Catching Up !

The good thing about technology is that I can keep up with some of my Ward case work whilst on holiday, which makes things easier on my return.

Do remember though that surgeries are available on request and at a time and place to suit you.

Along with other Councillors I attended presentations by candidates for the post of Chief Officer of Bury Council. You may have read in the press that Mike Owen who was acting CEO was appointed.

As a Board Member I attended a meeting of local charity Shopmobility and helped draft articles for the Bury Times to promote the charity and advertise the forthcoming AGM

I attended a meeting of public meeting, the Township Forum and handed over the position of “Chair” to colleague Cllr Gunther for this municipal year. The ruling Labour Group recently made the decision to reduce meetings from 6 to 4 per year. The next Forum meeting will be held on 16th September.

I supported Ramsbottom and Tottingtons NSPCC volunteers at a fundraising dinner.

As a Trustee I attended a meeting at St John’s Church, the Open Day we are planning has been postponed to Saturday 3rd October so residents can see the work so far on the church. A great new community facility for Tottington residents coming soon.

As a Board Member I attended a Board Meeting of the Blind Society.

After being approached by Age Concern Bury to stage a fundraising fashion show next year, I met with ladies who will model the clothes to discuss the event.

I joined 17 Conservative colleagues delivering surveys on Saturday. You will be pleased to hear that we are active all year, not just at the Election period !

I joined other volunteers on Monday at the Blind Society to plan our next fundraising event, Family Fun Day on Saturday 15th August.

I attended a PACT Meeting (Police and Community Together ) at Tottington Library.These meetings are open to anyone and issues of concern are discussed. The Police gave an overview of crimes committed in the Ward. Disappointment was expressed that the Farmwatch scheme is floundering but we are now working on promoting this again to Farmers in the area.

After decisions taken by the ruling Labour Group, Tottington Children’s Centre services are now being delivered at Woodbank Primary School. If you have a child under 5 and need one to one support at home or to find out if you could be entitled to 15 hours free child care ring 0161 253 7727.


My case work has been very busy and some of the issues I have been dealing with are:

I reported a missing bin in Towns Meadow Park. It is to be replaced this week.

I have reported several problems of potential flooding and drainage issues.

Again I raised a request for a crossing on Market Street, sadly no success.

I have raised the issue of speeding on Tottington/Bury Road with the Police.

The Walshaw Memorial was untidy with weeds but has now been sprayed.

Affetside residents reported a potential problem with Japanese Knotweed and Council Officers are now assisting.

I reported overgrown nettles in Towns Meadow Park and was assured that they would be cut back the same day.

Pot holes I reported on Turton Road were repaired promptly.

The opening up of an access point to the Kirklees Trail from Hawthorn Avenue is now sorted. This now allows local residents in electric wheelchairs to enjoy the area.

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