May 20th 2021 “News of The Ward“ from Yvonne

Well on the 6th May the Local elections were held ,it was goodbye to Cllr Greg Keeley who chose to stand down after over 5 years representing our Ward and hello to Cllr Luis McBriar joining Team Totty !

Luis works for MP James Daly so can signpost residents on issues which are above our usual remit .I have in the past week sent 2 cases to Luis .

The big fight for our precious Greenbelt continues , we are vehemently opposed to any destruction of our Greenbelt and the proposals to build 1250 houses at Walshaw Road .

Yesterday we had our first Council Meeting actually together in over 15 months but it was held in the Leisure Centre rather than the Council Chamber as more space to socially distance .

Since my last blog I have received varied casework ,here is a sample .

Elton High school agreed to a request for a fence to help with a neighbouring residents privacy .
Enquiries re Affetside x School building .Ongoing the flooding at rear of many gardens on Moorside Road subsided but with recent heavy rain the levels again rose.

Engineers at Bury Council last week confirmed that they will be undertaking investigations into the cause of this worrying issue.

Unfortunately no response from Environmental Health yet on the fly tipping at rear of Moorside Rd which I am informed is in part causing the problem with the flooding – ongoing.

Complaints re excessive dog fouling at Old Kay’s ….assured adequate bins so irresponsible  dog owners at fault here !
The ongoing waterfall pouring out at Old Kay’s am assured by engineers is resolved and culverts have been cleared .
I have requested improvements to the path from Sunnywood Drive to the Lines as presently difficult to access for mobility scooter drivers as uneven .To be inspected .

Missed brown bins reported on Walshaw Park and sorted promptly surplus bins reported and removed .If you know of bins with “ no home” and in the way ,report to me and I will have removed.

After I reported the poor state of the grassed verge at Brookwater Close (after work had taken place ) I requested it was rectified .I hoped for re turfing for an instant make over but sadly it has been seeded so some weeks before it is back to a pleasant grassed verge.

Had an enquiry from a Clergyman  who wanted to take over the x Court Building in Bury for a multi functional centre  . This is not in the ownership of the Council so passed on the details to the Vicar.

Sadly as my Group did not win the election ,the crossing we promised on Market St is now unlikely to materialise.I do hope soon that our Ward will get an equal share of funding to improve our roads and traffic safety.

On that subject ,at long last and after much pressure by residents ,Bradshaw Rd is to have additional signage and road markings to try and reduce the weekly accidents. Unfortunately HGVs persist in using this route which is totally unsuitable due to its width and bends, ideally they should be barred from this route to protect residents property from  repeatedly being damaged.

Confirmation again that the Street sign I requested many months ago for South Royd St will not arrive until September !!!
The TOTTINGTON Centre needs an external glass covered  notice board attached to the front of the building and advised on the planning procedure as a listed building. Pot hole reported and repaired  off Bradshaw Road .
No progress or update received on the parking outside Elton High.

Ongoing the plans for the x pigeon shed site off Scobell St ,current tenants are being contacted .Then it’s my understanding that immediate neighbours will be asked for their views on their preferred  future use of this land near their homes.

Reported to Six Town Housing that the central heating was not functioning at Harwood House .
Signage had been tampered with at Four Lane ends and some hidden by bushes, now repositioned and resolved .


Recently  established local group The Sunnywood Project continues its programme of activities centred around the environment with activities for all ages ,do check out their website .
Much work is again being done on the “ Snake “ to clean up , repaint and enhance this display of painted stones .Very disappointing that it has been vandalised .Good on those ladies for all their hard work and persistence as the snake is enjoyed by many.

Weather permitting I am serving on the book stall each Thursday afternoon between 2 and 4 . Lots of bargains with 7 books for a fiver or £1 each .Jigsaws and games for sake too.The stall is there on Saturday mornings too.
After recently leaving the Board of the Blind Society after 21 years ,I have now become a Director of a new not for profit CIC , The Big Fandango opening in 6 weeks at premises  in Bolton St Bury.

The Big Fandango will, be an arts based hub helping those struggling with their mental health by getting involved with activities ….giving their brain a rest !

Local  artist Rebecca Jackson is leading this group and it’s been a pleasure to have played a part in helping her set up this by “begging”  to colleagues and businesses for donations . We shall need to raise a thousand pounds a month to make this sustainable but we have lots of plans to raise funds, watch this space !

A new business is coming to TOTTINGTON and just in the process of applying for planning approval .4 Paws on Tour are extending their dog walking business into a dog exercise area on the x football ground at Old Doctor’s at the rear of the Con Club on Royd St.To launch the business the owner is to hold The Tottington Family Fun Dog Show on Sunday 25 th July .All proceeds to Dogs 4 Rescue who take in sick dogs and re home  .Presentations will be on the Bowling Green next door with outdoor  Pimms bar  and Picnic food available .Details will appear shortly on 4 Paws on Tour website . I am to sponsor a trophy …The Best Dressed Dog !

Before that fun event there is another for your diary ! Hoe Down and BBQ again to be held on the Bowling Green .It’s a village reunion to bring people together on the first weekend after the country opens up on Sunday 27 th JUNE .We want all you line dancers to turn up , bring your own chairs and blankets ….kiddies corner ….some fun competitions too…check shirts and jeans galore and if you have a Stetson yee haw do wear it !

In August  on the Bowling Green we shall again hold our Big Sunday Sale with Craft stalls… vintage  etc
All these events with details and times will be well publicised on social media .

I have today written to the new Police Inspector for the area expressing my concern re the ongoing  crime in the area which many feel is not being addressed  , many reports on local social media of damage to cars and property .

I am also involved in fundraising for Ageuk at The Jubilee Centre . On 26 th July they are holding a “Welcome Back” event …food ,fun and stalls in that lovely setting around the lido.

Enjoyed a drink with my Ward colleague Iain at St John’s cricket club which Iain as President is heavily involved . What a great job has been made of the new access from the Lines and the picket fence makes it a perfect destination for a leisurely afternoon.

Well done to Walshaw Sports Club too on all their recent refurbishments and the great food now on offer from Christine and her girls. We are fortunate to have these clubs ,great community assets in  our Ward .

I hope we can keep on track for opening fully after this long difficult period for so many and would wish businesses everywhere all the best for a great comeback …after all we are British !

If you need to speak to me on any matter please do get in touch.

0776 2116 437

Update from Yvonne

Its been good to be out and about again as we work our way back to normality and it’s been a busy few weeks in our Ward. Good to see many residents when out delivering leaflets for the local elections on 6 th May. Cllr Greg Keeley is standing down after 5 years and Tottingon lad Luis McBriar is standing for election in Greg’s place.

Here are some of the casework issues  I have dealt with over the past month;

After the many incidents of anti social behaviour and arson attacks at Scobell St , I requested the site with the burnt out pens be cleared . I was pleased for residents that my request was met promptly by Six Town Housing who are now consulting with existing tenants and those living close by the site for it’s future use . I support the suggestion of allotments on this site as there is a big demand and long waiting lists in Tottington.

Complaints regarding speeding traffic on Market Street reported.

Damaged bin replaced promptly.

Brown bin missed 3 collections reported .

Traffic gridlock with parked cars reported near Elton High  ,ongoing .

Grassed area at Brookwater Close needs remedial work ,agreed and will be undertaken ASAP .

Enquiries regarding Planning conditions and Enforcement at Andrew’s Mill ongoing .

Pothole around manhole cover off Bradshaw Road reported .

Enquiries re closure of footpath 19 ongoing as repairs required .

Enquiries re hedges and trees cut back near the Lines on private land   . Council Officers investigated .

Blocked culvert resulting in serious flooding of gardens at rear of Moorside Rd , ongoing .

Fly tipping reported rear of Moorside Rd , waiting for update .

Water seeping through walls at Island Lodge  reported .

Ongoing traffic issues on Bradshaw Road ,still waiting for new signage .

Enquiries re Adoption status at Sunnywood Close .Waiting for Section 38 fee to progress to adoption .

Again requested when replacement South Royd St sign will be delivered as now over 6 months since I requested.

Traffic lights suggested at Carmelo’s junction, waiting for response .

Blocked grids on Turton Rd , waiting for response .

Assisted residents of Victorian Court with Contractors leaving the site .

Attempted to protect nesting Swans on footpath near Island Lodge , Council Officers erected signage .

Passed on suggestion for markings on Kirklees Trial for Cyclists to alert pedestrians on approaching ( As in Nuttall  Park  )

Passed a suggestion to Council Officers for renaming of particular roads .

Other Issues

I repainted my stones on the “ Snake” and encouraged others (on social media)  to do the same .
Greenmount Bird Sanctuary is in the process of planning to reopen in the future with new Trustees now in place .
Need to spread the word to please do not NOT feed horses , this can kill  !

Good to see a new group The Sunnywood Project is becoming popular . Please look at their website for many fun outdoor challenging activities for all ages.

Hoping to soon have details of incidents of crimes in the area which are usually circulated to Neighbourhood Watch groups . I can circulate and warn residents what’s happening in the area.

New street lighting is to be replaced on Bank Street.

Tottingon Councillors banners to encourage residents to shop local were well received and its working !
When in Bury Town Centre do support our market too, all are independent traders who help put our town on the map.
Working on trying  to find a venue for activities for teenagers…not easy !


Online meetings continue , I will be glad when we get back to meeting face to face .
I have took part in numerous meetings ;

Age Uk
Scobell St issues
Various Fundraising Meetings .

After serving on the Board of The Blind Society I have resigned, however I will continue to volunteer at some events.
I have become a Board Member this week of a new CIC (not for profit organisation)  supporting wellbeing and mental health .The Big Fandango will be opening premises in Bury Town Centre soon and I am looking forward to fundraising for this worthy
cause .

I am working with members of Tottingon Con Club to organise community events to ensure the club is sustainable.
I hope to sell books from the library on an outdoor book stall on Thursday afternoons on Market St .

As always any problems do get in touch .


Hope – Update from Yvonne

Blog Update March 2021

“HOPE” after lockdown is now very much on the horizon and fingers crossed the plans for unlocking fully are on course for June.

The work of a Ward Councillor is very varied from attending meetings, working with local groups, organisations and charities and of course the all important casework to improve life for residents in our Ward.

In January black ice reported in several locations where water is constantly present , these issues are never easy to resolve but Council Officer and  UU  are aware of the problems on Turton Road and Chapel St , ongoing .
Over flowing dog bins reported and sorted promptly.

More accidents on Bradshaw Road  reported .New / improved signage requested and agreed .
I have assisted several people re Grants for the self employed , some successful .

On behalf of an elderly resident I requested an exchange for a smaller grey bin, sorted within 24 hours with no charge .
A flurry of missed bin collections in various areas including Affetside and Bury Road, eventually resolved.

It’s been a very busy few weeks with Casework in the Ward and here are some of the issues I have dealt with;

  • Reported dumped tyres is ongoing.
  • Various incidents  with floods when heavy rain reported and Officers attended.
  • Request for gully cleaning on Turton Road and Harwood Road.
  • Request for tidy up of grassed area facing Carmellos, completed.
  • Footpath No 19 at Bottoms Hall, closed at present , ongoing.
  • Fly tipping near the Lines / Kirklees St, reported and removed.
  • Flooding in rear gardens on Moorside Road reported inspected and ongoing .
  • Request for information on affordable housing ,supplied.
  • A “problematic” tree has been reduced in size.
    Other Matters …..which Matter !

The fight to save the Greenbelt in Walshaw and beyond continues,  I  am 100% supportive of the work of the campaign group Bury Folk. Several  of the Committee members leading almost 10.000 supporters live in our Ward and I am very proud of all their sterling work and amazing commitment to save the land at Walshaw from development.It’s a fact we need more houses BUT not at the expense of our precious greenbelt , Brownfield first with small starter homes is I believe what out town needs .

TOTTINGTON Cllrs supplied banners to encourage residents to shop local in the village and received thousands of positive responses on social media  .
Informed of a new facility for Townsmeadow Park  “ Active Floor Image “ . The Council informed me “the aim is to create more opportunity for movement in a fun way by providing visual nudges” are you any wiser ?Me neither but understand this facility is to be in many Bury Parks.

A Boundary Review is taking place and in our case the intention is to increase the size of the Ward by a few hundred  but unclear which side of the Ward  as yet the “Newcomers “will come from .

Volunteers from TOTTINGTON Ward have worked many sessions at the vaccine Centre at The Elizabethan Suite and have explained to me the dedication of all involved .Our thanks to Totty folk for giving their time week in and week out to help get us out of lockdown.

After being approached by a young mum who suggested a new crossing in the vicinity of the new petrol station on Market St , we launched an online petition . We have requested a crossing on several occasions over the years  but it’s always refused .At a recent Council Budget Meeting  ,the Conservative Group Leader announced in our Budget proposals for the new crossing for Tottington  IF our Group takeover the Council in May !

Tottington Councillors have donated  the majority of our Community Cllrs Budget to a new CIC ( a not for profit organisation ) operated by volunteers to open in Bury Town Centre in Spring .The Big Fandango will serve the whole borough helping those struggling with their mental health.

I aim to bring my fundraising skills to raise ongoing funds for this much needed facility .
Rebecca Jackson who lost her daughter ( who was a pupil at Tottington High)  to suicide has the lived experience and will bring much to this new organisation .The Big Fandango will be a multi functional facility with art based activities,meeting rooms and drop in sessions for anyone who needs help with their mental health .

The TOTTINGTON Centre is open for books on Click and Collect from 15 th March and hopefully will move to Grab and Go on April 12 th .There is a new counter with Screens.

Takeaway food continues from Kelly Ann proprietor of the Tea Rooms 07971012204.

Let’s hope all the community events can take place this summer , I will be helping with events at The Con Club  using the Bowling Green when allowed .Am available to help others too so please contact me.

Congratulations to my Ward Colleague Iain Gartside who is now the President of St John’s Cricket Club. The work is complete on their new steps from The Lines and looks  great. Let’s hope Tottington’s Big Day Out can happen this year.

My work supporting Bury Market Traders continues and hope the Council embark on regeneration to ensure this remains a jewel in Bury’s Crown plus a big source of income bringing in 2.6 million a year.

Bury is to receive 100 young trees to be planted as part of the  Duke of Edinburgh Award and the Dukes 100 th birthday . If you have land to plant some of these trees please contact me for more details .

Walking down the Lines you will notice how cruel the winter wet  weather has been to “The Snake “ and so disappointing after all those weeks  of hard work from the Volunteers and the cost which was  funded by the Council that it has sadly deteriorated.When it stops raining I aim to repaint mine  and invite others to give their stones a spruce up too for Spring, so again it can be an interesting focal point when walking down the Lines and a positive memory from lockdown 2020 .

Good luck to all businesses existing  or new preparing for opening and  especially all in the hospitality business . What a clever name for the new barbara at Leemans Hill in the former post office premises ….First Class Male !


Since my last Blog I have attended Licensing Meetings and did express my concerns at Licensees presently being asked to pay the Hospitality  License.

I have attended the Budget Council Meeting
Group Meetings
Standards Committee Meetings
Blind Society Board Meetings
Blind Society Event Meetings
All meetings online .
Fingers crossed that the vaccinations continue and life can start to get back to normal from June.

Do contact me with any issues of concern:
0776 2116 437

Update from Yvonne

Hoping you all made the best of Christmas 2020 and I truly hope this is a much better year for us all !

Sadly again we have lockdown measures but when we come out of this,  I am keen to bring my fundraising skills to help any organisation / community facility in the Ward  with events …. have already offered my services to a couple to help raise funds … please do contact me …. so we can talk / zoom and plan for better times on the horizon !

All Council meetings continue online  as do the meetings with charities which  I am involved.

The Council meeting In November to vote on The GMSF was cancelled due to Stockport Council voting against the plan . Complaint regarding the condition of Mill St reported , inspected and unfortunately unresolved to residents satisfaction. Bury Folk the campaign  group continue to put pressure on Bury  Council to drop the plan to destroy our precious Greenbelt, however the future with regards to the GMSF is far from clear at present .

The Ramsbottom and Tottington Support Group for Bury Hospice which I Chair, hired the free Charity stall on Bury open Market in December to raise funds for the Hospice, the weather was shocking but the stall was a success selling donated items and Bury shoppers were as usual very generous.

There has been much on social media regarding low level crime around  many areas including Boothway . The Police advise that anyone subject to an incident report it to 101 with descriptions and names.

Unfortunately vandalism has taken place at Walshaw Sports Club over the Christmas holidays costing well over a thousand  pounds. I have discussed ways forward with representatives of the club . Anyone with information regarding those responsible for the vandalism again do report and ring 101.

Since my last blog my casework has been busy and varied :
* Site visit re problematic tree on land understood to be Council owned – ongoing
* Passed on advice re grants to publicans.
* Missed bin collections reported and sorted !
* Reported 7 street lights out in Tottington village .
* Requests for safer crossing near new Petrol station , no funding available  but ongoing .
* Ongoing issue over several years for individual resident on Brookwater Close now thankfully resolved .
* Fixed penalty notice enquiry resolved.

Prompt service received from Council Officers to grit pavement near St Anne’s Church and repairs to stop running water ongoing.

Again requested vehicle activated sign on Turton Road is repaired. Supporting residents on Bradshaw Road for traffic calming measures , several accidents over the past few weeks, ongoing.

My support for Bury Market Traders continues . It’s now almost two years since I was first approached by a Tottington resident to help Traders  have a voice for fairer rents . Now with  Covid many non food business are suffering . I submitted a plan for regenerating the market well over a year ago which fell on deaf ears .In early December I shadowed Traders for a full day to see for myself the footfall. A week later a colleague did the same.

I then requested that Senior Officers undertake an urgent rent review before we lose more traders and the market declines .

Obviously The Tottington Centre will not reopen yet but hopefully in a few weeks the Click  and Collect service can recommence. If you wish to support the Centre please consider joining the 100 club with a chance to win cash too each month .For details please contact

The highlight of this unusual Christmas for me was coordinating the Secret Santa Scheme …. appealing on social media for Christmas gifts for those living in residential homes in the Ward resulted in 135 gifts in total The generosity of so many people in the area buying gifts was heartwarming.

Together we provided gifts for 3 homes for the elderly ,1 for residents with brain damage and another for residents with severe mental illness .My thanks to all involved , we made a difference particularly to those with no relatives.

Things can surely only get better.

My Best Wishes
Cllr Yvonne  Wright

Yvonne’s Blog Update

Hope you are coping with our second lockdown, fingers crossed for an easing up before Christmas.

Before I give my usual updates ,I must mention the most pressing issue of all,  the upcoming vote on the proposals to build 1250 homes on our Greenbelt land in Walshaw and other areas in Bury .
All Councillors in Greater Manchester will have a vote and ours at Bury Council will take place at 7 pm Wednesday 25th November at a full Council Meeting .This meeting will be live streamed ,you can check the Councils website for details.
Myself and Tottington colleagues Iain and Greg plus all our Conservative colleagues will be voting AGAINST these proposals .
We are very concerned that it appears the controlling Labour Group are supportive of the GMSF.
As a member of the campaign group Bury Folk , I understand that there could be a legal challenge if this is voted through .Presently Bury Folk are asking residents to help donate to their fighting fund. For further information please check this out on Bury Folk Facebook page.


It’s been a busy few weeks, a sample of issues .

Request for road markings reinstated in several area including Turton Road and Walshaw Park – some earmarked for completion ,others no budget available .
Flooding concerns – several areas ,ongoing .
Requested gully cleaning – completed Bury Road , work in process Turton Road .
Reported Dog bins overflowing on the Lines .
Green caddy bags now only available by putting a note / yellow tag on your brown bins, unfortunately no longer available at the library .
Request for traffic calming on Turton Road – informed stats do not justify any measures .
Request for safer spaces for cycling and walking – passed to relevant Officer for comment .
Request for traffic calming measures  for Holcombe Rd and Royd St – ongoing .
Brookwater Close, long standing work commenced on flooding issues.
Enquires for grants for the self employed during lockdown – information passed on.
Clarity required for private members club opening during lockdown  – not allowed to open .
Bradshaw Road concerns re traffic issues – ongoing .
Anti social behaviour Church St – information passed on .
Request for bushes cutting back on public right of way – ongoing
Request for tree cutting back – refused as not on Council land
Scramble bikes on the Lines – reported
Complaint  misuse of fireworks and impact  on animals -signed petition .
Street lights out in several locations : Sunnybower repaired. Harwood Road ongoing with UU . Bradshaw Road ongoing .
Planning complaint regarding process and procedures  – ongoing .
Request for Six Town Housing Tenant flat move – Result and a happy tenant !


Dorothy at Pets in Need Turton Road ( 07833 192779 ) is looking for a middle aged small dog which needs a new home  for a lady whose pooch has passed away .
Be vigilant  …suspicious activity in Affetside a couple of weeks ago  …..lock  up your property !
The Tottington Centre had to temporarily shut again but will be open as soon as possible with the click and collect service .Do check out the new website catalogue and order form
Plans for more fundraising / community events at The Con Club ,Royds St had to be postponed .
I suggested Bury Market Management re introduce a FREE Charity Stall . Agreed and first to book it , Tottingtons Knit and Natter Group . These creative ladies raised over £210 split between the Hospice and Tottington Centre and then went on to  further sales  via social media …well done girls !

I also booked the stall for this week to raise funds for the Hospice but now postponed until the market reopens .
I continue to support Market Traders for a fairer rent deal .
Have you noticed the second memorial bench in the Ward which was installed at Walshaw last week . A third is on the way for Affetside early in the new year.Very well received by residents .
Our grateful thanks to the Tottington businessman who transformed these Council benches  for our area . He wishes to remain anonymous.

I am playing a small part in networking to help start up funding for a new charity to be established in Bury which will serve the whole borough and those struggling with their mental health. More about the The Big Fandango and those involved in my next blog .
Many commented positively on the lamppost poppies display Tottington Cllrs organised in Tottington Centre ,Walshaw and Affetside .
We laid our poppy wreaths at Tottington  and Walshaw last Saturday avoiding Sunday on advice from the Council .

Meetings continue but online .
I have taken part in several fundraising meeting at The Blind Society and a Christmas Catalogue has been launched to raise funds. Please see the link below to purchase items and support Bury Blind Society:

Christmas Catalogue:

Order Form:

Also Board Meetings and the AGM at The Blind Society.
Licensing Meetings
Fundraising Meeting at Age uk
Group Meetings with my colleagues 
Also due to live streaming I can observe other Council meetings.

Should residents of Tottington Walshaw and Affetside require any Council related help please contact me  .

0776 2116 437

p.s. One for my memoirs happened just yesterday on the phone  …..
“Can you help me with a problem” …..I will try says I ….” It’s my Talk Talk connection it’s been down for 2 MONTHS  and I thought they would listen to you ….a tad out of my remit says I !

Blog Update

Hope you are coping through these strange times we are all living .It’s many  weeks since my last update when I hoped that by now life would slowly be returning to some kind of normality, alas no ……but regardless I am still busy with meetings and casework.

Meetings mainly are still online and although we are all used to it I much prefer meetings in person .
I have taken part in Full Council Meetings,Licensing Meetings and  Board and Fundraising Meetings at The Blind Society.
I attended several meetings to organise The Big Sunday Sale last month on the bowling green at Tottington Conservative Club.
Despite wet weather the event which was well organised with all necessary precautions in place was a success and funds were raised for Bury Hospice and Bury Blind Society.
 More events are planned for the future to draw the community to the club and I am happy to help bring my fundraising experience to organise events.

The Tottington Snake on the Lines is nearing completion with local volunteers having played a tremendous part for many weeks  in preparing and also assisting the workmen  each day who are concreting the painted stones in. The Mayor of Bury will visit the “ Snake” in due course when present circumstances with Covid improve .

The Totty Snake on the Kirklees Trail

The library has limited opening hours on Monday  Wednesday and Thursday  2-5 pm and Saturday 10.30- Noon.

Some of the casework issues I have dealt with over recent weeks are :

Requests for hot food delivery for the housebound.
Assistance with rehousing .
Street lighting repairs are required on Harwood Road and Tottington Road both on going.
Concerning flooding issues in various parts of the Ward ,Brookwater Close ,Turton Road, Mill St and  Sunnybower St.
Complaints regarding speeding traffic on Bury Road reported  but no changes to be made.
Two Enforcement issues reported ,ongoing.
Complaint received regarding Planning process ongoing .
Complaint passed on for paths clearing on Wesley Street.
Request for improved  access for mobility scooters to flats on Wesley St.

Over the past few weeks I have received mails asking for my views on the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework and specifically the plans to build on Greenbelt land in Walshaw. There is to be a special Council Meeting on 21 st October when all 51 Councillors will have a vote on the revised GMSF .
My position is clear , I consider this THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE in my 20 years as one of your Councillors and I will be voting AGAINST !
We do need more housing  and in particular 1 and 2 bedroom starter homes so young people can get on the housing ladder but these should be built on brownfield sites and NOT precious Greenbelt land .

Should you need help with any issue don’t hesitate to get in touch…… hoping for better times on the horizon for us all.

12th Sept 2020
0776 2116 437

Update from Yvonne

Update from Yvonne

Hope this update finds you well ,looking forward to the future and getting your life back on track.

As we come out of Lockdown and are now on the path back to life as we know it , I want to thank you for your patience and understanding over the past weeks as responses on your issues from Council Officers have taken longer than usual.

I hope you found some positives during the weeks of being lockdown ,whether you were walking more or using your time productively , I was eating too much!!! ….. but  have thoroughly enjoyed having lots of time to be creative in many ways as a big decorating makeover project on at home…..cushions…curtains…pictures,  have really enjoyed  it without clock watching !

Firstly I must mention the terrific Totty Snake project on the Lines.Started on 9 th May by local dad and Council Officer Marco and his children who placed painted stones at the section of the Lines behind TOTTINGTON High School .At the time of writing there are over 3000 painted stones stretching over 200 metres and it’s growing ! When you see it do remember this was created at a very dark time for all of us with the pandemic at its height and very many losing their life , yet local children and adults created these little very varied works of art.
The Totty Snake makes you smile…it’s uplifting and heartwarming and I want to thank all children and adults who have contributed ….it’s really great !
It has its own group of Volunteers led by Angie , Julie is a regular too and I know both ladies from  volunteering at the library .Angie has composed poems about the snake and publicised this new attraction on BBC radio earlier this week.A local man is to make a film of it and a website is presently being put together.Lots of ideas coming forward to enhance the Lines too .

The Volunteers have spent hours cleaning, and are constantly re arranging and tidying the stones and receive lots of support every day from users on the Lines .
Good news ! I have gained permission from the Council to be able to make this display permanent by setting it in concrete and glaze with resin to preserve .There will also be a sign erected at the start explaining when this was created .
Quotes are being sought presently and funding  will come from your TOTTINGTON Cllrs annual budget and the Council will also contribute.
There are now 10 snakes in Bury…. but The Totty Snake is by far the longest …it’s quite amazing….and yes I have contributed 3 stones myself…it’s not too late to add yours .

Casework since my last Update .

Dog fouling complaints on Boothway
Flooding issue in Affetside
Ongoing flooding issue on Brookwater Close
Requested new street sign for South Royd St
Land Ownership enquiries
Giant Hogweed on the Lines reported
Crack in viaduct at Island Lodge reported for inspection .
Query re water levels at Little Carcuss…confirmed ok
Noisy fan at takeaway disturbing neighbours
Street lights out in Affetside reported.
Arranging shopping for elderly residents through the Council Hub
Caddy bags requested
Non bin pick ups reported.

Other Issues

A planning application for 3 dwellings on Greenbelt land in Affetside has been refused.

Planning another memorial bench funded by Cllrs allowance for Walshaw .

Have given time and support ongoing over the past 16 months assisting Bury Market Traders …ongoing.

Pleasure to support Bury West and TOTTINGTON Rotary in their project to refurbish Whitehead Gardens .

Received lots of correspondence on national issues which as a local Cllrs we have no say and not in a position to influence so suggested residents contact James Daly MP.

Reassured residents that our Booby Peel statue and Peel Tower are safe !

Promoting a fabulous idea rolled out last year at the fete at the Library , now taken on by the scouts , The TOTTINGTON Scarecrow Festival Competition  from 3 rd to 5 th July …those wishing to participate contact.


Totty Con Club is having a make over and will be opening again as soon as possible with the biggest beer garden in Bury and great beer too ! I am to join their newly established fundraising committee and keen to help organise events to draw more people in to use this great community facility .

With their permission I passed names of those who volunteered for my scheme “Phone a Friend “ to AgeUk as  they had people waiting for a friend on the phone whereas our demand in TOTTINGTON was low .Those I did match up are doing a great job and as one lady said …..” It has been a pleasure to get to know this gent “ .When possible I will arrange a meet up for us all.I myself am ringing an amazing lady each week ….shopping cleaning and cutting her own lawns at 86 !


Council Meetings ,Licensing Meetings and  Board  Meetings /Fundraising Meetings of The Blind Society recommenced some weeks ago , of course all online.

If you have any issues you want help with ,don’t hesitate to contact me

My Best Wishes


19 th June 2020

Totty Scarecrows Competition

Totty scarecrows competition is shortly going to be run by 12th Bury & Ramsbottom (1st Tottington St. Annes) scout group .

The idea:

You build a scarecrow with your family and place in your front garden/yard/window, anywhere that people can see it from a distance without breaking social distancing rules. Entry forms available via email, request, complete and return from/to

We issue a list of streets with scarecrows being displayed for people to plan their own route for their daily exercise walks.

They will be judged and prizes given.

There will be a small fee of £2 to enter your scarecrow, if you wish to be included in the judging, with a 50/50 split to the scout group and the prize fund, payable vial paypal

The event will be held from Friday 3rd July to Sunday 5th July with the winner being announced at the end of the day on Sunday 5th.

If you have access to Facebook then the event details can be found here:

Facebook page:

Update from Yvonne