Rewarding Work !

My role as one of your Councillors brings lots of interesting variety, which I do enjoy. It’s especially rewarding when we can get speedy results, which has happened recently.

I reported the urgent need for 2 litter bins in Towns Meadow Park which had been removed. Within 2 weeks they have been replaced which I know residents are pleased about. Keeping Totty tidy is important to us all …or should be !

After approaching residents on Hawthorn Crescent, they unanimously agreed to allow for access for electric wheelchair users to the Kirklees Trail by agreeing to allow the wooden planks to be removed at the nearby access point. This will bring pleasure to those who have requested it. My thanks to the residents.

I attended a Trustees meeting at St John’s Church Kirklees Street to discuss an “Open Day” event. We shall be inviting residents in on the afternoon of Saturday 11th July so you can see the progress made to date. The Church will when the refurbishment programme is completed, still hold Sunday services but will become a community facility and in part a theatre, with Tottington Amateur Dramatics Society staging productions. It’s hoped many activities will take place during the daytime too. A flyer is to be distributed with details and also a plea for donated goods for a “Grand Village Sale” in August to raise further funds. So if you have any old clothes bric a brac , books children’s toys wait for the leaflet with instructions of where and when to drop at the church. Greenmount Village have built up terrific fundraising with donated items from their residents and I see no reason why Tottington can’t follow in their successful footsteps. The money raised is for community use for all. I have spent many hours this weekend making 100 metres of bunting for the event.

Not a Council matter but a very important one to all of us, I had occasion to take a friend to hospital last week for a cancer removed from her face. The treatment received was truly excellent by all in the MOHS Department at Salford Royal. The procedure amazing with 99.9% of Cancer removed in the day. Oh to the future when all Cancers can be treated in this remarkable way.

Iain and I attended the bi monthly meeting of Bury Rural Inequalities Forum last week .There was much discussion regarding the proposal for 16 more wind turbines on Scout Moor which of course would change the skyline for many Bury residents. I have submitted my objections to the appropriate departments.

Concern expressed that the “Farm Watch” scheme which operates in the rural parts of the Ward is not being promoted as previously. There was a report of the theft of some stone in Affetside a few weeks ago; the message is to be vigilant!

The outcome of the latest metro count survey conducted by the Police through Affetside is as expected, with too many motorists having no regard to limits and driving at unacceptable speeds through Affetside. This is now in the hands of the Council Officers.

I attended a committee meeting of Planning Control, no contentious applications in the Ward at present, lots of small extensions to private property applied for though.

I chaired a meeting of The Township Forum. Again the issue of the proposed Wind farm extension was discussed. Disappointment was expressed by the lack of PACT meetings (Police and Community Together) which have been nonexistent in Tottington since February

On Thursday, as a Trustee of the charity I attended a thank you party at Communic8te (The Deaf Society). This was for volunteers who give their time freely to help the organisation flourish. Some good news was announced, that Communic8te is following in the footsteps of the Blind Society, by being a recipient later this summer with the Queens Award for Voluntary Services.

On Sunday along with Iain I attended the Annual Boules Event in Affetside. Sadly I was not a judge this year in the Great Affetside Bake Off. The cakes looked fantastic and delicious with a couple depicting the Millennium Village Green. The sun was shining; I had my first attempt at Boules but sadly did not make the second round. Great atmosphere with a wonderful community spirit and with residents dressed a little oo la la too !

DSCN0528 DSCN0526 IMG_0178

Monday morning it was Blind Society duties as usual.

Tuesday evening I joined members and Volunteers of the Society on a social evening at a restaurant in Bury. The cost of the meal to visually impaired people is subsidised through the money raised on fundraising events.

A “Thank You” Leaflet with short message from me is on the way to being delivered to everyone in the Ward for re electing me,I am truly grateful



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