Planned Road Works In Tottington and Walshaw

Dear Residents of Tottington, Walshaw and Affetside,

Major planned road works are programmed to commence at Tottington Road on the 23rd March 2020. The works will be undertaken between 09:00 – 15:00 when the traffic will be managed with two-way temporary traffic lights. The road will be open outside of these times. It is expected that the work will be completed by 22nd April 2020.

More major works are programmed to commence at High Street on the 29th of February 2020. The work will be undertaken between 09:00 – 16:00 when sections of the road will be closed to through traffic. The road will be open outside of these times. It is expected that the work will be completed by 29th March 2020.

For more details please click on the links below to view the respective schemes.

Leaflet High St

Leaflet Tottington Rd

Best Wishes

Iain Gartside, Yvonne Wright and Greg Keeley

Councillors for Tottington, Walshaw and Affetside.

Yvonne’s Blog Update

BLOG UPDATE FROM YVONNE 23rd February 2020

The recent flooding has hit areas of the Ward but Council Officers have informed us that the flooding thankfully has not been as bad as previous storms. I had a report from the higher end of Harwood Road regarding many blocked grids. Do contact us if you experience flooding and we will do all we can to assist you. There have been problems with flooding and sewage spillage on Mill St.  I have reported this to a Council officer who will visit this.

My colleague Iain will add any important updates from the Council re flooding to our blog,

 I have had a very busy month and am dealing with lots of casework. I have many issues waiting for action and unfortunately, the wheels of local government often move slowly. Some issues are listed below…..

TREES- on behalf of residents at Victoria Court I made a request LAST SUMMER for the trees to be pruned and lowered. I am hopeful that this will take place in the next week.

Last year I made a request to the Police on behalf of a resident for speed gun sessions on Turton Road.  Again I have received complaints from concerned residents regarding speeding and I am waiting for a response from the Police.

I have again reported water cascading across Turton Road on the bend. The water is now affecting a resident’s property and Officers have agreed to a dye test to determine where it’s seeping in.

Good news that my request for repairs to the highway on High Street Walshaw have resulted in some resurfacing. Contact me if you think an area needs inspection by Council Officers.

After residents requested it, the yellow lines at the top of Brookwater Close are to be extended to stop inconsiderate parking.

I often also deal with issues outside and on the perimeter of the Ward, this week the missing street light outside Tesco at Woolfold in Elton Ward which I have reported.

We have repeatedly asked for an update on the issue of the running water issue on Brookwater Close and nothing has been forthcoming but we will push yet again.

I received an enquiry re possible new Bridleways on approaching Old Kays Park.

On the subject of Old Kays, members of Tottington Civic Society have complained to the Council regarding the constant deluge of water on Holcombe Road from Old Kays Park. I endorsed their complaint as I have myself reported this many times to no avail. It is an unacceptable situation and very concerning and dangerous too when the temperatures drop and the road and pavement become treacherous.

Several residents complained regarding the delays caused by temporary lights (due to road repairs) in the centre of Tottington. They were sent a full explanation from Council Officers.

Complaints regarding the unsightly trees and untidy area in the centre of the walkways on Boothway will result in Tottington Cllrs being involved in a clean up as soon as the weather settles

Reported the very poor waterlogged state of Leigh Lane near Diggle Lane and the Council are to take action.

A bus stop is to be moved a short distance on Walshaw Road.

Did you know that you can receive “Bin Notifications” by email from the Council reminding you of your bin days and you can request this on line. Do contact me  If you know of anyone struggling with putting their bins out I can arrange an assisted bin service for elderly and disabled residents.

I have attended both a Board Meeting of the Blind Society and an Events Planning Meeting.

I am supporting an event organised by the Tottington and Ramsbottom NSPCC group to raise funds

I have attended 2 Meetings which I am Chair of The Ramsbottom and Tottington Support Group for Bury Hospice and busy planning our first event of the year, a Fun Gardeners Question Time on March 20th with a 2 course supper at £15 a ticket. Do contact me for tickets.

Gardners Pic 23.2.20

Our group will also have a stall at Greenmount Village Day on 8th May Bank Holiday raising funds for the Hospice.

I am also selling tickets for the annual Blind Society Fun Quiz Night on March 6th. Again do contact me for a ticket. Its £5 each which includes a sandwich supper.

I volunteered for Valentines Gift Wrapping in Tesco last week for the Blind Society. It’s heart-warming how generous shoppers were and yes many from our Ward too. A successful event and I assume we will also be back for Father’s Day gift wrapping.

Blind Soc tea Pic

I attended a lively Council Meeting late January.

Yes even in this terrible weather we are out campaigning for the forthcoming May Elections. Our Group meetings are regular and this week we have the Budget Council Meeting regarding the Council Tax!

I have attended 2 fundraising meetings at The Jubilee Centre and am looking forward to being part of planning a very big but challenging event next year to raise funds for the Centre which is a facility for the over 55’s in the whole of the borough.

The last of our Councillors discretionary budget has been spent with contributions to Walshaw Sports Club to support their wartime themed event on Bank holiday 8th May raising funds for Help the Heroes. Also for plants for the small are of garden near the cenotaph which is now being looked after by the Suicide Support Group. It’s another project for the local families who have lost someone to work on and an area dedicated to their loved ones.

Last year I was asked to meet a Manchester Council Officer to hopefully receive an Award for Tottington that we are “Age Friendly”. They needed to know what activities are available for seniors in our Ward to reduce isolation and loneliness. I was confident and yes correct… that we would receive an award and we did a couple of weeks ago.

23 Feb Pic

The photo includes Tottington residents Mike Cliffe, a member of the committee at the Library and Jillian Percival who leads the local Knit and Natter Group. You may also now notice stickers displayed at local churches to say we are “Age Friendly”. We are all aware that our Ward has so much to offer…all churches have many activities, the bowling club, pubs and lots of activities at The Tottington Centre too plus lovely walking areas too. Bury’s Biggest Book Sale is on again at the library on March 7th and 8th. The Tea Rooms will be open too serving lots of tasty food.

Bury now has a Climate Action Group meeting regularly in Bury Town Centre.

Have you noticed the two new dog bins Booth St/ Market St ?

Bury Folk are still very active on social media and I recently sent on comments to the Council regarding the housing survey which random households received. Many found it asked irrelevant questions to discover our housing needs and some thought it intrusive questioning about income. The reply I received is to be circulated by Bury Folk who have a great interest in the survey.

A group of local ladies who hold their Knit and Natter Group at the Tottington Centre have raised so much money selling their knitted items that this week they are recognised with a heart on the Hospice Wall…well done ladies !

 If you need to speak to me in person, do remember I am at the Tottington Centre every Thursday and happy to try and help you with any issues of concern.

Cllr Yvonne Wright 

Flooding Update

Dear Residents of Tottington, Walshaw and Affetside,

We understand from the Bury Council and the Environment Agency that river levels have peaked and are starting to come down.   However, Environment Agency flood warnings remain in place as a precaution but the flood risk is rapidly reducing.

In Tottington, we have been informed by Council officers that operational teams have been out today and have been working on a overflowing culvert in Harwood Road.  If you are aware of any other problems in our area that the Council have not addressed today then please let us know.

More showers are due overnight but these will be less intense with river levels continuing to fall overnight.

Environment Agency and council teams have been working throughout the weekend and will continue overnight monitoring river levels and implementing a clean-up operation of debris and clearing fallen trees.

While the rain is now reducing strong winds will continue through to Wednesday morning with gusts of 40-50mph.

The current situation in the Borough of Bury is as follows.

-River levels are visually reducing although water levels remain high.

–      13 households from the Warth area have had to move out of their homes.

–      Castle Leisure Centre remains closed to the public and a rest centre is open at Castle Leisure Centre for any families that need a place to stay.  Pets can also be accommodated.

–      Electricity NW are assessing the sub-stations at Warth and Ramsbottom and an update is awaited.  If the power supply has to be turned off homes may need to be evacuated.

–      In Ramsbottom Nuttall Park has flooded but we are not aware of any homes that have been significantly affected.

–      Residents are advised to avoid Nuttall Park in Ramsbottom and Close Park in Radcliffe as both have been flooded.

–      No trains are operating in and out of Manchester and services are likely to be interrupted into tomorrow.  Advice to residents is to follow  for travel updates.


Very Best Wishes and please stay safe!

Iain, Yvonne and Greg.

Councillors for Tottington, Walshaw and Affetside





All good wishes for 2020 !

I am now back in the swing after the Christmas break and full of enthusiasm for the year ahead.

Firstly my thanks for all the support in the General Election for my colleague James Daly. He won by just 105 votes, the smallest majority in the country, so your votes for him certainly made all the difference. After 8 hours and 2 recounts in the Leisure Centre, I was glad to get home!

Big issues in the borough and importantly our Ward are still with us and the fight continues to protect our precious Green Belt.  The financial state of Council finances is concerning but as opposition members’ this is not in our control.


Some of the issues I have dealt with over the past weeks since my last post:

* Potholes !  Some success in Affetside and Pendle Close but others waiting for inspection on High Street (Contact me if inspections needed in the Ward)

* Requested an update on the Brookwater /Calderwood water on the highway etc issue.

* Again requested the cutting back of trees on Victoria Close.

* Reported missed bin collections (contact me if you have a problem)

* Passed on comments re the cost of Environmental Health request for service for the problem of rats present. £75 for 3 visits.

* Severe damp in a Housing Association property.

* Enquiries re land ownership when not Council owned.

Residents are advised to enquire themselves to the Land Registry, there is a fee.

* Moving by 5 ft, a bus stop to allow access for off road parking.

I attended a Blind Society Events Meeting, planning fundraising events for this year. If you enjoy FUN quizzes join ours on Friday 6th March at Elton Liberal Club, tickets £5 includes supper teams of 4. Please contact me for tickets.

I attended a Group Meeting in preparation for full Council meeting this week.

This week I am chairing a meeting of the Ramsbottom and Tottington Support Group for Bury Hospice and organising 2 fundraising events in spring, details in my next update.

Another 2 day book sale coming soon at the library, details in my next update.

Good to see the new street sign on Market St facing the vets….need one on your road ??? Do contact me.

Market St Picture


The 2 new dog poo bins will be in place imminently.

I popped into the Robin Hood on Wednesday lunch to chat with John who organises Dementia support group social meetings each Wednesday for those in the area with dementia and their family and Carers. All welcome for lunch, chat and entertainment some weeks.

Very pleased that Council Officers agreed to my request to allow Rebecca Jackson( who leads on the support group for those who have lost someone to suicide with meetings in the library twice monthly) to take over the maintenance of the small area of land where the Christmas tree is planted near the cenotaph.

The Christmas tree gave comfort to those local family members who after the torch light walk on 9th December were able to display decorations.  Now the group aim to use it throughout the year with an Easter display in April.

If you wish to speak to me on any matter, I am in the library each Thursday from 9.30am or alternatively, you can telephone /email me or I can arrange a meeting at a time to suit you.        Yvonne 20th Jan 2020.

GM Bus Consultation

Dear Residents,

Please see below a recent press release put out by Greater Manchester Combined Authority concerning a major GM Bus consultation that is currently running.

Best Wishes

Yvonne Wright, Iain Gartside and Greg Keeley

Councillors for Tottington Ward (Comprising Tottington, Walshaw and Affetside)



Buses are vital for Greater Manchester. They’re used for three-out-of-four public transport journeys and thousands of us depend on them to get to work, the shops or services like our local GP.

Buses also help reduce the number of cars on our roads, this means less congestion and less pollution.

But bus use is falling.

Currently, in Greater Manchester, individual bus companies decide their own routes, frequencies, tickets and standards. In areas they don’t run, the public sector pays to fill in the gaps in the market where it can.

It’s hard to make our buses work together, or with other kinds of public transport, and the fares and tickets available can be confusing.

Buses can be improved and Greater Manchester now has a chance to do buses differently.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority is proposing a franchising scheme for the whole of Greater Manchester.

This would mean that bus services would be under Greater Manchester’s control and they would decide which services would be provided – like the way buses are run in London and some other major cities around the world. GMCA would set the routes, frequencies, tickets and standards, while the bus operators would run the services.

This would allow buses to work better with the rest of our public transport – as part of Our Network – Greater Manchester’s vision for a joined-up transport system.

As a part of the legal process GMCA is consulting with the public, businesses and organisations to get their views. As a concessionary passholder we want to ensure that you are aware of the consultation and have the opportunity to take part.

Please note that the consultation is on how Greater Manchester’s buses could be run and the outcome will not affect your concessionary pass.

You can find out more information at  where can complete an online questionnaire.

Alternatively, you can email your comments to or write to FREEPOST GM Bus Consultation.

The consultation ends at midnight Wednesday 8 January 2020.

If you need to respond in a different way, or require the consultation materials in a different format, please contact or call 0161 244 1100 to discuss your requirements.


James Says Thanks!

James Daly is now the newly elected MP for Bury North has asked that we pass on his thanks to those of you in TOTTINGTON Ward who put their trust in him and voted for him last Thursday.
It was a very tense night with 2 recounts and the votes cast in TOTTINGTON Ward appeared very high but we do not have any figures as yet.
Now to Christmas, we hope you all have a very happy time and our very best wishes for 2020.
Yvonne Wright
Iain Gartside
Greg Keeley

Blog Update From Yvonne

Along with my usual commitments, I am as you would expect busy campaigning for the General Election next week.

The Conservative candidate, Solicitor James Daly is a Councillor Colleague and Leader of the Conservative Group here in Bury.

James has been an Elected Member of Bury Council for 8 years; however I met him several years prior when James helped me with a problem I experienced whilst being in a position of responsibility volunteering at a local charity.

I will never forget his help when I most needed it and I can vouch first hand that James is a good listener and will always stand up for what is morally right. He did not gain financially by helping me and hope this goes some way to explain the good character of this man who wants to represent you in Parliament. He has the personal qualities to be an excellent MP for Bury North.

James, his wife Joanne and their family have also supported me by attending numerous fundraising events for local charities over many years. He supported me all through the fight to keep Tottington Library open in 2017 and generously acted as our  Solicitor dealing with all the legalities, a man with a generous spirit he did this free of charge.

I am asking you to vote for James Daly !


Contractors on the site of the new petrol station on Market Street informed me that it is likely to be February before it’s completed.

The problem on Brookwater Close continues and the latest information from Council Officers that although it is known there is a blockage, finding exactly where is proving problematic. A private landowner is now involved and has now been notified.

I have received details from the Island Lodge Pre Feasibility-Draft Issue. The report has identified 5 options but the Council does not have funds for any option. An external funder could be possible but at present none have not been identified.

Again I followed up enquiries regarding the request for the height of the trees to be reduced at the rear of Victoria Court and informed that the school has this in hand.

I have reported a big pothole in Affetside that appears to have been overlooked by contactors who I understand have done a good job patching up potholes.

I have stepped back from the Cross Party Working Group re the future of Bury Market. I await the report with interest due in the New Year.

I have contacted Planning Enforcement on a couple of issues which are….. in progress.

Always an honour to take part in Remembrances Services both in Walshaw and Tottington.


The Christmas spirit was in full swing with 39 Boxes shoe boxes full of goodies collected at the Tottington Centre for children in Eastern Europe and Africa. Thanks to Affetside villagers for their generous contribution.

Pic Shoe

The 3 Day Craft Fayre at The Library was again another big success.

As a member of The Fundraising Committee at The Jubilee Centre I helped with the raffle at the Winter Wonderland event last weekend.

Raffle Jubilee centre

The Hospice are pleased that Tottington is now represented by the fundraising group I am Chairing to raise funds for The Hospice. We have planned 2 events for next year and details of The Gardeners Question Time and Supper in March plus the Dinner and Fashion Show in May  will be follow in January. On the subject of Bury Hospice, wishing Tottington candidate in next May’s local elections LUIS MCBRIAR GOOD LUCK this Saturday when he takes part in Bury Hospice STRICTLY competition…don’t break a leg Luis, especially as he is performing my favourite dance the Argentine Tango ! Friends can sponsor Luis too.

I supported Brooksbottom Cricket Club with a Luxury  gift Wrapping service and on Friday 6th I will be in Tesco in Bury gift wrapping for the Blind Society from 10-4pm…Extra special wrapping for Tottington residents who mention my blog !

Gift Wrapping

I worked waitressing at the Blind Societies annual Christmas Fayre

Blind Soc tea Pic


Each year Councillors receive a budget to spend on worthy causes in the Ward. If you know of such a cause please contact us. Some of our funding this year went towards the refurbished Memorial Bench near the cenotaph.

Bench Pic

Some other causes we have contributed to are;

New music for Tottington Public Band

Contribution towards Christmas tree in Affetside

Affetside Tree

Project for Luncheon Club at St Johns

Christmas Lunch for members of Dignifying Dementia.

If you know of a worthy cause for funding in the Ward, please contact me and we can give it our consideration.

I have asked for suggestions for the locations of  2 new Dog Bins…do you know of locations where they are needed?

After the recent poster campaign and adequate bins, I am very disappointed to see that irresponsible dog owners are active still on Boothway.Dog faeces all over the place and I wish we had evidence to prosecute these inconsiderate people.

Unfortunately, the Conservative Group Members are presently not attending Licensing Meetings (which I am a member) due to inappropriate comments from the Chair which we deemed inoffensive.

Proud that after the Tottington Centre became available for meetings to support those who have lost family to suicide, that the Council are now providing a venue in the south of the borough. Making weekly support available in the borough in the New Year which is rare if not unique. I am pleased that we in Tottington helped this worthy project on its way. On Monday 9th I am supporting Rebecca Jackson who leads the group in a Torch light Remembrance walk from Greenmount to Tottington. A service will be held around a Christmas tree in the area near the cenotaph. Local Ministers will be present.