituents to contact David Nuttall on issues not related to the Council.
  • have left updated leaflets on the Local Link in both the Library and Post Office ( Market Street). This is the subsidised taxi service available in some areas of the Ward. Pick up a leaflet for more info.
  • Good to see land at Walshaw Cross now looking better than the grot spot it once was.
  • A public notice has again appeared in the Bury Times this week regarding the reduction in speed limits on Turton Road. Lets hope most of the red tape is now sorted and the reductions will be implemented very soon.
  • I have been delighted to have had lots of prizes donated this week for the Tombola I am organising in the autumn. This fundraiser is to fund a day trip for people with severe and enduring mental illness.









2 thoughts on “Introducing Mr Greg Keeley & Ward Issues Update

  1. There is a street light is out where Bradshaw Road meets Hall Street.
    On the left hand side going down the hill to Walshaw.
    It’s the first light after the bungalow set back off Bradshaw Road near Sheep Gate.


    1. Hi Steven,

      Thanks for letting us know and I’ll report this immediately to the Council. By the way, I was with your neighbours the other day about getting some tree preservation orders in place.

      Kind Regards



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